5 (more) inspiring client stories
One of the most powerful and meaningful things that happened to me over the past few months, was the tremendous solidarity, offers of help and support and the feeling of truly being seen and held, sometimes even across thousands of kilometres and oceans as I navigate my life and all the changes that have come with my recent redirection.
It made me think about how significant the web of women who constellate my universe are, and how important it is to celebrate and acknowledge the ways in which we inspire, elevate and expand one another.
A few days ago, in a sit-down meeting with my intern Cassidy in Little Venice, we came up with an idea: a campaign to highlight the amazing things that women do, titled #inspireexpandelevate where I feature one inspiring woman every Monday on my Instagram with a post and a stories takeover. The idea is that we start a movement, where we use the #inspireexpandelevate tag to acknowledge those who inspire us, elevate our sense of self and worth and expand our perception of what is possible. I’d love to invite you to join us in this.
To kick it off, I thought what better way to get started than to talk about some of the achievements of my clients. I work with some of the most creative, thoughtful, heart-centered women who are doing great things in the world, and I want you to know them too!
1. Soulfull Tribe — Angela created the concept of these all-vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free organic bake mixes when she noticed that she knew far too many busy mums who wanted to feed the little tribes healthful snacks but couldn’t find the time to make them. She spent months recipe testing the perfect littlies favourites: banana bread, chocolate brownies, chocolate cake, jam drops and chocolate chunk cookies, sourcing ingredients from the highest quality providers and finding only the best of everything to pour into this heart project. I worked with Angela as she left her job, started her business and moved to the Sunshine Coast, Australia where you can now meet her in person and purchase her treats (as well as taste them ;) every Saturday at the Eumundi Markets.
2. The Goddess Space — I met Anoushka almost exactly 1 year ago when I ran The Heartful Biz workshop in London in her space. She had just left her full-time job and was ready to step into her soul path. Over the year that we worked together, she grew a list of private clients and recently launched her newest program — Unlock The Journey — where she takes 13 women on a spiritual rite of passage. Alongside this, she runs weekly events throughout London where she invites women to unleash their inner magick and connect to the Goddess within. Unlock The Journey begins on Wednesday, June 13.
3. Keri Krieger — Keri is a highly sought-after alchemical life-coach, who has a voice that sounds like melting honey and a level of kindness, compassion and insight that is rare even in the most experienced in the wellness and alternative healing fields. After years of working with overworked and overwhelmed wonder-women who are trying to do it all and then despair at the fact that they snap at their kids one day after 12,372 too many requests, she decided to do something about it. Her 21-day email-course — Boundaried — was born out of the desire to teach the women who need it most the self-care practices that she guides her clients through in her private practice. Boundaried starts on Wednesday, June 13.
4. Kat Hassan — Kat is a freelance mixed media, multi-skilled illustrator, designer and art director specialising in digital illustration using handcrafted techniques and photo-collage. Her notable clients include Sony, Keihl’s, Diesel and I’ve featured in Notion Magazine, Marie Claire Belgium, Ted x Talks, People of Print and Sketchbook Magazine. She is currently defining her niche and developing a powerful brand around her work, and is someone to keep an eye on. Kat is about to become huge!
5. Follow Your Inner Light — Alessia is a passion and purpose coach who works with women who are in the midst of finding themselves faced with a career change and don’t know which way to turn. She guides them through practical, spiritual and self-care practices that help them be experimental with their future vision and opportunities, tune into their inner wisdom and see things from a brand new perspective. Alessia is based in magical Paris, France and is about launch her first eBook — Uncover Your Passion — with a 24-hour ‘pay what you want’ campaign on Monday, June 11.

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