Every now and then I consider the prospect of my own death. It really brings things into perspective. The end of this life as I am experiencing it right now, in this body, in this way, is inevitable and I fell perfectly at ease with that truth.
What concerns me the most is whether I have brought enough love and joy into the lives of the people around me.
Will I leave this space that I currently inhabit bringing compassion, understanding and most importantly LOVE into the lives of those that I encounter?
If my work could be to bring love into people’s lives all day long then I feel that I would have fulfilled my purpose. My deepest desire is to bring people closer to whom and what they really are, to love themselves and to love others, purely, deeply, wholly.
This is always my intention with how I interact within this life.
To give the gift of love.
It is what I do through my writing, through my daily interactions with people and nature, and with myself. I am continuously growing, learning, evolving as a person and I share all that I have to make my life and the lives of the people who come into my life wonderful, spectacular, endearing. And most importantly full of love.
When I was 23 I had something which psychologist call a peak experience. It lasted about 6 months and completely changed my life, and I came to understand that love really is what makes the world go round! This understanding helped me drop all the baggage that I carried around from my past, and forgive those who had hurt me. I understood that people who have been hurt themselves sometimes loose that connection that they have with love, and instead of acting out of their true selves, which is love, act out of the hurt that they have experienced.
When this happens, as it does to all of us, it is a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to rise out of the depths of rote subconscious behaviour into consciousness, into pure love. This is when we become truly alive, wake up and become present in each moment. This is when we realise that our purpose in life is to deeply experience each moment, each interaction, every joy that is brought about by experiencing life in the physical form that we are in.
We become conscious to the fact that the only thing that exists is the present moment.
This is it. This IS your life! Be the LOVE that you are.
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