MUSE — 4-Week Writing Workshop

MUSE — 4-Week Writing Workshop


MUSE is a 4-week online creative space to dig deep and take the golden threads etched into your heart and mind to bring them out in the form of words. Your stories are beautiful because they are yours. Make your words a bridge into your world. There is immense power in honesty. No one else is you.


  • Reconnect with your inner creative muse and learn to access the writer in you.
  • Strengthen your writing skills, meet amazing people, and get your writing down and done.
  • Learn how to write poetry, Substack and blog articles, Instagram posts and compelling newsletters.
  • Online. Participate from anywhere in the world.




Bringing Your Words To Life — 4-Week Writing Workshop


Registration opens: Monday, July 3
Registration closes: Sunday, July 30
We begin: Tuesday, August 1

Price: £200

~ Limited spaces ~


Delivery: 4-week online live course.
4 x 60-minute live calls are held every Tuesday at 6 pm BST
Recorded with replays available for 3 months after.

☽ Weekly live calls + replay
☽ 1:1 Listening partnerships
☽ Online community




Workshop Call 1: Tuesday, August 1 at 6 pm BST — Connect With Your Muse

— view yourself as your own muse
— see the value in the stories of your life
— learn to draw from your everyday experiences
— choose to reframe your writing as worthy and valuable


Workshop Call 2: Tuesday, August 8 at 6 pm BST — Writing Your Story

— find your writing flow
— emotional literacy and how it plays into your ability to write
— rewrite your narrative to reframe your perspective (journaling)
— re-connect with your inner child to view writing as a playground


Workshop Call 3: Tuesday, August 15 at 6 pm BST — Connecting Words & Hearts

— choose a writing project…and get it done before the next call!
— exploring approaches to writing poetry, social media, articles and mailing lists
— using your immediate external and internal landscape to develop emotive text
— ask your top question about writing, communication, storytelling, etc


Workshop Call 4: Tuesday, August 22 at 6 pm BST — Tell The Truth

— how to consistently keep writing
— best practices to make your writing powerful (brevity is beautiful)
— what to do when it feels like your writing sucks
— ‘ask-me-anything’ Q&A


Europe: 7 pm CEST
Australia: 3 am AEST
USA: 1 pm EDT / 10 am PDT




At this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to feel inspired by your writing.
  • How to write with emotional impact, so that readers say, “This changed my whole day,” “I feel so inspired!” “It’s like you wrote this, especially for me.”
  • How to write true stories that make people laugh, think, cry, and say, “I really needed to hear this.”
  • How to block distractions, get in the zone, and get more accomplished in less time.
  • How to use your writing as a creative business resource.



About me, your teacher:

Vienda is a featured writer in books and across the internet, a proflic Substack author, has written over 700 articles on her blog and garnered over 10,000 subscribers to her email. She has used writing to rewrite her life, to heal and grow, and to build connections with people around the world. Across the past decade, Vienda’s writing has ultimately been the vehicle for her business and income which she wields as a force of good in the world. Using an interactive teaching style — anecdotes, stories and real-world tools — she takes you on a heart-opening journey to remember who you really are and what you are capable of.






I adore the sound of this, but curious to know if there will be any workbook or journaling-type component. Or if it is more you speaking to your experience and techniques?

The live calls will be mostly me taking you through my processes and approaches, but you will have practical exercises to complete between each call and share with your listening partner and ask questions about in the next call. These exercises will be explained within the live session and also sent out in an email following. My intention is to teach what and how I write, and then have you apply these techniques in your own way, to practice with and bring to the next call.


I was wondering if you offered any scholarship spaces? I’m going through a tough financial time due to my health and would so love to attend this course. 

In this instance, I am not extending any scholarship spaces, but I hope you can still join us.


I love writing — poetry, real stories, my truth — and did it a lot during my work however it stopped as life got busy. Is this writing workshop still something I could do even if I’m not working as yet?

