There is a power in taking confident strides in the direction of your dreams.
This power is so overwhelming, all-consuming, that it leaves little room for doubt and fear.
Live as if your success is inevitable and it will come and find you, where you stand.
There are now words, no drawn up plans, no well researched assurances or mapped out strategies that will take you as far as you actions, one step at a time, will.
Your actions are the sign that you have been waiting for.
Take action in the direction of what you truly want. Small steps is all it takes.
Make that phone call. Write that email. Read that book. Buy that flight. Choose yes. Choose no. Say goodbye. Draft your notice. Ask him/her out. Get on that train, bus, plane. Move. Dance. Be. Try something. Climb that mountain. Go there. Smile. Talk to a stranger. Cry. Laugh. Step outside your boundaries. Write. Sing. Create. Build.
Actions speak louder than words.
They tell the world that you’re ready. You are ready. For your veritable dreams. For your life to be the one that you have conceived for yourself.
Rush into the arms of the world with your heart wide open. It’s all there, waiting for you to grasp hold of it. To ride its wild, buccaneering saddle and allow life to come through you.
Take action and watch how the world summons itself to support you and give you all that you need.
Your actions speak louder than words.

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