G’day – I’m Mel Lathouras, a singer, songwriter, coach, and founder of Fearless Singer. I help innately musical and creative people redefine their fear of singing, connect to their authentic voices, and make music.

This year, I reached a turning point prompted by health concerns and a growing disdain for the mainstream education system and realized that I needed help to make Fearless Singer and my performing career full-time. Enter Her Way – the Women’s Business Training has been life-changing, it is no exaggeration. I have:

  • doubled my business income by restructuring my coaching packages and pricing (and fully realizing my value)
  • increased my email list with engaged subscribers by creating the Daily Singing Practice Routine opt-in. And this was just repurposing content I already had to solve the pain points around practising.
  • started building my first online course – the Fearless Singer Jazz Club, which will teach aspiring jazz singers repertoire, style, and performance confidence.

On a personal level, however, Vienda’s nurturing, wise and practical coaching style has given me more confidence as a female entrepreneur and performer. I’ve obliterated the word ‘hustle’ from my vocabulary. I know in my bones that I don’t need to run myself into the ground to create my dream career.


My name is Marta Gèpe, and I am a motivational coach, illustrator and published author who supports people that feel there is a creative force clashing with an analytical side which ‘knows best how to do things.’ People who are confused and annoyed for having to decide what to do when there are so many things they would love to do! People who have trouble finding the ‘right way’.

My way started with Her Way, in March 2021. Back then, the how’s, what’s and when’s were utterly confusing. Her Way gave me the guidance I needed to empower myself and my brand identity. Everything evolved majorly when I tapped into my female intuition for my business and my life: not only did I redefine my message, but also embodied the best qualities I could give to my clients, and aligned my prices to the services in a comfortable and intuitive way. My words, my business and my own self have become a confident, robust team, heading in the same direction.

As a coach, I know how I can best support my clients. As an artist, I’m currently working on my first solo exhibition, and as a writer, I aligned my message to the soul of my brand.


When Her Way started, I had so many ideas swirling but wasn’t sure how to execute on them, or which ones to even bother with executing in the first place. Vienda’s approach to business that prioritizes ease and fun gave me permission to take action with more confidence. It brought me back to my whole self and then gave me the tools to share from that whole place.

I believe that music can be a form of therapy and even self-hypnosis. Thoughtful words can help us understand ourselves anew. I consciously use the power of song to elevate you, with your permission, up the emotional ladder, by teaching you how to write your own self-help song and writing and recording songs that offer an insight into the process of self-healing from day-to-day challenges as well as significant traumas.

Her Way helped me do that. Vienda is such a gentle but firm guide in the ways of creating a feminine, lucrative, and impactful business- you will feel totally empowered. she taught me that You have all the answers within you already and It’s insane how much value I’ve gotten from each aspect of the course. I’m so grateful.

The support and feedback from the Her Way community in this process has been just crucial for me in taking these massive steps. To be surrounded with like-minded women who are all newly equipped with the tools for self-actualisation feels SO empowering and has added (and continues to add) massively to my momentum.


As an ex-corporate, multi-passionate creative, I’ve worked a lot with structure and since HER WAY, I’ve allowed myself to be much more flexible and intuitive with how I approach my time. Things might take a little longer, but I feel more and more that my business is evolving to meet me where I’m at, instead of trying to force myself into an idea of what it should be.

I’m a menstrual cycle coach and a focus on helping people find the hidden power in their PMS and discover a more blissful side to periods. I joined HER WAY right as I finished both my coaching qualification and a novel. I honestly felt a little burned out and overwhelmed at which direction to go forward in. Since the training, I’ve created two offerings alongside my 1:1 coaching: Love Your Flow, an online course for people who struggle with their period and want to experience the magic of it instead, and more recently the Premenstrual Power Up, a 6-hour 1:1 intensive for people who’s businesses and jobs are being affected by their inner critic and are struggling with overwhelm.

I’ve been super resilient since childhood, a bit of a risk-taker and always play the devil’s advocate. Giving these parts of myself space made building my business much more fun because they’re a part of me.


In March 2021 when Her Way began, I was incubating my business and what I wanted to grow and birth. I was also still writing my book: ‘Life after sexual abuse: A Practical Healing Toolkit to Reconnect Mind, Body & Soul‘ which has since been published.

I am an intuitive coach, guide and writer. I advocate for survivors of sexual trauma as a fellow survivor myself. I offered distance reiki to fellow Her Way souls and as a result, I now confidently offer sessions that are empowering and nurturing for the soul.

As a result of Her Way, I now fully believe in my creative energy and allow the universe to work through me – we are all here to birth creations in our own authentic way. The biggest thing that came from doing Her Way was the confidence to put myself out there – to take up space and to fully trust my intuition.

Along with my Reiki offering, I am now birthing a coaching container for survivors of sexual trauma and women’s circles – I am passionate that women are able to reconnect to themselves and fully step into their feminine wisdom.