MUSE is designed as a creative writing workshop with a focus on the playful, childlike, creative process. It is not a business course. Having said that all creative expression can and in many ways is translated into our work as well, so for those for whom the writing process is business focused, it can be used for that too. But the intention is for it to be an inspired creative space for us to flex our creative muscles in the form of writing.

In short, no, you don’t need to be in business or be business-focused to do this workshop. It is for made YOU to reconnect to yourself and your creative process in any way that feels good to you.


I am really interested in your writing course. I was wondering if there is a payment plan available?

Yes! There is a two-month payment plan available but it is always better value to pay the full amount upfront as I am charged extra for payment plans and additional payments which I have to include in the total price.


Will we be able to download the videos for later viewing (after the 3 months is up)?

No. The videos won’t be made available to download but if it is highly requested I will keep them up for longer for all of you.


I have taken your and Claire’s Heartful Biz course (loved it) and I know you covered some of how you write for your biz, etc. Will this course cover essentially the same principles or would it be a good addition to what was covered there?

What I’m teaching in this workshop is like nothing I’ve taught before. I’m going to share more detail in a way that I hope you can translate to your own approach to the way I write and the things I think about with the intention to touch the reader deeply and directly in an emotive way. So less structure and more creative practice.


go, do, eat guide: Mallorca

go, do, eat guide: Mallorca

Folklore tells us that in Mallorca the majority of the population lived in the country, from the country and mostly in poverty. Agricultural land was the most prized possession which was located mostly inland away from the more barren, rocky sea-side.

As is common in patriarchal culture, the most productive and fertile land was handed down from father to eldest son(s) and the least desirable land was inherited by the lesser members of the family, the women.

Until the 1950s came around Mallorca when became a luxury destination with stars such as Liza Minelli and Frank Sinatra who came and stayed at the Grand Hotel in Palma and went to Palma’s finest club, Tito’s.

Across the next 10 years, the island experienced a transformation of epic proportions with 360,000 tourists visiting the “Isla de la Calma” — the island of tranquillity — and the once undesirable land underwent a building boom to house these visitors.

The women suddenly became rich, while their older brothers continued their agricultural struggle inland. A great discord began between families. One that continues to rival siblings to this day.

I was based in the southeast, San Augustine (or Sant Agusti in Catalan) a short 15-minute drive outside of Palma. Just far enough out of the city to feel peaceful and close enough to the sea to be in that turquoise body of water within a 5-minute walk.

When people ask me for tips on places to go when they come to Mallorca, which is often, I can tell you the places I have most enjoyed. And some I will keep to myself because not everything is for everyone and some things need to remain sacred and secret.

Let me add… if you want to go anywhere outside of Palma, you will need a car.


GO: My favourite places to visit.

Sant Elm (also known as San Telmo in Spanish) is a charming coastal village in the far southwest corner of Mallorca. Mostly abandoned by locals, it is inhabited mainly by tourists and vacation homeowners.

The Sant Elm to La Trapa hike is one of the best coastal trails in Mallorca. Along the way, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of Sa Dragonera (Isla Dragonera) and the Tramuntana Mountains.

Valldemossa is a village steeped in old-world charm that lies in an idyllic valley in the midst of the Tramuntana mountains.

Deià is an idyllic village of green-shuttered, honey-coloured houses that has become a millionaires’ hideaway in the shadow of the Teix mountain, part of the Tramuntana mountain range. Although it could have been just another pretty Mallorcan village in the west of Mallorca had Robert Graves not decided to make it his home…

Fun fact: The English poet and novelist first moved here in 1932 with his mistress Laura Riding and returned in 1946 with his second wife. Muses followed, friends came to stay and, before long, Deia had established a reputation as a foreign artists’ colony. However, Graves was hardly the first to discover Deià, an 1878 guidebook noted its “collection of strange and eccentric foreigners” and it has stayed that way ever since.

