Jennifer is a truth seeker and an adventurer. She’s also one of those fantastically multi-passionate women, currently moving more into the personal development and growth arena kindled by her blog Positivity Pimp, who has also worked as a digital and marketing co-ordinator and a secondary school teacher. Her passions include ‘Spirit Junkie’, book worm, vintage and rustic lover, scented candle devotee, bliss obsessed, miracle believer and weaver, and a lover of cocktail parties. Come and say hello on Twitter or Facebook.
Describe yourself… As if you were your very best friend / lover / secret admirer.
Jennifer loves being around people and is deeply committed to her friends and family. She is a little unconventional and likes doing things in her own way; she’s always thinking ahead for new things to do or try. She has the gift of the gab and loves nothing more than chatting and getting wax lyrical. She can be quite the storyteller! Jennifer is a romantic at heart and but can be a little shy at times. She is driven and enthusiastic. As a Sagittarius she is a wanderer and a seeker. Ultimately, she is a chief positivity pimp.
If you parents / teacher / god / whoever holds your sense of personal propriety in check was GONE (poof!) and there was no one to upset, offend or disappoint…..who would you become?
For a very long time I was a professional people pleaser. I loved making people happy, and I still do, but my priorities have changed. I realized that I couldn’t be something to everyone and not be something to myself. I’ve learnt that I must do things that make me happy on the inside. Where I am at in my life right now I wouldn’t want to be anyone else. It’s taking me quite a few years to get to this place of loving contentment with myself that I’m staying put!
Describe what you do to earn money.
I’m currently changing jobs at the moment. I’m leaving behind my life in the music industry in pursuit of my dreams. I will be making a living as a school guidance counsellor and mentor in the UK, and I’ve also started to coach gorgeous ladies part time too.
What is the best business and or life advice you have ever learnt?
Listen to your heart and only surround yourself with people who lift you up and inspire you.
What’s your biggest fear? How do you overcome it?
I have a couple of fears like losing the ones I love, but I don’t dwell on them. I find thinking too far ahead creates anxiety and a negative energy. Worrying is like a down payment on a problem you may not even have. I like to return to the present moment when I have feelings of overwhelm or fear based thoughts.
Relaxation is….
Disconnecting from technology, painting my nails, meditating, cooking, long lazy chats with my man, walks on the beach with my dog, lighting candles around the house, listening to Ben Howard, taking photos, strolling though markets, walking on grass barefoot, sitting in coffee shops watching the world go by, and having a head massage…heaven!
What are you freakishly good at?
I’m really intuitive of other people’s feelings and energy. I just know if someone needs a chat or just needs someone to listen. I love to listen and to give people a safe environment to express themselves. I’m also freakishly good at keeping secrets!
What do you geek out about?
I don’t know why but the older I get the more I love to fly my geek flag higher! I get high on anything to do with spirituality. I adore documentaries on wildlife and music bios. I geek out in the travel section of book shops and I absolutely love talking to people about their dreams and female entrepreneurship!
Creativity in your life is….
Not taking myself too seriously. It’s about having fun, dancing around, getting a little crazy and being open. Creativity is about being myself and expressing who I am through writing, connecting, and giving my gifts and talents freely.
What do you want to be known for?
I would like to think I made a difference to the lives of others in my own unique way. I would like to be remembered as the girl who inspired others to be the best they can be. It would be amazing to be remembered as someone who pushed the status quo and lived life on her own terms.
What do you value in your partner?
I sincerely value his view on life – that it should be enjoyed not endured. I value his loyalty and integrity. I love how he can switch from being serious and deep to being light hearted and jovial. I love how I feel when I around him, everything I am becomes amplified and I feel like I’m walking alongside my equal.
Tell me something that will shock me…
I purposely tried to fail my University exams so I could stay because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life!
P.S. I failed at trying to fail, they passed me and I had to dive into adulthood head first.
Describe your relationship with money…
My relationship with money has evolved. I grew up believing that women were the secondary earners and that it wasn’t favorable for a woman to earn more than a man. I also had limiting beliefs that having too much money was wrong and the route of many problems like debt.
Now I believe that money is a positive energy and it is not in control of me. I believe when you are working towards your truth money comes easily and frequently and you are always supported. I believe that the wealth of the world resides within us.
If you had a year to yourself with a ridiculous amount of money, how would you spend it? The time? And the money?
I would continue on the path I am on. I would give my time and money freely. I would invest in growing and expanding my business – implementing and developing programmes to help young people become the people they dream of being – big, shiny, sparkling versions of themselves! I would travel extensively, soaking up cultures and experiences. I would create a sanctuary and retreat. I would take time to pass on my education teaching literacy and numeracy. And I would love, love, love to renovate my ideal home.
Describe the last time you remember feeling happy…
Today. I’ve just reminded myself of everything I have in my life right now. The happiness meter just got cranked right up!
What is your BIG DREAM? (Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling!)
Oh where do I begin?!! My dream is being an entrepreneur and running a successful business dedicated to soul nourishment. I see myself creating a little haven for young women to indulge and focus on their greatness. My ideal day involves coaching, mentoring and helping others. I’m currently training to become a certified wellness and holistic life coach. I see myself holding serene meditation classes and becoming a yogi. I want to continue writing; becoming a freelance writer and contributor for well being magazines and websites. Who knows, there might also be a book inside me too! I dream of renovating and creating a beautiful home with my love one day. I dream of marrying my soul mate, creating a family together and travelling the world with our tribe.
What is your greatest regret?
I’ve learnt that there are no such things as regrets. It’s how we perceive our experiences. I choose to see everything that has happened in my life as having a purpose and a reason. Everything that I have gone through has brought me to this particular point in my life and I feel tremendously blessed and happy right now. I have no regrets. Without the heartbreak, failure and unhappiness I would not be the strong, capable and empowered woman that I am today.
What’s the one thing you’d change about the world?
I would like people to be kinder to one another. It’s simplistic but I would like us to teach the next generation about compassion and forgiveness and the importance of love.
Tell me 10 things that no one else knows about you.
· I adore listening to music on vinyl. I have a pretty stellar collection.
· I have a great sense of direction. Pretty sure I was a gypsy in a previous life.
· I’m love drawing and art.
· I can speak fluent French.
· Sinead O’Connor (Irish singer) is my cousin.
· I love the sound of silence.
· I’m a geek about organization + I find cleaning very therapeutic.
· I choreograph dance routines in my head when I’m running.
· My Irish name is Sinéad Ní Cinnéide.
· I’m a dork and I love making funny faces!
What is your primary spiritual practice?
Being spiritual means connecting with myself. It means taking time throughout my day to check in with how I’m feeling. I like to remind myself to do something that honors my mind, body and spirit every day – sometimes that involves a beautiful guided meditation, booty shaking to Beyoncé, or sipping on a latte while writing in my gratitude journal.

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