Tara Bliss is many things; a life coach to women who are ready to shift gears, a speaker to crowds that are ready to expand and open up, a crystal healer, Reiki practitioner, and a fear-busting pioneer with a penchant for celebrating what’s wildly weird and wonderful about each of us.
She’s also the creator of The Party Girls Guide to Peace, and the co-host of A Night of Stillness, but what she’s most excited about- is being the only Tara Rhianne Bliss in the world.
Her original medicine? Fierce and curious vulnerability. That’s what lights her path and leads the way for her clients, program participants, and audience members.
You can catch her meditating over her crystal collection, guzzling coconut water, frantically scribbling down future philosophies and swooning over her honey-of-a-husband.
On a more practical level, connect with her over at her online temple; Such Different Skies.
Describe yourself… As if you were your very best friend / lover / secret admirer.
I’m an inspired, spirited Aussie lass with swagger, who’s dedicated to self-exploration, generosity and the empowerment of women world wide.
If you parents / teacher / god / whoever holds your sense of personal propriety in check was GONE (poof!) and there was no one to upset, offend or disappoint…..who would you become?
Awesome question honey, but to honest, I really dig who I am (!) and I’m totally okay with disappointing my parents from time to time. ‘God’ on the other hand, I’m sure, is always looking down at me, fist-pumping, screaming ‘you go, Ta’s!’.
Describe what you do to earn money.
I write eBooks. I create e-programs. I collaborate with freaking sensational women. I speak on stage. I coach women from around the world one on one.
I build communities.
The end goal is the same: if you’re working with me on any of these levels- my intention is to show you that life doesn’t need to be a grind. What it needs to be, is inspiring and easy and fluid. I want you to feel as though your championing life and waking up with a smile on your face. Simple as that.
What is the best business and or life advice you have ever learnt?
Start before you’re ready – Marie Forleo
Being qualified is over-rated – Danielle LaPorte
What’s your biggest fear? How do you overcome it?
I guess my biggest fears growing up, were that:
a) I wouldn’t find somebody to love me and
b) I wouldn’t find my ‘purpose’ and live a life worth dreaming of.
Self-love and present moment awareness are at the core of transforming fears like these. I still butt up against fears on a daily basis, but they no longer dictate my life. Instead, they offer me golden opportunities to live more courageously in the moment. Deep breath. And off I go.
Relaxation is….
That moment in meditation when I can no longer feel my body or hear the world around me…
On a less intense scale, it’s a few intentional deep breaths, and a moment-to-moment decision to choose peace instead of overwhelm.
What are you freakishly good at?
Making espresso martinis (pity I don’t drink them anymore!).
Adapting to whatever environment I’m in.
Prioritising self-care.
Absorbing myself fully in new ideas, and committing to making my dreams become a reality, quickly.
Responding to fears in a positive, productive way.
What do you geek out about?
Crystals, girls on skateboards, laughing with my soul mate friends, cuddles with my man (snuggle nerd, right here!), epic and intricate raw food, each and every session with my clients- I LOVE THEM!
Creativity in your life is….
… the blood in my veins. From what I make for breakfast, to the order in which I write my to-do list, to the outfit I choose to wear, to the words that come out onto the paper in front of me and the suggestions I pass onto my clients… Creativity is limitless and everywhere and happening right NOW, always.
What do you want to be known for?
Proving that the words ‘FIERCE’ and ‘VULNERABLE’ belong in the same sentence.
What do you value in your partner?
His ever-present gentleness. The smile on his face as he comes out of the surf- actually, his smile all of the time. His unwavering support of my crazy-ass ideas and ambitions.
Tell me something that will shock me…
I can usually orgasm within two or three minutes. I’m a bit of a fire cracker, maybe I should get some of that nasal spray!
Describe your relationship with money…
I love money. And finally, it loves me too. We’ve had a very, very tumultuous relationship, but in the last couple of months, we’ve joined forces and we respect and appreciate each other.
If you had a year to yourself with a ridiculous amount of money, how would you spend it? The time? And the money?
One thing’s for sure: SELF CARE DOMINATION. Beautiful food, ocean-side yoga, eastern remedies. Endless travel. Writing, writing, writing. Lots of stillness, lots of laughter, lots of generosity.
The beautiful thing is, I already have these things now. I am absolutely content, and don’t wish for anything else rather than to make a bigger impact on the world around me. By doing that, I know I’ll be supported with all the time and money I need…
Describe the last time you remember feeling happy…
This morning’s session with a beautiful client of mine had me shedding a tear or two or gratitude. Watching her transform her life- and beaming radiantly- fills me with so much joy, and leaves me feeling blessed to be doing this work.
What is your BIG DREAM? (Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling!)
To live on a beautiful property in the hinterland. My daughter and I laugh and wrestle on the floor between yoga poses while Glen and our son are surfing. Our vegetable garden is ridiculously abundant- and provides us with everything we need. I spend hours every day writing, blogging, philosophising, contemplating, meditating. I mentor women from around the world, and travel extensively to speak on stage to audiences that are ready to be stretched.
A few times a year, we run retreats in our home; where people come to re-calibrate with yoga, whole foods, Reiki, crystal healing and intimate coaching.
Every year, I cut a five figure cheque for charity.
Every day, I shed a tear of joy.
Every hour, I laugh.
What is your greatest regret?
Not a regret in the world. Thank you life for allowing me to be so screwed up in my teens and early twenties. I simply wouldn’t be the woman i am today without those experiences.
What’s the one thing you’d change about the world?
The crazy, subconscious, autopilot belief that life is supposed to be challenging and difficult, and that it’s out to test you. It’s not.
Tell me 10 things that no one else knows about you.
1. My favourite crystal at the moment is Larimar.
2. My favourite blog at the moment is The Middle Finger Project.
3. Behind every one of my ‘inspiring’ blog posts, there are tears.
4. My absolute all time favourite beverage in the whole entire world is a young coconut. Cannot be beat.
5. I have a terrible, terrible singing voice (Glen certain knows that one)!
6. My favourite TV show growing up, was MacGyver.
7. My favourite song of all time is Dario G- Sunchyme. ‘Hey ah nah nah nah’.
8. I’m a total adrenaline junkie.
9. I REFUSE to watch the news.
10. I have a TOTALLY secret girl crush on Kristen Stewart. Yikes. Secret’s out!
What is your primary spiritual practice?
Stillness. Gratitude. Self-indulgent visualisations. LOVE.
Don’t you just love this woman?!! She is such a beaming ray of joy and light for all of us.

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