I met Jamie a couple of years ago in Sydney through his sweet love Melissa Ambrosini, at one of his live speaking events. His openness and warmth, make Jamie one of those unique people whom you immediately like, which overflows into his writing at Jamie Gonzalez – Limitless Living and the inspirational quotes that he loves to share on Instagram. He is a speaker on matters of truth, consciousness and love as well as a coach and mentor and an absolute delight as well as truly inspiring in the way he lives his life. Get to know Jamie in our gorgeous interview here:
Describe yourself… As if you were your very best friend / lover / secret admirer.
Well that Jamie, he is a pretty amazing guy. Full of passion and someone who is excited about life itself. He’s one to jump or leap into the unknown so he can experience going beyond his perceived limitations. Big heart and a man thats not afraid to show it, very in touch with his feelings and open. When he is not taking time to ponder and be still, Jamie will be on the move. Loves being active and engaging in healthy exercise, healthy food and enjoying time spent with the people he loves.
If you parents / teacher / god / whoever holds your sense of personal propriety in check was GONE (poof!) and there was no one to upset, offend or disappoint…..who would you become?
For me, I feel there is no one outside of me because if I was to give someone or something that power I would only be limiting my experience by not seeing myself in another. I am the person I am to become, if I believe I am still yet to arrive at becoming someone, I feel I would not be seeing the beauty and perfection of who I am in this present moment. The more I experience this the deeper I fall into the presence.
Describe what you do to earn money.
haha… this questions made me giggle… firstly my ego would have me think that what I do to earn money is mentor, speak and blog. In truth I place my attention on what I feel moved to express into life and of course money is always in a constant flow.
What is the best business and or life advice you have ever learnt?
This one is very simple for me… Be Yourself.
What’s your biggest fear? How do you overcome it?
I struggle to find one these days, but probably the only thing I fear is not going all the way. I would hate to look back on my life and realise I pulled up short somewhere because of a fear. So to overcome it, I just go all the way by getting myself out of the way.
Relaxation is….
Sitting anywhere in nature and being fully present to myself in all things…. But then again a long bath does the trick.
What are you freakishly good at?
Apparently I give a freakishly good hug
What do you geek out about?
Love to get all geeky about truth, I can sit and chat for hours and just ponder away with questions on who we really are and who we are not.
Creativity in your life is….
Allowing myself to articulate what I feel within me to those I share it with.
What do you want to be known for?
A person that went all the way in life, showing he could simply be who he loved being and experienced everything that was a true expression of the love he felt inside, so as to inspire us all to live out our dreams.
What do you value in your partner?
Her courage and beauty for just being her and no one else
Tell me something that will shock me…
When I was young I played a joke, I told one of my little brothers that our parents weren’t coming home one night, that they had died… yep probably the meanest thing I ever did!
Describe your relationship with money…
Something that has taught me a lot, showed me many lessons and in the process hurt me, frustrated me, brought me joy, freedom, but then to realise it was never real, just something I placed power in.
If you had a year to yourself with a ridiculous amount of money, how would you spend it? The time? And the money?
I know this may sound cliché but honestly I wouldn’t be doing anything different to what I do with my time and money now. I am so fortunate now that everyday I do what I feel is an expression of the love I feel inside. Where ever that feeling takes me I go, whatever it loves I already have.
Describe the last time you remember feeling happy…
Right now, this second… If I am not happy or feeling joy I know I am in ego.
What is your BIG DREAM? (Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling!)
My dream is this, sitting here and sharing what I feel inside. That feeling is so expansive and my dream is to allow it to manifest how ever it may because I know that as it does, moment by moment, and I am present with it, I am living my dream.
What’s the one thing you’d change about the world?
Nothing, the world is perfect as it is. That may sound weird to understand, but if I look for what may be wrong, truly I am only in judgment of myself and therefore a part of me I am yet to accept.
Tell me 10 things that no one else knows about you.
1. When I was 15 I had a crystal wand…
2. Competed in surf life saving world championships in 2001
3. I have cried hysterically in a number of rom com movies
4. I use to dye my hair platinum blond as a kid
5. Once had an eye brow ring
6. I drove through the main street of Byron Bay mooning everyone when I was 18
7. I saw ghosts when I was young
8. Had a drink next to Bono from U2 at SoHo house in LA
9. At 10 I crashed my grandfathers car after taking the hand brake off on a hill
10. My first meditation teacher thought she had been abducted by aliens, I was 14.
What is your primary spiritual practice?

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