Being a digital gypsy, and relying on the wonderful world of webs to manage my business and my pleasure, there are a few things that I’ve come to know and love. One of them is the iPhone app Instagram. I have always been bewitched and enchanted by photography, a picture frozen in time tells 1000 stories not only of what can be seen within the frame, but even more what can’t be seen. Photos create an exciting spark in our imaginations, wrapping us in stories of  what might be happening in the parts that aren’t seen. But Instagram takes it a whole new level for me. I adore being able to whip out my little phone and sneakily, like a detective hunting for clues, snapping the things that inspire, charm and bring love and desire out in me. I adore scrolling through my pics from the past, basking in the warm glow of the things I’ve seen, done and felt. I find it undoubtedly thrilling to share the same warm and fuzzy feelings with the people I follow, and love being a part of their lives through a visual journal of sorts. To complete my gushing adoration for this digital app that makes life so much sweeter, more fun and compelling, here are 6 reasons why I love Instagram.
1. Instagram is kind of undercover. Unlike when you whip out a massive camera and everyone gets kind of uncomfortable and awkward and starts making those weird, rigid, funny poses, you can take a photo with the iPhone before anyone notices and catch them at their best, when they are relaxed, smiling and looking natural. And then you can share this photo with everyone you love in an instant.
2. Instagram a form of gratitude. Taking a photo of food, of something beautiful, of someone you love, of something that inspires you or fills you with joy is a way of saying THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL AMAZING THING to the universe. It’s a visual acknowledgement  of something we appreciate and are grateful for. We take a photo with the intention of sharing how good this is making me feel.
3. Instagram is sharing love. As we delve more and more into the Information Age, our friendships and families span the planet, and the Earth starts to feel smaller and smaller because we recognize that we are all connected. As our friendship groups expand, it become more difficult to stay in touch with everyone as much as we would like, especially if you’re a gypsy like me. Through Insta we get to stay connected and show our love and share our lives with the people who are important to us. Perhaps we don’t speak to everyone on a daily basis, but we have the effervescent opportunity to view each others lives and remain close and connected in this way.
4. Instagram gives life and colour to Facebook and Twitter. If visual stimuli turns you on, like it does me, then you would know that a post with a picture is SO MUCH MORE FUN than a post with just words. I love words. Words are pretty much my favorite thing in the world. But in today’s overflowing abundance of words everywhere, what catches anyone’s eye enough for them to make a 3 second decision to pay attention is a bright, pretty picture!
5. Instagram makes marketing a breeze. The word marketing leaves such a weird, sour aftertaste in people’s mouths but what it actually means is TELLING PEOPLE WHAT YOU CAN OFFER THEM. That’s something everyone wants to know, so actually you’re just doing them a favour and letting them know what they actually want to know.
6. Instagram is creativity. After a while, you start to develop your own style and format of taking photos of the things that you love. I adore taking photos of food from directly above. I love taking photos of people when they’re not looking. I love taking photos of big, wide, open landscapes. I like trying to find some kind of symmetry in every frame. I love finding colours that draw each other out and reflect or deflect each other. I love using bright lights and sun rays in my shots. There are so many creative ways to take a picture which leave me feeling most satisfied!
Right now I’m looking for some more inspirational photos and people to follow. Are you one of them? Follow me on Instagram @viendam, and comment on one of your favorite photos that you’d like to share with me and an invitation to come and follow you! I’d love to be a part of your lives!
Love + adoration
Vienda xx

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