A 6 week mentoring program for folks that are on the edge, and ready to take that leap into a life that’s somewhat different. A life that includes love, travel, freedom, financial success and doing things your way. Something that requires a different mindset.
There is a reason why so much of our time, energy and interest is focused on mindset and personal development. So much so that, before I even released this mentoring program out into the world today, spots were already snapped up.
I’ve only got a few left. If you want in, you might want to be quick!
So why are we all really here? 
It’s about becoming who you are meant to be.
Ok. So, becoming who you want to be is an ongoing, transformative process that never really ends. But there is a huge difference between actually being on the path, and not even being anywhere near it. I know what that’s like. I spent many years of my life trying to figure out how to feel comfortable in my own skin; wishing I knew what my purpose in life could possibly be. I felt lost and afraid of both the answers and of not knowing.
It was in those years of swishing around somewhat aimlessly, from party to party – from country to country, where I learned to actually listen to my intuition. Something that I always had quite strongly, but happily ignored in favour for more exciting, louder messages. Usually from external sources, and somewhat disconnected from who and what I really am.
And then, suddenly, my life shifted and started to take form. I decided to create my own job. On my terms. Following passion. And of course, most importantly, serving others in the best way I possibly could. I asked for guidance from my intuition, got out of my head and learnt to follow my purpose by getting clear on what that actually was, and the role I had to play in the world.
All of those experiences have helped me become who I am today. Which is exactly what I’m sharing this mentoring program with you. Even though the gypset concept is all about travelling, gypset mindset is actually about something else. It’s about becoming who you are meant to be and creating your life based on that.
What You’ll Get

  • 6 x 50 min 1 to 1 coaching calls with me over the 6 week program.
  • 6 x support emails to keep you focused.
  • 6 x PDF’s full of content to guide your way.
  • Free copies of all of my digital products:

+ Guided Self-Hypnosis MP3

+ Guided Self-Love Meditation MP3

+ Build Your Own Business Blog eBook

+ The Gypset Recipe eBook

+ The Gypset Guide to Releasing Rituals 7 Day Program

+ New Moon. New You. A journaling ritual to create your best life ever.

Who It’s For
This mentoring program is for folks who are at the exquisite juncture of their lives, where things are about to change.

  • At the end: of a relationship; the death of a friendship or loved one.
  • Or at the beginning: of a new career or business; a new journey into the wild world.

It is perfect for anyone in the world who has a good internet connection and a willingness to change, grow and learn –  as all 1 to 1 sessions are done on Skype, and time zones manoeuvred around to suit both of us.
Gypset Mindset is for you. The you who has been waiting on the sidelines and is ready to take the leap. To become who you are meant to be.
What It Costs
In this package deal, the entire mentoring program is only two payments of $397.
The Gypset Mindset program is valued at $1,250 including the 6 coaching sessions, all the program materials as well as the digital products and resources.
Saving you a total of $456.
Your first payment is due now upon enrolment, and your second payment will be due on Monday 27th of April 2015. Join me now.
When It Starts
Doors close on Sunday 29 March 2015 and the 6 week Gypset Mindset mentoring program starts on Monday 30 March.
There are only a few spaces left I would love you join me for this fantastic opportunity now!
What We’ll Cover
Week 1. Get Out Of Your Head
Connect With Your Body and Get Back In The Flow

  • Discover how your mind works, and what role it plays in your life.
  • Understand why slowing down is imperative to getting out of your head.
  • Recognise the blocks and distractions that keep you in your head.
  • Learn 3 steps that help you get out of your head in any situation.
  • Know how to feel in order to drop you back into connection.
  • Become savvy to the difference between being in your head and in your soul.
  • Learn techniques to drop into your body and stay out of your head.
  • Connect with your body and inner energy to get back in your natural flow.

Week 2. Listen To Your Intuition
Listen To, Trust and Follow Your Inner Wisdom

  • Recognise what intuition is; and what it looks and feels like.
  • Commit to hearing your intuition, and allowing yourself to be guided.
  • Learn to build trust and develop a loving relationship with yourself.
  • Understand why your intuition is so powerfully important for creating your reality.
  • Know how to stop trying to control you experience, your environment, and others.
  • Recognise your intuition as guidance from your soul.
  • Practice following your inner wisdom by using 3 simple tricks.
  • Become familiar with how to act upon you intuition in every moment.

Week 3.  Discover Your Purpose
Uncover The Life Path That Is Uniquely Yours

  • Get clarity on who and what, you really are.
  • Learn what to do, if you keep asking yourself “What should I DO with my life?!”
  • Discover your greatest strengths, talents and unique abilities.
  • Expose the vulnerable, authentic parts of yourself that keep you hiding in the shadows.
  • Learn to value yourself and be willing to embrace your authentic self.
  • Reveal you true nature and allow yourself to be seen.
  • Summon incredible opportunities where you can express your life purpose.
  • Know how to act on purpose and create your perfect reality.

Week 4. Create Your Own Job
Use Your Greatest Strengths To Create Work You Love

  • Get clear on your big WHY you should create your own job.
  • Figure out which business or job is right for you.
  • Learn how to business-brainstorm for amazing new ideas.
  • Decide on which business idea is the most profitable for you.
  • Define the structure of your new life, job and business.
  • Uncover your first big $100,000 idea.
  • Make an action plan to bring your business to life.
  • Develop a defined vision for the future of your business.

Week 5.  Love Your Money
Become Abundant By Changing Your Money Mindset

  • Understand the difference between an abundant mindset and lack mindset.
  • Learn the key steps to changing your mindset for more financial abundance.
  • Get honest about your current financial situation and spending habits.
  • Declare how much money you want and learn to live in accordance with that figure.
  • Create a community of people who support your new money values.
  • Learn to take risks, and do new things to increase your income.
  • Develop a new love, respect and appreciation for money.
  • Discover some fun, simple tricks to manifest money now.

Week 6. Plot Your Gypset Journey
Follow Your Dreams and Go. Travel.

  • Discover what gypset really is, and how to apply it to your life.
  • Articulate the dream journey that you want to undertake.
  • Get clear on what you really need to go on your gypset journey.
  • Map out what needs to happen from now, until you leave.
  • Learn how to structure your trip, to fulfil all your needs and desires.
  • Familiarise yourself with simple gypset mindset philosophies to support your journey.
  • Create an action plan to take you from here, to there.
  • Get insider information, to ease your concerns.

Find out what others have to say about working with me here.
With deepest gratitude, and delight and I can’t wait to see you inside the Gypset Mindset program soon! Will you be one of us? Click here.
Vienda xo

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