The other day, a client of mine wrote an email to me saying: ‘HELP! I’ve got *so and so thing happening* and I don’t know why!’. Together we looked at it, and recognized this issue as a limiting belief that she’s been holding on to, way past its used-by date. Yuck! Time to let it go!
One of the things that I work on the most often with my beautiful coaching clients is recognising old limiting beliefs, blockages and patterns, and then releasing the in order to make space for the life that you truly want.
So today, I’m sharing with you, a {not-so-secret} trade secret. My clients use this for a myriad of things that are holding them back. Mis-beliefs about:

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Self-worth
  • Business
  • Intuition
  • Love

The real secret is, that you have to do the work.
You change the patterns by shining your light of awareness on them.
The moment you become aware of them they transform from unconscious patterns to conscious patterns. Simply observe them, don’t judge them.
And then make conscious choices that reflect your true values and that are different to the choices you would have made in the past.
It’s an ongoing, step by step process. This is how change transpires.
It doesn’t take great action. I just takes your unwavering presence and awareness.
You’ve already got the tools to do this. Just listen to where you’ve been guided. And if there’s resistance, then you know you’re close. Keep moving forward. Stay focused on your intention to clear this….
1. Make the decision that you are ready to change. Be it a limiting belief, a pattern, a habit, an inner blockage. Decide that you are ready to change.
2. Become acutely aware of when those mis-beliefs creep into your life. They may be thoughts, they may be feelings, the may be words, they may be actions. Catch them and shine you light of awareness on them.
3. Don’t judge yourself when you catch yourself. For a start, that’s all you have to do. This step alone, already begins to shift things in a big way, because by catching them, you are reprogramming yourself. Don’t blame yourself or respond with any kind of anxiety or emotion, just shine your light of awareness.
4. When you are ready, start replacing the beliefs, habits etc, with new ones. Take small steps i.e. When your body tightens up / you feel stressed / work isn’t fun, remind yourself: “life is meant to be easy” and “how can I make new choices right now to relax into this situation?” and “how can I make this fun and easy”?
Our social programming has conditioned us in very specific ways, which are neither healthy nor supportive of a full, well-lived, life full of all the magic, mystery, romance, live and beauty that you dream of.
But luckily, it’s easy enough to change. As long as we do the work and follow this process, for every single thing that comes up.
You’ve got this, girl!
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