Dearest soul sisters and brothers,
This is what I feel to be true.
We have all met before in other lives, sometimes many, many times.
We instinctively KNOW each other upon sight, touch, conversation.
We are here to teach each other, guide each other, love each other, hurt each other, nurture and care for each other. Every one of us an active participant in our own and each others journeys.
Where we come from we are ONE, to whence we shall one day return.
Love is what binds us together.
Before we arrive into this life, we choose our paths. The trials, joys and tribulations for each of us to pass through, the soul siblings we shall encounter. Whether mother, father, brother, sister, lover, friend, client, student, professor, arch enemy, stranger or beggar, you have a purpose, a place in my life, as I do in yours. To remind ourselves of something, an inkling long forgotten, a yearning that our hearts carry within them. The recognition that we are all connected.
As we pass each other in the streets, our journeys meet at crossroads, eyes lock for an instant across a busy room, remember me. And I remember you.
That moment of recognition is a precious acknowledgement of what we are, where we come from and where we will go.
Thank you for holding hands, for hearing the stories, for sharing thoughts, for teaching the lessons that must be learnt, for showing where healing must take place, for the tears and the laughter and the songs and dance. For the awkward moments and the uncomfortable embraces. For inspiring, for reprimanding, for allowing, for fighting, for accepting and for loving. Thank you for sharing this life. For showing up and being you.
Soul sisters and brothers in this life and many more.

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