Photographer: Anna Mad

I always say that the ultimate dream job incorporates two distinct and important elements: to be creative and to help others. There is a famous quote, and I don’t know who said it but it is:

If you want to be rich, innovate and help people solve their problems.

And although this is a very broad and simple concept I truly believe it accurately reflects every single human beings desire, in that we all want to be creative and to help others. Every single job, niche, position, role that we fulfil is both creative and in support of others.

Creativity means so much more than painting a pretty picture or singing a beautiful song. Creativity is problem solving, communication, presentation, writing, thought, ideas conversations, numbers and so on. Excel sheets are creative, accountants have to find creative ways to help you pay less tax (or at least they should) boring consultants (sorry, you’re not all boring) have to find creative ways to relate to their clients, banks have to find creative ways to keep money flowing through their institutions. The list is endless.

So, having illustrated how it is possible to find the creativity in every single task we perform, I want to reflect back to my statement on how this relates to helping others.¬†Often people think that helping others is confined to the work of doctors, therapists, mothers however in fact everyone is supporting one another. Think about it deeply. Every single thing we do helps at least one other person to achieve something that they couldn’t do on their own.

At my day job, both our clients and my boss rely on me to connect the two, to make communication possible, efficient and to have an understanding where each side is coming form. I am the padding between the two sides. Am I helping them? Yes. Perhaps not in a personal or emotional sense but the connection that occurs in our company wouldn’t occur if I wasn’t there to help both parties. Am I being creative? Definitely. I have to approach each client and situation with fresh ideas in order to deliver the expected result. I have to be flexible in my skills to give what is actually required.

Additionally, I write posts that not only intrigue or concern me but one’s that also bring value to my readers. They encourage you to think differently about yourself and life and add to your beliefs about what this is all about for you, and they give me a creative outlet to express the many different ideas I have and information that passes by me on a daily basis. I hope that this helps you!¬†There is a sense of self-fullfillment when you know we have given another person an effective solution, there is a sense of purpose and understanding that comes from both helping people and doing so creatively.

How do you do it?

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