A few days ago I shared the 7 Steps to Finding Love. (Part 1.) video with the first 3 steps outlined. It was incredible to see how much it resonated with many of the women who watched the video and some of the experiences you shared with me as a result. Damn, you rock! Your really blew me away with your response.
I am delighted to share Part 2. with you now.
7 Steps to Finding Love. (Part 2.)
4. Love Yourself.
If we don’t love ourselves, we can’t expect others to love us. I will say it a million times. Your life is experience is a direct reflection of what is going on within you. And the things that you are seeking outside of yourself are exactly what you need to give yourself, first and foremost. So many women tell me that they have so much love to give, and yet they are not experiencing love in their lives. The reason is that in order to receive love, you need to firmly be able to receive it from yourself. An open, loving heart, begets the experience of a loving relationship, but then earth must be open and knowing how to receive love to begin with.
5. Do Things You Love Doing.
I feel this is self-explanatory, but allow me to expand. If you go out doing things you don’t really enjoy, you may meet men, that is true. But you’ll probably meet men that you don’t really enjoy, and that aren’t the right match for you. When you are immersed in things that you are passionate about, that excite you and light you up, your beauty shines through every part of you, and you will meet men who are on the same wavelength. Do things you love doing, and you will meet other people who love doing those things, and lo and behold, you already have something beautiful in common.
6. Write A Manifestation List.
This part is super fun and easy. It’s where magic comes in. And clarity is magic. In order to know what you at calling into your life, you have to get really clear in what it is you actually want. So this is where you write a list, in present tense, of what exactly you are waning in your love. How does he make you feel? What kinds of things do you do together? What values does he hold and respect? How does he balance and support you? What do you bring into his life? Get really, really clear on the dream, in order to recognise it in reality.
7. Embody What You Want.
Again, here it’s important to remember that your life experience is a direct reflection of what you already are. Common desirable traits are: Trust. Commitment. Fun. Spontaneous. And here lies the clavette. You what to feel trust. But do you trust yourself? What’s your relationship with your own inner voice and are you trusting of it? You want commitment. But how committed are you to yourself? Do you place your own needs and dreams at the highest regard? Where does your commitment lie? I can go on, but I know you’re smart and can work out the rest!
Did you enjoy these videos? Do you want me to make more? Let me know in the comment below!

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