Begin by accepting and embracing your intuitive nature...
Written by Laura Bourjac about INSTINCT.
A few months ago, in the summertime when everything tastes like sunshine & lemonade, I went through a cloudy life experience. This time, I wasn’t lost, I wasn’t scared, I was in a place where I could have listened to myself, to my instinct. Something inside myself knew what was coming, I sensed it, my body tried to warn me but I turned it off.
One morning, feeling down and exhausted by my own emotions and lack of control I had on them, I write to my dear Vienda Maria. My instinct probably whispered me to do so, to find her and confide in her for her answer brought light to my grey Scottish day.
She told me about her course Instinct which is all about learning how to listen to your inner voice and stop shutting your instincts down. We all have a tendency to rationalise or intellectualise whatever shiver, wave or butterflies we might feel when certain situations arise. It became quite common for us to ignore our own nature and turn blind to our own red flags. As I was reading the course introduction and watching the first video, I quickly realised that I had been denying my own instincts for such a long time.

You have to begin by accepting and embracing your intuitive nature, before diving into the practice.’

My intellectual self who loves to wear glasses at all times, dissect books and use long words had actually killed the most primitive side of my being; my instinct. I had to accept my mistake, then accept that this intuitive nature of mine was still there to help and guide me. It was actually quite a long process to be able to recognise and hear this little voice again. It became obvious that I had to nurture my intuition and make it a priority. As soon as I started to open up to my intuitive heart, I felt a physical change. The knots I had accumulated in my body slowly disappeared and I no longer experienced anxiety for I was able to guide myself better through the healing process.
I would download Vienda’s videos and listen to them as I was walking down the Meadows, lying in the grass… Really, it became a ritual, a form of meditation. This is the first time I take an online course and her approach touched my soul and guided me to a better understanding and care of my intuition (so really, of myself).
Would it surprise you if I tell you that in these last months, following my instinct has never failed me? Sure, some decisions were massive and harsh but the outcome felt good, meant to be. I would love to insist on this ‘meant to be’ aspect of things as, from the moment I let this voice speak to me, I felt that I opened myself for everything to fall into place. Whether, in the past, I would hold back and force a reassuring reasoning on myself, convinced that hours of thinking were more effective and clever than a feeling.
If I don’t want to discourage rational thinking, I’d like to convey the importance of letting your intuition weigh in your inner dialogue.
I’m infinitely grateful for this beautiful Instinct course. These fifteen days still echo weeks later and I confess that sometimes I still go back to my notes, drawings and Vienda Maria’s videos to dive back into my own intuition when I feel that my everyday routine drowns it and makes it harder for me to be aware.
VoilĂ , I wanted to talk about how focusing on my intuition helped me in my healing process and actually connected me to this more mystical part of myself. There is nothing to understand and intellectualise, it’s all about surrendering to your own nature, trusting that deep down you sense what is good for you.
Ah oui, guess what! It shows on my face for I feel more balanced – best beauty tip.
INSTINCT is open to join as soon as you are ready to heed your inner voice guiding you to the more that you are looking for.

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