Pollença in the north of the island is an ancient town of attractive narrow streets and an impressive main square, lined with cafés, restaurants and bars. It also boasts a larger and very busy market on Saturdays.

Costitx is a sleepy little village located in Mallorca’s rural es Pla region, in the heart of the island. It has its own Natural Science Museum and beautiful sights worth a visit.

Santanyí is a historic rural town famous for its gold-stone architecture. It’s charming, with quaint cobbled streets, and a majestic church and appeals to most for its slow pace of life. Market days are on Wednesdays and Saturdays and are the best day to come and soak up the atmosphere, as locals (mostly Germans) come out in full force to buy local produce.

Botanicactus is one of Europe’s largest botanical gardens, with bamboo and palm trees and dozens of varieties of cacti. These gardens were opened in 1989 in Ses Salines because of the scarcity of rain in the area. The centre of the garden is full of cacti, surrounded by Mediterranean species.



Cala Deià is a tiny, cove beach just outside of the much-loved mountain village of Deia, in the heart of the Tramuntana mountains in the northwest of Mallorca.

Bugambilia is a beautiful small beach with a restaurant that serves excellent paella, where the owner and staff treat everyone as family.

Illetes Beach Club is a beach I walk across to get to the next one on my list but sometimes stop for a smoothie. It is beautiful but feels pretty built up and touristic.

Cala Comtesa is the beach I go to most as I find it the wildest and most beautiful close to home. It also has a restaurant with decent food.

Es Trenc is magical and there is also a super cute beach shack/magic forest right next to it which is amazing after the beach.

Cala Lombards a stunning cove beach in the southeast of Mallorca, near the small village, Es Llombards.

Cala s’Almonia is a beautiful inlet with limestone walls and turquoise water. No sandy beaches, but a stunning area for swimming.


DO: The most fun things to do.

Sa Fonda: in Deia, and across the island, these famous summer parties attract everyone from boho people to celebs.

Flea Markets: Mercadet de Segona Mà in Plaça de Porta Santa Catalina-Palma every second Saturday of the month, Consell Flea Market on Sundays (the best!) & Mercadillo de Son Bugadelles on Saturdays.

Vintage Stores in Palma:

De Tu A Mi

UNICO Vintage Store

Rita’s House Of Vintage

Secondhand First Brand

Seattle Vintage Store

My Michelle Vintage

La Simo

Festivals: Mallorca Live Music Festival, & all the local festivals in each season.


EAT: The best places to eat in Palma.


Ramen Otaku

Surry Hills Coffee

Taqueria Manataco

Tiki Taco Palma

Mistral Coffee House

Temple Natura Café Garden

La Molienda Bisbe

NU Market & Coffee

Mama Carmens





The truth is, I never fell in love with Mallorca.

There are places that light you up and make your soul come alive. And there are places like this one, that are beautiful on the surface. But lack substance.

I found things to love about it. I adored the nature and the sea and felt connected to the land. I was fortunate enough to meet and be a part of an eclectic community. But if it weren’t for the people I befriended, I would have left after my first 6 months.

Mallorca is a very transitional place that is overflowing with tourists. In the height of summer, the energy becomes frenetic from people landing and leaving.

People — often starved of sun, relaxation and connection — come to devour as much of everything that is missing in their lives. Which leaves this island feeling depleted and devoid of soul and essence.


remember that you are hope…

remember that you are hope…

remember that you are hope...


On Tuesday we were sitting in the sand at my favourite Cala, a brisk 30-minute walk away from my home in Mallorca. I had to pull my sunglasses off the wipe away the tears.


She had just shared a concept made tangible by the well-known psychotherapist Francis Weller that speaks to the collective grief we all share at coming here.


To have a human experience and not receive the love we thought we would get from our parents, nor the community to receive us, nor the depth of emotional intimacy from one another, nor the opportunity to serve something larger than oneself. Our souls are left searching for some meaning, a reason for why we are here at all, if those parts of ourselves aren’t met.