I describe Her Way as the gift that keeps giving. I made some of the most beautiful connections with beautiful souls that I continue to connect and grow with. The women of Her Way held me in that place and trusted me with their sacred energy – what has unfolded has been stepping into my full intuitive and feminine power.


I’m Elisa Bozzolini, and I’m the Italian Founder & Designer of @sunvibespalma, a slow fashion boho brand based on Mallorca island. At Sunvibes, I hand design soulful fabrics and gorgeous, feminine, flowy dresses, kimonos and skirts for the free-spirited woman.

I also design and make Dream Dresses – unique garments made of a fabric that I co-create with my clients, to portray a special moment in their life or embody and manifest a dream they have in their hearts. My craft is a way for me to honour and celebrate our inner wild woman. Many years ago I was working a corporate job, and wearing office clothes every day. It was not until I moved to Mallorca that I started connecting with my truer, more authentic style and I felt an emerging desire for freedom. I started creating the clothes that my new self was craving to wear. I remember how uncomfortable and vulnerable I felt at the beginning but my soul was wanting to be truly heard and seen!

The Her Way community was very supportive and encouraging. It helped me face old paradigms and unsolicited advice on how I should run my business, organize my days and spend my time to be as productive as I could. If you feel like you want to be part of this change, and are looking for your tribe, Her Way is for you.


When starting Her Way, I had a gut feeling whispering to combine my background in psychology with my love for aesthetics. During her way, this whisper was met with open hearts of a gorgeous community without judgment, and with pure enthusiasm and belief… and somehow I felt the “permission” to just do it.

Hey, I’m Nida. I specialize in wellness, personal and space styling. I want to start by sharing my own story because deconditioning my own perception of aesthetics is what inspired my business. During the past years, I experienced a shift from having fashion role models I really wanted to style alike to looking inside and being trusting that what I feel drawn to is beautiful. As my connection to my authentic self deepened, my love for environmental beauty transformed. This internal shift allowed me to connect to interior and personal style on a deeper level. I realize that who I am authentically is expressed in environmental beauty.

I’ve always been utterly aware of how short our existence is. I want to make the most out of life. When something doesn’t feel right, I change it, which is why I believe in the power of transformations and reinventing ourselves, again, and again. I work with women at the intersection of their biggest, and often most painful, transformations helping them express themselves fully in their clothes and lives so that they can blossom and thrive in this world. Through my programs and private sessions, I take women on a journey into their imagination, inner wisdom, and inspiration to rediscover the essence of their soul expressed through their style and home.

Since Her Way, I ran my first trial coaching sessions with fellow women (and now friends) of the Her Way course. I’ve built my offering and just released my website — a space of sharing self-discovery, beauty, transformation, fashion, interior and adventure


Since doing Her Way I have continued on my journey of self-discovery and understanding how I want to run my business online with my values. I didn’t really have a business plan when I joined but the course gave me exactly what I needed to start my journey in discovering it and the information I needed to create the business that I want to run ‘my way’.

Sage and Quartz was born just over a year ago. I found great comfort and grounding in using crystals and the addition of affirmations to my self-care routines during the past few years. By pairing the two I created beautiful bracelets that are a constant reminder of your affirmations with the added benefits and energies from crystals that support your particular chosen word. Throughout my life I have struggled with my confidence and breaking through limiting beliefs, affirmations have really changed the way I think about myself and my abilities. They have allowed me to find the path I want to walk and find my voice again. My wish is for these bracelets to guide and support you too through a blockage, a life change or to serve as a reminder. I see them as a powerful positive wellbeing tool to hold your hand or loved one through any given situation or emotion.

Vienda is such a beautiful soul to learn from, her wisdom and insights are really something to behold. I am still being supported by many of the women I met on this course which have been integral to the growth of me and my business.


Business, for me, has always been a wild ride. Countless nights of doubt, feeling like I am just not made for this online business world. Dear friends giving advice, trying to help me navigate through it all and suggesting possible paths for me. I tried a lot and failed a lot, and every new failure made me believe – I am not good enough.

Until I booked Vienda – first as a private mentor and then joined her course Her Way this year. The learnings and the new connections I made were invaluable and I finally realised, I can create my own work and build a business that feels good to me. It’s possible and I am enough!

My whole way of approaching business and how I feel about it changed ever since. I put myself and life first now without feeling guilty – it almost feels like my business self has been reborn and is now ready to grow. (And I am seriously considering joining again, only because I feel I am now readier (is it a word?) than before.)

Just recently I faced a challenge that, in the past, would have made me stop with everything and doubt myself again. Not now. I went back reading through my Her Way notes, journaled a lot on the topic and my feelings and found a solution – not only that, by accepting the new challenges and trusting the process, I was able to redirect myself business-wise and life-wise.


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