What to do when you've had enough (of the status quo) and want a life made of freedom.
I live in Mexico (mostly) these days. Did I ever *think* I was going to live in Mexico (mostly)? No. I had no idea what was going to happen. I still have no idea what is going to happen.
I have created this life by stripping away the layers of conditioning that are not me. (I continue to do this.)
We live these infinitely short precious lives. Limitless beyond our comprehension. And yet we besiege ourselves with rules and stigmas and limitations. We do so to feel safe.
From a psychological perspective, every being’s base need is simply to survive. Our subconscious, our ego and our automatic behaviour patterns are geared towards keeping us safe so that we survive. Safety means doing what we already know, walking the same routes, mirroring our parents who mirrored their parents and so on. It means most people live in the same small triangle between their home, their work and their family, year after year.
Concurrently we also have an overpowering desire to evolve. We hold within each of us an innate motivation to adapt and enhance our survival skills.
These two opposing yearnings create a painful conflict. People try to evolve using the same habits and beliefs that keep them safe. It doesn’t work. As Einstein says, you cannot solve a problem from the same thinking that created them. We have to break free from the repetitive safety steered by our survival instinct.
The only way is doing the inner deconditioning work.
I have reprogrammed hundreds if not thousands of beliefs. (And I continue to do so.)
I’ve had to reprogram beliefs like:
I have to earn my worth by work hard and for long work hours. Now I work 4-5 hours, 4-5 days per week.
I have to live in one place forever. I have lived on every continent on our planet over my lifetime.
Ageing is a linear and decrepitating process. Most people can’t believe I’m 37
There is a one-size-fits-all model for romantic relationships. I am beyond fortunate in my love life.
I used to think that it’s all about the external expression of freedom, things like travel, openness, flexibility etc but it’s really about clearing the rigid dogma that keeps you limited and replacing it with more expansive beliefs and realities.
Everything you speak about, think about and feel is true for you, makes up your life experience. You literally create your reality through the ideas you hold of the world and your place in it. So, sometimes it’s worth looking at those words, thoughts and feelings and asking yourself “does this really serve me?” “is this creating a reality that supports my fullest authentic expression?” “do I enjoy living a life that is reflected in this way?” anything that is a “no” — adjust.
Change it. Reframe it. Choose a new belief and a new response. You get to decide. Every day. At every moment. It really is that simple. That’s the secret behind everything I’ve done and created in my life. I continuously adjust to match the reality that I want to experience.
What to do when you’ve had enough (of the status quo) and want a life made of freedom?
You do all the social deconditioning work and become your most authentic self by stripping away all the layers of preconceived beliefs that stop you from expressing your truest nature.
In the future, it will be normal to heal ourselves with our beliefs and thoughts, to release emotional baggage just by deciding to, to reshape our reality with our minds. We are limitless beings that need to learn the innate powers we are born with.
Sovereign is just the beginning of that.

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