Here is a collection of the best articles I’ve been featured in lately.

Rosie Spinks, a journalist for Quartzy and life-coaching sceptic, had a mentoring session with me and interviewed me on what working within a therapist-come-life-advisor (like me) is really about. If you’ve never had the support of a mentor and are curious about it, this article is a really good place to start.

Vcita scoured the web and found five life coaches in totally different niches whose branding hits it out of the ballpark. And they included mine in this roundup!

Betty Means Business asked me about my morning routines. She said “I continue to be fascinated by the routines and rituals of successful people.  Insight into them makes me feel like I’m able to decode what makes these fabulous women tick and what makes them so successful… so I’ve invited 6 more incredible women to spill the beans on their real-life morning routines.” Read mine here.


I love sharing my stories with you and am regularly featured in various podcast interviews. These are perfect for when you’re having one of those days where you just want to listen and be inspired. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have loved being a part of them.
For Girlskills I shared about how listening to the cosmic language of the universe to make synchronistic occurrences work for you, flow with life and allow things to happen rather than always, push and hustle.
Vana from The Quiet Brave podcast interviewed me on my journaling practice, with detailed insights into my approach, how and why I started, and how to keep returning day after day.
In this Untangled episode, my voice cracked and I cried as I spoke about leaving my love and the life we had created together in Canada to follow my intuition into an entirely different reality.
The Moons Within asked me about the manifestation process, how to identify and clear any subconscious blocks or limiting beliefs, how to bring joy and alignment into your everyday life.

Melanie Pritchard from The Toolkit For Happiness podcast interviewed me on how to manifest love using my manifesting formula that I now teach in the Align + Free Collective.

Dream Freedom Beauty dove into topics with me like weaving intuition with a structure to make money and business decisions, journaling as a potent method for creating your life and why trust is a choice and a decision you have to fully commit to.

The Great Unraveling podcast invited me to unravel the topic of money through a new lens. We also talk about the importance of self-responsibility and taking aligned action to support ourselves financially.

Kirby and Claire from Blog Authentic welcomed me onto their podcast to reveal how to create a positive impact with a blog, manifesting money and connecting with your true self through journaling.

Susana Frioni from Love, Sex + Desire interviewed me on how to call in a lover, exploring sexuality without being dependent on a partner and navigating the world of dating.

It’s a very rare thing when an interviewer can hold a sacred safe space for you, that allows you to reveal things that perhaps you yourself weren’t even aware of. She Makes Magic did exactly that when I was interviewed about freedom, travel, entrepreneurship and manifesting.

In Unclassified Woman we talk about the choices that we can (and sometimes have to) make as women around having children and what that means for us as a society. It gets pretty personal and vulnerable, and I’m so grateful that this is a conversation that is being had nowadays.

My friend Connie from Awaken Radio interviewed me on the gypset mindset — living a free-spirited lifestyle and travelling the world — how to make it sustainable and really make it work for you.

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