We all need this little reminder from time to time. How to love ourselves… It’s important because the way we treat ourselves is reflected in how we experience the world and how others treat us. If you want the best for yourself, you have to give the best to yourself. If you want others to treat you well, you have to show them how, by treating yourself well. Most importantly if you want other to love you, you have to love yourself first.
Here are 88 ways to love yourself:
1. Take a bath. A long hot bubble bath full of essential oils and epsom salts will draw all the toxins out of your body, make you relax and step out smelling AMAZING!! Have one on a day off or in the evening so you can sleep afterwards. It will soothe your soul and refresh your spirit.
2. Make a green smoothies. Here’s a great one I love.
4. Chill with friends. Ones you really love and can relax and be yourself around!
5. Listen to fairy tales.
6. Read.
7. Get lots of cushions and your favourite blanket and go snuggle on the sofa.
8. Draw.
9. Kiss and cuddle a sweet, furry animal. They will give you so much more love back!
10. Send someone a text or email or letter just telling them what they mean to you. Don’t expect anything back.
11. Thank yourself for all that you do.
12. Go for a walk. Preferably in nature. But if you’re in a city, remember, people are nature too.
13. Drink a large glass of purified water. And then another one.
14. Be still. Just observe. Allow life to be.
15. You are life. You have the power. Know yourself.
16. Try something new. A new place. A new road. A new taste. A new person.
17. Fall in love with yourself.
18. Listen to music. Let it sway your moods like the wind sways the branches of a tree.
19. Take yourself out on a date.
20. Buy yourself that special thing that you’ve been dreaming of. You deserve it.
21. Appreciate the abundance that you are experiencing right now. Start with small things. The water you drink. The people you love. The food you eat. The clothes you wear. The work you do. The passions you have.
22. Celebrate your uniqueness. There is only one you who can do the things you do, who has the culmination of talents and experience that you have. You are truly one of a kind. A diamond in the ruff.
23. Forgive. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Everyone is simply doing their best.
24. Prepare yourself a delicious, nutritious meal. Feel how your body absorbs all the love and life-giving nourishment and gives you so much in return.
25. Love. See your life through the eyes of love. Soften your eyes, close them, slowly open them and see everything through those rose-tinted glasses. The world will succumb to your heart.
26. Accept yourself. Right now, however you show up, is perfect. You are perfect.
27. Love the way you look. Buy clothes that compliment you. You are beautiful.
28. Kiss a loved one. Take your time and let it linger. Enjoy the sensation. The tenderness. The closeness.
29. Stretch. Listen to your body and move in the way it guides you to. Like a cat. The wisdom is within you already.
30. Only eat as much as your body needs. FEEL when you are full.
31. Move your attention away from your head, your thoughts, from the constant conversation in your mind. It will always be there, kind of like a tv.
32. Focus instead on your body. What it FEELS like to be alive. To exist. To be. To love.
33. Explore your world. Self reflection and observing the world around you will bring you home.
34. Recognise that you have a purpose. You are here for a reason, you are special, valuable and important.
35. Know that all the answers lie within you. Allow them to arise and hear them answer your wildest questions and confusions. The wisdom comes from your soul and its deep understanding and connection with all that is.
36. Trust. Trust yourself and trust in life. All is well in your world.
37. Choose to change your perspective to one that makes you feel good. You have the power.
38. Marvel at nature. Engage with a wild flower, a leaf, a dew drop captured in a spiderweb, the suns rays warming a beetle.
39. Enjoy who you are. Embrace your messiness. Your forgetfulness. Your enthusiasm for the minuet, intoxicating details of life. Smile at yourself and all you encompass.
40. Tidy your wardrobe. Colour code it. Seasonally divide it. Display it from small to large. Just have fun with it.
41. Stay in your pyjamas for a full 24 hours. Base all your activities around your fluffy, cosy bed or your decadently comfortable sofa, covered in cushions and blankets. Enjoy every moment of not having to do anything.
42. Spoil yourself. Book yourself a week away doing something you really love. Hiking. Detoxing. Beaching. Adventuring. Exploring. Dancing. Riding. Do it by yourself and really indulge!
43. Snuggle up early one evening with your favourite drink and just listen to the world pass by. Preferably on a rainy night.
44. Kiss yourself. On the shoulder. Hand. Foot. Tell yourself you love yourself.
45. Dance. In your underwear throughout all your home. Dance like an Egyptian. Do the funky chicken. Do the solo tango. Wow your invisible audience with your suave and sexy moves!