My eyes immediately welled up. “I feel this so deeply” I replied to her.


The great illusion is that life eventually arrives after enough effort and searching.


Life never arrives.


Instead, we continue to search and live our lives in pursuit of greater understanding, greater compassion, and greater levels of creativity that we add to the world.


This is life.


It’s fun, it’s painful, it’s happy, it’s depressing.


Consider the fact that you’re on a planet spinning eastward at 1,040 miles per hour while it travels on an elliptical course around the sun, at 66,600 miles per hour. You’re sustained by a rich protective atmosphere with oxygen to feed your lungs and brain and food all around you. You get to do almost anything you want while you are here.<


While you and everyone else are searching for why, we are living in a world where life involves overcoming adversity. No matter what kind of life path you have chosen, you’re going to deal with discouragement, frustration, and situations that are, shall we say, “less than ideal.” It is a journey of falling and failing and learning with rare punctuations of triumph here and there.


But hope can make life mean something.


It tells us “You can do this”.


It’s easy to be wrong about truth, but it’s impossible to be wrong about hope.


Hope is the way purpose and goodness propel us into the future. Hope sustains us because it sustains the need we have to believe that something good is on its way.



  • Start the new thing.
  • Take a chance on something.
  • Become your own biggest advocate.
  • Look everywhere for what is life-affirming and adds to your life.
  • In the battle between your head and your heart, go with your heart.
  • Open yourself up to new friendships, communities, and people.
  • Accept that life is always changing and that you can, too.
  • Remember that you are hope.


so much can change in 20 seconds

so much can change in 20 seconds

so much can change in 20 seconds

It takes 17 seconds for a thought to take on an entity of its own.

My meditation teacher said this morning. Every morning since the start of the year I have been meeting her and a group of others at 8 am to meditate together to change the frequencies in our bodies so that we get out of our damn way.

When you focus on a thought for 17 seconds, you activate the vibration of the thought. And when you focus on a thought for 68 seconds, the vibration becomes powerful enough to manifest itself in real life.
She says.

We do 20 minutes of focused awareness each morning, just to be sure.





These are the tools of our human supernatural sorcery.

How we choose to spend our time becomes central to our life.
Where we put our focus grows, expands and evolves as if focus itself is the water to a seed.
What we bring into our awareness commands the perspective we have in each experience.


I have not been shy in sharing that life, as I was experiencing it, has challenged me for the past 18 months or so.

The tipping point occurred when, one day in mid-October 2021 as I was preparing for my journey to relocate to Mallorca, I suddenly felt a sharp spasmodic pain run across the left side of my lower back that brought me to my knees and down onto the floor. I lay there, frightened and confused until the pain subsided a little and found that I could not stand up. Slowly, awkwardly, crawling on hands and knees, I ungracefully threw myself on the sofa. I found that, if I laid on my back, completely still I would be ok. Any movement however would trigger the sharp pain again. It was excruciating.

Terrified, immobile and alone I did what I could. I crawled to find some ibuprofen to ease the pain. I cancelled my meetings for the rest of the day. I booked an osteopath for the next day. And for the days following, I saw as many holistic specialists as I could. I would try anything, throw everything, at this painful problem.


It jolted me in such a way that I felt like I couldn’t trust myself nor my body, or my thoughts and I felt fearful, doubtful and full of anxiety. Everything I did was suddenly coupled with catastrophic thinking.

Catastrophic thinking, also known as catastrophizing, is irrational thinking that may cause you to assume that adverse outcomes will occur. Catastrophizing is a way of thinking known as a cognitive distortion.

This incident haunted me with continuous occasional recurring back pains, though never as severe, and long-term mental health symptoms that made it hard for me to enjoy the world and my life with the pleasure and optimism that had been natural to me before.

I felt broken and helpless.

