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Vienda Maria

Your soul came to earth to experience the full spectrum of your potential. The thing that stands between you and your spectacular life — where everything is possible for you — is your belief system. A divide created by trauma, conditioning and limited thinking can be transcended with the right approach and support system.


Built on my background in psychology — with a deep love for using self-awareness to inform the landscape of life — I have mentored hundreds of women (and a handful of men) across the past 8 years through my programs and courses. I offer a safe space to explore oneself — all reflecting a high level of integrity, devotion to personal growth and freedom — invoking attributes of femininity, spirit, and creativity.

I share my art, heart, and writing, in:

— my secret Substack letter ‘kismet’
— in my public 10,000+ subscriber emails
— on my 700+ article blog
— occasionally on Instagram, &
on the ‘re.define’ podcast on Spotify.


I’ve had the most extraordinary, bohemian, zig-zagging life. Very early on I figured out that the ordinary path didn’t work for me. Evidently, that has led to an unconventional, rich, big, beautiful journey that has and continues to inform me and my work.


Work with me

I run online programs and facilitate live workshops and events, as well as privately mentor women face-to-face over video calls. I am based in Mallorca, Spain but live a fluid life where ‘home’ is many locations and am happy to travel for teaching and speaking opportunities.

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A journalist for Quartzy had a mentoring session with me and interviewed me on what working within a therapist-come-life-advisor (like me) is really about. If you’ve never had the support of a mentor and are curious about it, this article is a really good place to start.

Your Creative Workspace (hardcover book)
Betty Means Business
Thought Catalogue
Quartz Magazine
Rebelle Society
& a rolling list of podcasts. Listen here on Spotify.


BSc Psychology
Reiki Level 1 & 2
Marie Forleo’s BSchool
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
Healing Through Feminine Archetypes
Compassionate Inquiry with Gabor Maté
Informal research and training in epigenetics, psychedelics, addiction, love, creativity, astrology, design, photography, marketing and more…

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Vienda Maria is a psychology-informed women’s personal growth educator leaving behind a legacy that reminds us that anything is possible when we know how to redefine it. With a popular email list of over 10,000 subscribers, an occasional podcast, online courses, programs, workshops & live events, using an interactive teaching style — anecdotes, stories and real-world tools — she takes you on a heart-opening journey to remember who you really are. Learn more about Vienda here.

Vienda is also the founder of Plannher, a timeless and undated planner-and-journal-in-one. Plannher contains an approach and method to witnessing and organising life that inspires clarity, trust, harmony, creativity and spiritual connection to self while settling meaningful and realistic goals, into your months, weeks, and days. See Plannher here.


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