In this previous post we discussed how DESIRE and knowing what you want is a crucial factor to fulfilling your dreams and how one man transformed his life by focusing on what it was that he truly wanted.
Most people think that the road to success is paved with hard work and sacrifice. Please erase this idea entirely from your mind. You are making life SO much harder for yourself by believing this.
Your entire life is created by your thoughts so if you believe that you need to work hard, that’s what life will give you. If you believe that you deserve success by doing what you enjoy, then that is exactly what life will give you. Are we clear on that now?
Here are the 6 steps to get anything you want:
1. Focus on what you want. Get clear on it and describe it in as much detail as you can. Write it down in your favourite notebook, a board in your favourite room or on some special paper. Make it tangible in your mind. Be definite and detailed on what it is you want.
2. Determine what steps you will take to attain this desire. Simply wishing and dreaming isn’t enough, you have to move towards what you want.
3. Decide on a definite date by which you intend to have your desire fulfilled.
4. Create a definite plan that you will follow in order to attain this desire. Take action however small. Make a plan and stick to it. Your determined action will result in grand outcomes.
5. Write out a clear, concise written statement of the above 5 steps, in a place where you will read it often. Write it in present tense, as if what you desire is already coming about, right now in this very moment. (Wondering why? It’s because time doesn’t actually exist, it is simply a tool we use to measure the space between things happening. But more on that another time!)
6. The most important step: read you statement out every single day, morning; shortly after awakening and night; just before going to sleep. Allow you subconscious to mull these dreams over and converse with the universe in order to turn your desires into reality.
As you read; see, feel and believe that what you desire is yours already.
You can literally will anything you want into being by getting clear on your desire, focusing on what you want, creating a time frame for it to come true for you, taking action towards your dreams, and believing that YOUR DESIRES ARE FOR YOU.
Sounds simple? It is! Give it a try. Start with something small. And share with us in the comments section below or on Facebook how your desires are becoming reality.

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