Nadine Lee is a woman on a mission.
A Holistic Nutritionist that goes much beyond the vitamins and minerals the body needs to function optimally. She passionately explores the vitamins and minerals for the mind and soul. Through her own journey she has embraced the benefits of a predominantly raw vegan diet, which assists her in connecting to source, raising her own vibration and assisting in self healing, and wishes to spread such benefits through her raw vegan catering services. A certified Yoga Teacher she is also passionate about sharing her own Yoga journey with others, to allow her clients to create space and stillness which assists in connecting to the stillness within … to their authentic & higher selves.
She is enchanted by all things spiritual, metaphysical and forever on a truth seeking quest. Through her own personal spiritual journey, she blogs weekly about her learning’s and experiences through her virtual temple Nadine Lee Nutrition, and sells her wildy successful eBooks The Goddess Diet’, Raw & More Recipe eBook’ & new to the mix the How to produce your first eBook guide.”
Describe yourself… As if you were your very best friend / lover / secret admirer.
I am an inspired enchanting soul whom thrives on all things metaphysical, spiritual and magical. I am woman of many dualities and talents, and no 2 days am I ever the same, a chameleon who can adapt to anything. I am a woman on a mission to embraces my shadow & light, my Shakti & Shiva, my introvert & extrovert. I am a truth-seeking explorer doing whatever I can to connect to my hearts desires. I am wildy passionate about exploring the depths of human experience & all realms physical & non physical, in an attempt to allow my own light to shine & beam, in a conscious effort to allow others lights to shine also. A woman on a mission to change one human experience at a time, and change the world!
If you parents / teacher / god / whoever holds your sense of personal propriety in check was GONE (poof!) and there was no one to upset, offend or disappoint…..who would you become?
I love this question! I once struggled with what people thought of me, and lived my life according to what ‘they’ all expected/wanted of me. Wow, what a bore that was! A couple of years ago I ‘woke up’ you could say – to myself. So I guess for the past few years I have been on my own personal mission to peel back layer by layer to the true essence of whom I am. Parents, teachers, deities and Gods, I am sure are happy to see this transition. Although – there was some resistance from the parentals at the start ;)
Describe what you do to earn money.
I educate & inspire people through various platforms – I sell eBooks. I teach Yoga. I make Raw Vegan Food at Retreats & health conscious events. I coach both men and women into coming into their true essence, to connect to their true selves.
What is the best business and or life advice you have ever learnt?
Follow your Ananda (Bliss)” – Bharath Shetty, my Yoga teacher in India
“I’d may as well be dead, if I weren’t doing what I was put here to do, have trust and patience always” – Andrew Barnes, relationship + sexuality coach & a life teacher of mine.
“Forget about the money, do what your soul yearns for” – Alan Watts
What’s your biggest fear? How do you overcome it?
My biggest fear is probably being wildly successful & my light shining at its maximum capacity. For me to fail at something I am so deeply passionate about, is so much more heart wrenching than to fail at something I am just doing for the sake of it. This is the common irony that sadly lies in most of us. So to overcome this fear I am seeking to dispel the darkness and come into my true essence and let that shine 100% of the time, to help others do the same!
Relaxation is….
Relaxation to me is connecting to nature. I love being in nature in the rainforest, in the ocean, climbing mountains. And of course I find peace through my daily yoga + meditation practice, which allows me to connect directly to my higher self.
What are you freakishly good at?
Adapting to pretty much any situation, any scenario. I must have been a chameleon in a past life! Also I pride myself on my intuitive & psychic abilities that are getting stronger and stronger every day. They often freak me out!
What do you geek out about?
Old school music from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s – ABC Easy Listening eat your heart out!
Creativity in your life is….
Exploring new depths, new ideas and horizons daily. Stepping outside my comfort zone. I love learning and being inspired, which fuels my creative energy. I release my creativity through my writing, my business ventures and producing art.
What do you want to be known for?
Being humble, being kind, being true and thus changing the world.
What do you value in your partner?
I don’t have a ‘romantic’ partner at the moment. I’m in a wildly juicy relationship with myself at the moment. But what I do value in a partner is truth, honesty and integrity.
Tell me something that will shock me…
I have been fascinated with other realms since I was 5 years old. I used to, on a weekly basis beg my mum to take me to cemeteries, to simply be amongst the vibe.
Describe your relationship with money…
I believe money is a fluid energy exchange. Money is just a tool to create more of what we are already aligned with. There is enough money for everyone; it is just a matter of tuning into higher frequencies that align us with monetary abundance. When we come from a place of love in what we are doing, thinking and feeling, and are in alignment with that frequency, the universe delivers us gifts in the monetary form accordingly.
If you had a year to yourself with a ridiculous amount of money, how would you spend it? The time? And the money?
Probably meditating on top of a mountain for half the year, then the other half travelling around the globe teaching what I learnt in my 6 month mountain meditation. Wow, maybe I should actually do this? Ha ha.
Describe the last time you remember feeling happy…
Two days ago at a retreat I was working at, I taught a 60 year old woman Yoga, for her first ever session. The gratitude she expressed for being introduced to such a powerful practice even at 60 years old, was amazing. She was brought to tears & the look in her eyes was so beautiful. I felt so happy to share such gifts.
What is your BIG DREAM? (Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling!)
To own a gigantic spiritual centre, probably somewhere lush like Bali or Thailand – where people from around the world can come visit, retreat and connect to the essence of who they are. I live here with my twin flame, and we have a blissful abundance of everything possible & imaginable & share our gifts with everyone possible.
What is your greatest regret?
Closing myself off from my spiritual awakening when I was 14 years old. I wasn’t ready then, so I put all that, what at the time felt ‘wack’ stuff in a box at the back of my mind. But oh boy how it crept back up on me…but I guess my journey was I was not ready then to receive the powerful energy. Now I am better equipped. But generally – no major regrets, and I have done some stupid shit in my life, that’s for sure! All part of the journey.
What’s the one thing you’d change about the world?
I feel the only change we can make in the world is really by changing ourselves, and the way we live. So that is my mission, to work on me, then let that positive effect flow out accordingly, one person at a time.
Tell me 10 things that no one else knows about you.
· I am a true Cancerian – so contradictory, extroverted & out exploring one minute, and then back in my shell introverted the next.
· I haven’t watched TV in about 3 years, with the one exception of the True Blood series. Too good to miss!
· I used to be a wild party animal up until I was about 22, and even got two $500 fines in 1 year for drunken behavior.
· I can pretty much teach myself anything.
· I always forgive, but never forget.
· I love being naked in nature!
· I believe I was a witch in a past life and feel a deep connection to all things ritualistic, mystical and magical.
· I am so into Tantra and Kundalini Awakening, and intend to take my Yoga practice down this path.
· I can eat spirulina powder straight up from the jar, and I love it!
· I love to blast old school love songs in my car and sing, really really loud, even though I sound awful.
What is your main spiritual practice?
Every day I practice 2 hours of Ashtanga Yoga: Asana, Pranayama + Meditation.

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