Of course, there is more to that story. The back injury and resulting cognitive distortion that I experienced were a snowball response to many other things. Things we lived through, together. A decisive change in our world, the loss of freedom to move about and travel as we wished, coupled with uncertainty and lots of opposing messages begin flung around. Amidst the external chaos, I was forced to face and handle some of my own relational and familial trauma that I had suppressed and spiritually bypassed. Plus, I had a whole lot of emotional maturing to do, and it was not happening without meeting some hard truths and disappointing realities. 

I moved to Mallorca, a shell of myself but with all the tools (and a lot of impatience) to return to wholeness. It took:




This morning, I woke up early… before my natural waking time between 7 am and 7.30 am. I don’t know what time it was. I leave my phone outside my bedroom. But I guesstimate sometime between 4.30 and 5.30 am. This happens whenever the spirits want me to listen and know I’ll be too sleepy for my ego to get in the way at that time.

Connect with your heart. Pour your attention and focus on your heart. Listen to what she has to say. They told me.

I placed a hand on my heart and kept my attention on her, delicately and gently, so the nuanced and subtle messages can make their way through. She told me what she wants. And that she wants me to ask for more than I have so far. I promised her to listen always and forever and reminded her that she will eternally be my guiding force. At some point, I drifted off and woke up again minutes before my 8 am mediation group was about to start.


As I went about my day today, I noticed a significant shift. I felt trust again. Trust in life, trust in my body, trust in myself. I felt a soft, warm pulsing emenating from my heart and wrapping me in love and comfort. I felt safe existing in the world without trying to protect myself with catastrophic thinking. I felt joy from the simple act of existing. I remembered how good it feels, just to be.

I quietly in my mind and heart, celebrated arriving here, finally, after so many gruelling months of throwing all my psychological, physical and spiritual tools at everything that was arising for me.

As difficult as this time has been, it has also been full of gifts.


— I learned what I truly need as a human being and a woman in this world, and to prioritise meeting those needs, above all else.

— I developed a deeper level of understanding and compassion for human suffering as well as a stronger discernment of things that I am not available for.

— I became dedicated to permitting myself to feel all those sloppy, grating, messy and dramatic emotions that wanted to make their way out of my body and thereby transcended the emotional maturity I had until now, to a point where I understood and could hold space for so much more than ever before. In myself and others.

— I started to acknowledge that if I wnated to continue in this line of work I was going to need help and to allow myself to be supported and my team grew beyond the occasional contractors I’d hire from 1 to 3 people.

— And it led me to develop the leading edge body of work, which is a fusion of all my education, my childhood challenges, and my career working with private clients and teaching groups bt in person and online into The Mentor Training.


It is something so unique, and so needed in the world, that it already holds its energy and magnetism. I ran it for the first time across 8 months in 2022 and enrolments have just opened up for the 2023 training on Monday. We’ve already ushered a few new students into our space and cannot wait to welcome the rest of you. I would love you to check it out and feel into whether this is something that calls to you.

Remember, your heart will always guide you.


Thank you for being here with me, as I somewhat unskillfully navigated the past year and a half. I did my best. And I am human and sometimes make mistakes. This period has taught me a lot and I sit here today tapping at these keys to send this transmission out to you with so much gratitude in my heart. For the journey. For the struggles that brought me to my knees. For the opportunity to grow. For my community, here. For you. For the ability to feel joy. For all of it.


These writings originate from my occasional (usually every couple of weeks, sometimes less, sometimes more) free email subscription. I like to save the best of me for this space that is so precious to me. If you would like to read more of these types of musings and transmissions, I encourage you to subscribe.


goodbye 2022

goodbye 2022

working titles: this is it / my reclamation / goodbye 2022

Some years are like being caught in a plunging wave that at first, beckons you with a playful curl and then, drops you into the frenzy of its internal tumble, before spitting you out against the sandy ocean floor with violent speed, leaving you floundering, fighting against the ocean’s mighty force to reach the surface and urgently fill your lungs with air. Over and over again. That was this year for me.

