If you sing songs of beautiful photographs like a siren and adore to take and share beautiful imagery, then this post is for you my sweet mermaid!
For some time I’ve been wanting to make my site completely 100% me, by using only my own images for blog posts and marketing, and most definitely to fulfil my own joy and creative urges. This has meant that I’ve had to turn my hand at finding out what would make my photos look professional enough for me to pleased to share them on the web. Like everything in life, it’s a work in progress, and I must admit, I’m really adoring the progress part!
I wrote a gushy love letter full of my adoration for Instagram here and then was promptly inundated with emails asking what apps I use for my photos. Not one to disappoint, I’m sharing the tricks, tips and tools, or, lets make that apps, I use for taking my photos.
Firstly, I juggle taking snaps between my dinosaur-aged iPhone with the lucky crack down one edge of the screen, which clearly gives it personality and makes me adore it even more; and my Olympus Pen 1 vintage style DSLR camera. Depending on my mood, I favour one over the other and currently I’m going through a phase of giving all my love and attention to the Pen 1.
Then I use my iPad to edit, prettify and play with the images to my hearts content.
Sometimes when I feel that the iPhotos editor provided by apple doesn’t cut it and I want to play a bit more, then Aviary is the tool I turn to. Industry professionals use this app to do “grown-up” work which in my books, means it works and is super-extra good. Aviary also claim to be “the world’s best photo editing SDK” and well, I believe them!
I think that after this post where I encapsulate my undying love and almost propose to this app, no more needs to be said!
These guys are just pure fun. Their general photo editing specs are ok, though I often like to go over them with Instagram options at the end, but they have 20 fully adjustable filters which can transform your image from fair to fabulous, and not to mention my favourite option this app provides which is the frames. Circle? Love Heart? Triangle? Afterlight (originally known as Afterglow) have you covered.
I’ve only just discovered this clever little app called Made With OVER, and have firmly fallen in love. Over gives you the ability to add any kind of text in an enormous range of colours and fonts to your photos, leaving them looking like they’ve come from a professional design studio, when in fact, they simply have been played with by a creative little gypsy/writer/coach lounging in an old sofa sipping tea! Isn’t technology marvellous!?
Pic Joiner.
This little baby is so much fun and the name quite self explanatory; you can place photos together and create scenes or a sequence and tell a whole story that’s still wrapped together in one entire image. Pic Joiner is extra great for food shots in my opinion because it makes it easy to do before and after compilations or compare the ingredients with the finished product.
There you have it! My favourite dazzling apps that make your photos pop! Tell me, my sweet siren, do you have any photo magic secrets hidden up your sleeves? Do share!

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