A month or so ago I had my photo taken for the new cyber-home I’m working in for all of us at, and started to get a little bit nervous about smiling for the camera. I mean, models make it look so easy, but when I do it, I sometimes come across as all sorts of strange. I like my smile, but freeze it an instant shot of a camera, and I sometimes lose my animated look altogether. So I called my French friend Manu, who has been taking photos all over Europe’s fashion weeks and so forth, for 10 years now, and asked him for some pointers. This is what he told me.
4 Simple Tips For Smiling For The Camera
1. Laugh. It will come across as genuine, and you can tell from the picture that you’re connecting with the camera, and giving a real smile.
2. Practice. It helps to practice in front of the mirror, so you know what your different faces, smiles, and laughs look like.
3. Use your eyes. Real smiles involve the whole face, especially the eyes. When you smile, smile with your eyes, feeling the corners of your eyes left and your eyes widen. Feel the joy and happiness radiate through your smiles.
4. Test out different angles. You’ll come to see that some angles are better suited to your face and smile than others. You can do that with selfies or again, in the mirror. So I did what he said. And it helped. But now I can’t look in the mirror without practicing my different smiles…

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