2022 has taught me to navigate the waves of life as a surfer does. With equal parts hope, determination, resilience and surrender.

I learned that I have more strength and capacity than I ever thought. It taught me a level of emotional maturity that was new to me that helped me handle the knockdowns. It gave me opportunities I didn’t know I wanted. It asked me to reclaim my life as my own. As a woman and a human in this very strange cosmic experiment that we call life.


My most recent piece of writing was about how when the question ‘what would make me feel good?’ isn’t big enough anymore, the question ‘how does life want to be expressed through me?’ replaces it. Read the article here.


In 2023, I am:

  • Splitting the forward-facing parts of myself as A Person On The Internet into 3.
  • Holding the inward-facing parts of myself close so they can rest in the chaotic mystery and intelligence of life. What that means is that my work is coming to rest in 3 separate specific fields instead of being all these other pieces at once.:


1. ‘Vienda’ as my personal brand. It always has been a personal brand in many ways, but I felt like I had to stunt and martyr parts of myself in order to be recognised as a professional in my field(s). It made me sad that I felt like couldn’t share myself fully, including how silly I actually am behind closed doors or how much I love clothes and fashion (almost exclusively second-hand because I believe in sustainability and new is never the answer) or how playful I am because, aside from being playful, I also want to talk about the truth of things which include difficult and confronting topics. I was afraid that too much playfulness would take away their weight and meaning. This part of my work will continue evolving, here in my emails to you, in all of my articles, in my writing over at ‘kismet’ and on Instagram.

2. Plannher as my first and so far only product brand heralding a new intuitive and gentle approach to planning, specifically designed to encourage one’s feminine nature, coupled with journaling practices for holistic, self-reflective, and introspection-informed growth and happiness. My COO Stephanie and I have big dreams and visions to see Plannher reach more people and the tools to be far more accessible across the globe.

3. The Mentor Training as the extension of my psychology, mental health and embodied healing background which aims to be the world’s most accessible and leading-edge training for people to help people by changing how we think about leadership and community while enhancing world peace through self-knowledge, compassion and tools for growth and change.

As of this morning, the website is as complete as it can be at this point, and I would love you to check it out, even if to let me know if we’ve missed any spelling errors (despite combing every page 100 x I’m sure we have missed something somewhere 😅) or haven’t been clear enough.

If becoming a trained mentor is of interest to you, I strongly advise you to join the waitlist, as those on that list will receive a very generous special offer valid only for 10 days from when enrolments open on Monday, January 2.  Please peruse The Mentor Training website here. 


Before I close this chapter and this calendar year with you, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart with the deepest gratitude for all your support, kind words, marvellous replies to these emails, solidarity during challenging seasons, and outpouring of generosity I receive from you, so very often.

You being here with me brings me the community and sense of belonging that I have always wished for.

Thank you. Until next time.




P.S. I promised some of you I would write a full list of the lessons I’ve learned in 2022, but there’s no more room for those in this transmission, so here are 3 of the biggest, with an exhaustive list due, in the new year:

3 of my biggest lessons this year:

1. Regardless of what we say, ultimately it’s our energy and integrity that matters. If actions thoughts and words are not in alignment, it creates cognitive dissonance, a fragmentation of the mind, body and soul and the things you say you want in your life can never arrive. Because you are out of alignment with them.

2. How beautiful it is for the understanding to fully land with you that you don’t need to chase things, prove your worth, or run to be seen, loved or validated. That actually, the more you recognise your value, worth and Beingness the more the world reflects all that back to you.

3. You can only become whole by seeing the parts of yourself that you don’t really love and staying with them until you find understanding and compassion for why they’re here. And then being really sweet and loving with yourself because you realise they come from an innocent place. That’s how their charge transforms from a burden to a gift.


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