46. Be still. Listen. Feel. Allow yourself to fill with the love and wisdom of the infinite. Become full and overflowing of all the beauty, the joy, the succulent essence of being.
47. Sing. Play a musical instrument. Play the spoons. Create melody. Make a rhythm. Allow the vibration of music to fill you soul.
48. Forget about perfection. It’s all art. Just be creative.
49. Learn something new. A new skill. A new philosophy. A new habit. Expand your current life experience by adding to it.
50. Consider the landscape of your life. What can you let go of? What would you like to add? Do it.
51. Have no regrets. Everything happens for a reason.
52. Practise patience… You will be surprised how much can happen without you doing anything!
53. STOP doing something that no longer serves you. Smoking. Drinking. Hating. Resenting.
54. Save up for that really special something that you’ve been wanting for eons.
55. Buy an entirely new ingredient and learn to cook with it. It may really surprise you.
56. Go on a self-love spending spree and stock up on super foods, organic skin care and coconut water.
57. Go to the cinema. Alone. It’s is wonderfully powerful and liberating in so many ways.
58. Stop setting an alarm. Go to bed when you’re tired and trust your body to wake up at just the right time. This simple change will create a whole new way to start each and every day in a blissful and peaceful state.
59. Only eat when and if you’re hungry. Eating at set meal times does not correspond with your bodies natural metabolism and cycle. You are a living creature that varies from day to day. Structured timetables do not work with the natural flow of the body.
60. Make love with your lover. Slowly. Passionately. Take your time. Stay in bed all day. Really just enjoy this sensual experience, without wants, worries or expectations.
61. Be a tourist in your home town/city/village. Enjoy what there is in your life already by seeing it from a fresh perspective.
62. Do a detox.
63. Get a massage / acupuncture / reiki / holistic healing of your choice. Because you’re worth it!
64. Reorganise your kitchen. When all your food things are beautifully and lovingly presented and put in place they will nourish and nurture you even more.
65. Give the love you want to receive. It’s all you anyway.
66. Tell someone exactly what it is you cherish, admire and adore them for. They will appreciate it and you will both share in the love and joy from the giving and receiving of compliments.
67. Accept compliments from other with grace and gratitude. Yes, you really are that amazing! Believe it!
68. See the good in others. Know that everyone is always just doing the best they can.
69. Give the gift of time by helping others. Join a cause or charity that you believe in and let the happiness of being of help flourish through you.
70. Go to your favorite hairdresser and let them pamper you. Get a new style or just have your hair blow dried so you feel fabulous all day…even if you’re just staying in.
71. Make friends with you neighbors.
72. Grow plants. Be it a few succulents, and balcony full of herbs or a garden in the backyard, feel the earth between your fingers, tend to your plants and enjoy the peace and tranquility and perhaps even dinner they generously shower you with.
73. Be thankful. Of everything. All the time.
74. Go to a concert, a gig, a festival. This is such a beautiful way to connect with your spirit, music and others.
75. Yoga. Pilates. Kickboxing. Whatever turns you on….do it!
76. Go Christmas shopping BEFORE the rush. You’ll feel so smug and organised when everyone else is still trying to figure out what they’re doing. Better yet, don’t buy your presents this year: MAKE THEM. Your loved ones will adore you for it.
77. Spend an afternoon in the park with a close friend. Prepare a picnic, favorite drinks close at hand and share all the deep, dark thoughts of recent times. It will bring you closer, bring things into perspective and make you giddy with laughter before the day is done.
78. Start a dinner club. Take turns creating decadently delightful meals for each other and enjoy having someone else feed you with beautiful, nurturing food.
79. Take on learning more about your body, health and nutrition. Experiment and figure out what actually works for you. Everyone is different. Make your personal health your priority. It’s a simple act of love to yourself which will permeate all areas of your life.
80. Be kind. To yourself. And to others.
81. Be generous. In your thoughts, love, actions and gifts. There is more than enough good in the world for everyone.
82. Don’t have expectations. Have hopes, dreams and desires. YES! But don’t expect them to show up in only the ways that you can imagine. The universe is much larger and wiser than you can even encompass.
83. Focus. Focus in the things that are important to you. Allow the others to fall by the wayside. They’re not important and will disappear if you don’t give them your energy or attention.
84. Accept love from others. Let them love you in the way that they love.
85. Move away from drama and negativity. You don’t have space for those in you life.
86. Fall in love with yourself. Again. And again. And again.
87. Go for a long, long walk. Marvel at the sounds of the birds and small creatures and the stillness and silence between the sounds.
88. Write your own LOVE LIST. You know how best to love yourself. More than anyone else ever could.

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