I rarely talk about my clients and their achievements… I really ought to do that more often!
Today, I want to publicly acknowledge and congratulate a couple of clients who are doing exceptional things in the world…


1. Victoria Jones — Victoria teaches women about every aspect of the female cycle. Growing her YouTube channel from 5,000 to 35,000 in the year we worked together, she walked out of her job at a cafe she had been working in the past 3 years, and took her business on the road last week: starting with Bali. She told me “letting go of that and going 100% full-time with FemmeHead was a huge step, and I owe so much of this to you. It’s slightly terrifying, but in such an exciting way“. I am so incredibly proud of the work she is doing in the world, and grateful to have been a small part of that.
2. Cherise Lily Nana — Cherise is an artist, a poet and a muse and yet her greatest work is teaching others how to discover their inner artist, too. Through her mentoring programs she empowers and inspires us to experience our full potential as a human on a journey through this life, channeled through the lens of art. When I asked Cherise what the biggest learning for her was when we worked together, she said “that the process of doing the work and taking leaps of faith — even when you feel it’s blind — is really the only way to develop your vision and turn ideas into real manifestations”. I believe that art will save our world, and am so grateful for Cherise making the creative process of self-expression available to everyone.
3. Aimee Croxon — When Aimee came to me she felt stuck and uncertain. She had just moved back in with her parents after a long stint of traveling, and started a new job, but it all left her feeling that something was out of alignment and missing. She thought she wanted to move somewhere more exciting and get a different job, but it just didn’t quite feel right. After 3 months working together, everything changed: she moved out into a house she loves, was promoted in her job to a role that gave her more creative freedom and more cash, and finally felt in-tune with her true self. She told me: “the biggest thing has been the intangible benefit of being able to trust that I know the right decision for myself and that the universe always has my back”.
4. Kirsty Targrass — I met Kirsty in Bali last year through a mutual friend when she was doing her Kundalini training. At the time, she simply had an inkling of a dream: to create a platform from which to share her spiritual teachings. Since then, she created a membership program called The Mystic Wanderer supporting women from around the world to bring their mystic gifts out into the world and harness them in a way that is tangible, useful and beautiful. Kirsty emailed me recently and said: “thank you for the direction and confidence to bring my dreams into reality”.
5. Kehlee Walsh — Stuck in a career that required her to be up most nights, that was squashing her self-esteem and making her feel worthless and lacking, Kehlee came to me looking for a way out. We worked through fear of making herself her priority, shone a light why she was blocking her ability to attract better opportunities, a kinder life and more money, and created a delicious exit-plan that she instigated and followed through on. Her words make me smile: “I have found the strength to radically change my life and live each day on my own terms. Friends and family have commented how genuinely happy and whole I seem, and I readily attribute so much of this to you and our time together”.
These are all women who simply decided to start making different choices. And those choices had an impact that changed their lives. It really is that easy.
If there are some changes you want to make, that feel important to you, you can do them.
It might take longer that you originally planned. It might require working with a mentor or asking for help. But, most importantly, it’s all possible.
If you’d like me to be a part of those changes in your life, check out my 1:1 mentoring details and book a free 30 minute introductory call with me to meet, talk about where you find yourself right now (stuck/scared/seeking direction and assurance) and the direction you want to go.



In the last week of April and first week of May I’ll be strolling through my favourite London-town haunts, as well as running a two-day workshop (more on that on my blog in a few weeks).


I have a little bit of free time while I’m there, and I thought this could be a really fun opportunity to work with someone (maybe you?) in a face-to-face setting.

So! If you’re a UK person, and you’d like to hire me, here’s what I’m proposing:


— 1 day face-to-face meeting in London @ your office, your home, a cool cafe or co-working space, whatever location is most convenient for you.


During this meeting, we can: outline your new online business, brainstorm a brand new offering or service that you want to bring into the world, map out a creative marketing plan for something BIG you believe in, create a bunch of fun and beautiful photographs of you and your work, review and spruce up your website, or any other creative/biz project that you want to focus on. We’ll spend about 5-6 hours together, I’ll treat you to lunch, and we’ll have a wonderful, productive time!


£350 GBP for this creative intensive.


If this sounds exciting to you… email me at studio@viendamaria.com and please tell me:


  • Which dates you potentially want.
  • Your preferred meeting location in London if you have one—otherwise, I’ll propose a few ideas.
  • How you’d like to pay: 1 installment or 2 installments.
  • The top 3 things/projects that you’d like to focus on while we’re working together.


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