The thing with happiness is it is something that you can work at and develop. Happiness is gratitude and appreciating and loving your life. It’s the joy that comes from all the many moments in your daily life…..the little old lady on the bus who gives you a wobbly smile, the checkout clerk who actually means it when they ask you how your day was, the perfectly luscious spot of grass in the park where you sit in the sunshine to eat your lunch, the hot boy/girl that decides to kiss you at the end of a date….. Happiness is a choice we make every single second of our days, whether we choose to place our attention onto something we cherish, something that makes us feel good or onto something that makes us feel angry, annoyed or uncomfortable.
Here are 6 super easy steps to happiness:
1. healthy living: (activity, exercise, diet nutrition and sleep) being healthy means listening to your body and giving yourself the very best you possibly can all the time.
This means that you do things that you enjoy whether it be knitting, going to gigs, swimming and sunbathing at the beach or screaming your favourite songs at the top of you lungs (as my endearingly sweet gay neighbour does every Saturday morning!)
You move your body!

. Bodies are made for movement and they need lots and lots of exercise so make exercise an intrinsic part of your daily life. Walk to places as much as you can. don’t take the car – you’re not only pumping delicious fresh blood and oxygen around your body but also saving the planet! Take the stairs, carry your shopping, chase the birds. Just move!
Eat delicious, nutritious foods. Food is actually fuel – not just a pleasure pod for your tastebuds. Consider the nutritional value of everything you put in your mouth and whether this is actually giving you the sparkle that you want. It’s very, very easy: studies show that certain nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids (fish, leafy greens + nuts) proteins (fish, chicken, eggs. nuts, yoghurt + beans) and complex carbohydrates (whole grains, brown rice, sweet potato + fruit) make you feel happier!
Finally: sleep. Get plenty of sleep every night and don’t shy away from taking a nana nap every now and then. Daytime sleeps can leave you feeling so refreshed and sprightly people will wonder what wonder drugs you’ve been taking!
2. optimism: (positive yet realistic thinking) Happy people choose to see the world through rose coloured glasses. It’s all about perspective and YOU get to choose exactly how you want to see things. It’s the glass half full or half empty conundrum that we all know so well. Optimism is also reflected in “what you think about you bring about”. You experience is a reflection of your thoughts so if you want to be happy you have to think happy too. This is a learned behaviour so start practising.
3. relationships: research indicates that happy people have more and better-quality relationships than those who are unhappy. This also includes the relationship you have with yourself. You need to develop a strong sense of self and feel good about you which means looking after, respecting and loving yourself as much if not more than others. It’s all about feeling connected to yourself and to others. Make the time to develop and strengthern the bonds with your friends and loved ones.
4. clarity: (goals, direction and life purpose) This is across all areas of your life including lifestyle, career and personal development and relationships. getting clear on where you are at and where you want to be gives you a defining line and direction to head towards rather than just floating around waiting for a wisp of wind to catch you and guide you somewhere. Do what interests you the most, what makes your heart sing and what you love. Set clear targets and make specific plans.
5. strengths: (your qualities, talents and attributes) as illustrated in this post here, it is important to identify and utilise your strengths rather than harping on about your weaknesses. Find out what you’re good at and do it …..leave the stuff your not so good at to someone who is. This way everyone has a job!
6. enjoy: life is for living, for experiencing and enjoying – stay present with yourself in each moment and fully love this life! The only moment that exists is the current one right now, as you read this sentence. The previous moment is simply a memory and the next one has not yet occurred so stay HERE, present, exactly where you are and fully enjoy it!
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