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I am pretty sure I can find something beautiful in everyone I meet. Truthfully, there are some people I simply don’t feel good about, and don’t want to interact with, though, still I’m pretty sure that I would be able to find SOMETHING beautiful about them. How difficult can it sometimes be to find something beautiful about yourself? How often do we stand there wondering if we are worth going for what we want? Are we good enough?

Feeling “beautiful” in the generous sense of the word, is important to living a good, fulfilling and happy life, of feeling good enough. And sometimes it can be difficult to find that within us. Louise Hay recommends saying to yourself when you walk down the street “I am beautiful and everybody loves me” and to notice the change in people around you and how they respond to you. For me, that feels a bit cheesy, so instead I radiate what I feel to be my happiest, lovely, most beautiful essence that I can find of myself in that moment. It’s like an energetic perfume that drifts and trails around you, and when people experience a whiff of it, they smile. Or sometimes speak to me if they’re feeling brave enough to converse with a stranger!

Another way to help you shine, and realise your own inner beauty is to compliment others. Giving a compliment can be much more rewarding that receiving one. Start it now…. for this one week, give a compliment to everyone you meet. It doesn’t have to be big and scary, something as simple as “I like your bag” is perfect and can make both your hearts soar. Not only does it make you appreciate yourself more, it also helps the other person to consider you in a more favourable light which can have a million fun little implications in the future!

Smile! Because you ARE beautiful!

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