I’m sitting at home, after a morning jam-packed with coaching calls starting at 7am, and am feeling slightly rundown. Tired eyes, headache, sore throat – those common culprits that make everything feel like I’m underwater – when, clearly, I am not. I’m drinking fluids like crazy and hoping that this will pass after an early night and some deep sleep. All in all though, I’m feeling rather cozy and grateful. Grateful for the work I do, the work that’s before me right now and the fact that I can do it all from home.
That being said, if you are ready, I have 3 big things that are coming up, to share with you: An Instagram Challenge; A Free Telejam + #10WeeksofFree.
If you were around last year, you might remember the incredibly fun and successful #10DaysofFree Instagram challenge that I ran. Well, it that time again! Hoorah! You beautiful creatures absolutely blew me away with your enthusiasm, wisdom and heart-swelling immersion into the #10DaysofFree challenge, so I’ve decided to run it again.
Freedom being one of my highest values, and photography being one of my preferred forms of creative expression, this Instagram challenge is the perfect conduit for diving deeper into both of those gorgeous facets. I’d love to invite you, to join us!
When: Starts Monday 26 January.
What: Every day sparks a different perspective on what freedom is to us and how we express and enjoy our freedom. Over the 10 days, you will get really clear on what being free is to you, and learn to incorporate it more in your life and share it with others.
How: On Saturday, I will publish a post on my blog and my Instagram feed with all the details. In the meantime above is an outline of the prompts you can expect over the 10 day Instagram challenge.
Excited? Me too! I can’t wait, in fact. Feel free to share with your friends, because the more, the merrier! Let’s all bring more freedom into our lives.
(And always remember to tag me @viendam and hashtag #10daysoffree so I can find you!)
Before I built my business and created the very free, location independent and soulfully as well as financially fulfilling life I have now, I had so many limiting beliefs holding me back. I didn’t think I was good enough to follow my dreams, and had doubts that I would be capable of running a business – let alone making it successful, I was fearful of success and terrified of making mistakes. There were so many reasons why I believed that what I wanted, wasn’t possible for me.
Until one day it dawned on me that what was holding me back was, me. I was the only thing standing before me. And even though I didn’t feel it, I was so ready to make the changes necessary in my mindset and in my actions to start. And all it really took, was giving myself permission to go for my dreams. Saying yes, to myself instead of being filled with doubts. Learning to accept that making mistakes is a valuable part of the process.
The She Is Ready Telejam, is an opportunity for me to share with you, in intimate details, just what I had to give myself permission for, and how, in order to start moving forward to create the life that I knew I wanted. Alongside the wonderful Hayley Carr, we will be presenting you with an hour-long call filled with entertainment, anecdotes and stories of how we broke through our limitations, by giving ourselves permission. Are you ready?
When: Sunday 1 February, 10am EST. (Or a copy of the recording = direct in your inbox if you can’t make it.)
What: 1 hour-long free tele-jam with Hayley Carr and me.
How: More details on how to join us are coming soon.
To top it all off, I am incredibly delighted that the second run of my highly popular 10 week signature mentoring program #10WeeksofFree will be kicking off again on the 19th of February. I’m currently busily updating all the worksheets and preparing to welcome a limited 20 inspired people into the program. If you are ready to bring more freedom into your life, and start changing the way you view the things that are holding you back from having that freedom, then I encourage you to join us.
When: Starts Thursday 19 February. (On the Black Moon).
What: A 10 week mentoring program with weekly, that includes private 1 to 1 coaching calls.
How: Doors open Monday 9 February. Discover more on the #10WeeksofFree page.

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