Let’s talk about L O V E!
Last week 3 clients, 2 friends, and 1 random stranger whom I met in a cafe, all started telling me about their desire to find love. Yet this desire feeling very unfulfilled. So I decided to create a resource around finding love.
When we women want love in our lives, it’s much more than simple companionship. We want to be wanted. We want to feel desirable and beautiful. We want to be supported in our dreams and ambitions. We want to be held, touched and passionately made love to. And above all that, we want a deep soul connection.
All of the women that I spoke to last week, were feeling defeated, tired and frustrated in their quest. Finding love seems ubiquitous and yet simultaneously unreachable to them. Yet in this distress, nor forward motion can happen. But I know, from experience, that finding love doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be really very easy. We have to become clear channels for receiving, in order to call in the love that we want.
Broken down into two parts, here are the first 3 of the 7 steps to finding love.
7 Steps to Finding Love. (Part 1.)
1. Stop Looking.
It is in the surrender of what you want, that you will find it. While we are desperately seeking to fill a man-shaped-void the energy that we carry with us, is one of lack. The sensation of lack is one that pushes away, rather than attracts what we want. It is when we release our desires and know that they are coming to you, at exactly the right time, that the manifestation of finding love accelerates.
2. Release Blocks.
More often than not, there is a reason why the love you seek isn’t finding its way to you. The reason is that you have some kind of subconscious, invisible barrier up, that is stopping that love to come to you. In order to be able to receive the love you want, you have to resolve the blocks that are stopping it from getting to you.
3. Give Yourself That Which You Desire.
When you fill you own well with the things that you desire, you interact with the Universe from a space of wholeness and completion. It warrants that you receive more of what you are already giving yourself, which isn’t possible when you are waiting for someone else to fill that void. One of the best ways to find love is the work on the lower three chakras.
When we are unresolved in the lower three chakras, then we are always hungry for energy. This energy can come in the form of money, attention from others, emotional neediness, or energy acquired through sex. When we are unresolved in the lower chakras then we feel we want more energy and that we are not getting enough. In finding love, this becomes the major source of resistance and conflict.
You can get a basic understanding of chakras in a post a wrote some time ago here.
Part 2. of the Finding Love can be seen right here.

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