5 Favourite Rituals

Rituals are the sacred spaces between one moment and the next. They bring a formal acknowledgement of what was, what is, and what might be.
Rituals bridge the gap between your inner and outer worlds — your spirit and your body — unifying them into tangible experiences. They place a gentle line of separation from one thing to the next as you move through life.
You don’t need crystals, incantations or spells in order to live a life filled with magic and ritual. The magic of rituals occur through the alchemist’s (that’s you!), ability to change one experience for another; negative to positive, fear to love, lead to gold. If this is a new concept to you, I strongly recommend reading Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist.
I have been using really simple, little rituals in my life, to transform the energy around me and what I am feeling, for years now. I do it because I know that when I create a higher vibration for myself, I experience and enjoy a more abundant, beautiful, happy, loving reality. There are many tiny little rituals you can do, to change your energy field and clear it, throughout the day.

Learning to be aware of energies, and use rituals to transform them, let go and release them, is one of the most valuable practices you will ever know.

Here are 5 of my favourite rituals to create sacred spaces between one moment and the next.

1. Doorways.


Doorways can be used as a portal from one experience to another. Sometimes if I’ve just had a challenging experience or feel a heavy energy in a room (from someone or something else) I’ll use a doorway to release it. As I walk into the doorway I’ll be aware of that energy, and as I walk through it I gently focus my mind on releasing it to its rightful owner and letting it go. When I come out on the other side of the door, I am free from anything burdening me, and any negative thoughts that before were plaguing me.


2. Shake it off.


I like to ‘shake it off’ when I’ve just had an experience that feels uncomfortable, unsafe, or wildly outside of my normal. This includes seeing dead people or animals (it sometimes makes my skin crawl — I think I can feel them), noisy, aggressive spaces, or when I see people physically, emotionally or verbally fight. These kinds of experiences create, an energy, a static, that glues itself to people, known by spiritual author Eckhart Tolle as “the pain body”. We have a choice to either absorb it or transmute it. In these situations I will literally, gently shake my arms, legs and body, to share that energy off me. This ritual is also useful after giving someone a massage, if a heavy feeling or energy has come over you, that is clearly not yours. It’s probably to theirs either, but something that has clung to them. Just shake it off.

3. Showers.
Apart from the fact that I’m quite obsessed with showering — I really love it — it’s also my favourite releasing ritual. I use showers as a physical way of washing the energy of the day off my body, so that I am clean and clear of any residual notions from the day gone past. Whether its been a great day, or a less-than-good day, I wash away everything, by thinking of all the days happenings while I stand under the warm stream, and imagine everything just sliding right off me, and into the drain. Through this ritual, I wash away everything that has been said, all the experiences that I’ve had, and simply just let go. This way, I go to bed refreshed not only in body, but also spirit and mind, ready to relax, recuperate and allow my body to recharge for a new day.


4. Journaling.

This ritual is best for when your head won’t get off the carousel and keeps going around, and around, and around on the same subject matter. Write it out. Write all those thoughts, ideas, beliefs, fears, hopes and dreams into your journal, and let them go. Holding onto stagnant, repetitive ideas, means that you are blocking the flow for a solution to find you, or for even better, amazing miracles to transpire. When we stay in our heads, we limit our ability to perceive and receive. It literally closes our hearts to better things. Releasing those thoughts in a healthy way, creates space and opens your with back up again, without feeling like you have lost anything. Because the words, and thoughts are kept safe right there, in your writing. Journaling gives clarity and helps us let go.

5. Incense. 


Incense is really helpful and useful for changing the energy of a physical space. Though cleaning a room/house/space is also a really effective ritual to change the energy of a space, today I am sticking with the lazy-girls-guide to rituals! I burn incense whenever I feel that there are changes going on in my life. Incense removes the energy from the past, and creates space for the future. I also often use it when I move into a new place, am about to move out, and am packing my life up. (Which, for me, is often.) It clears the energy that once was there, and allows something new to be manifested in that space. It’s a form of cleansing that allows you to physically transform the energy of the space that you are in.


Rituals are really fun and effective ways to be an alchemist of your own environment and life experience. They aren’t weird, creepy or limited to witches only. They are simply about the awareness of the energy around us, the things that we cannot see, yet that move in, out and through us on a daily basis. When we harness this awareness, we become empowered.
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Image by Lindsay Luna.


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