A story:
In late 2013 I was living in London, UK. One day I wrote a blog post titled How to write notes to the universe. In it I shared a confidential email address. Many of you told me you used my guide and wrote to that email address too.
In early 2015 I was living in Byron Bay, Australia. One day Gmail sent me an email “You have an email address connected with your active account. Click here to view it.” So I did. It took me to the email address I had created to write my manifesting letters to. The one I shared in the blog post.
To my surprise, I discovered 1000’s and 1000’s of emails that had been sent, from people I did not know. All of a sudden, a burning curiosity overcame me. “What did people write to the universe?” I ammmed and ahhhed whether I should just have a little peek. I tried not to, but my humanness was too inquisitive.
I started reading. One email. And then another. And then another. After 20 emails, I’d read enough. I was surprised by what I found. While a few emails were beautiful and eloquent and clear, most were demanding, inconsistent and lacked understanding of how manifesting actually works.
I never went back and read those emails again. What happened that day changed my life. I learned something important: everyone wants to have a happier, more loving and abundant life. But most people don’t know how to do it.
I wanted to help.
Over the months following I started interviewing experts from around the world, whom I knew had manifested amazing things into their lives: large sums of money, the love of their life, an entire house, transformed health and wellness. They had attracted their dream careers, had unexpected inspired ideas that turned into successful projects and were given gifts of world trips and travel.
Together with their tips and tools, and all the strategies I personally used to consciously choose a life that was filled with freedom, adventure and joy, I created an 8 week email course called Manifest More.
In late 2015 I was In Bali. One day I clicked “publish” and my course went live. 130 people signed up and we spent 8 weeks together expanding our worlds and manifesting amazing things into our lives. Stories began tumbling in about doubling and tripling incomes, magical love affairs and incredible opportunities that were things of dreams. It filled my heart.
In mid 2016 I was in Nelson, New Zealand. One day I noticed that the incredible women in the private Manifest More Facebook Group continued to show unshakeable faith in their manifesting abilities. They were reaching new heights and supporting each other’s successes infallibly. I felt so honoured and proud. They inspired me re-create the course, take it to a whole new level and jam-pack it with even more wisdom, helpful tools and tangible examples, to keep their momentum moving.
In early 2017 I was in Kamloops, Canada. One day I sat down and pulled together all the new lessons, resources, tips and tools that I had garnered since I first created Manifest More and turned them into a plan. I interviewed a filmmaker, a witch, a publisher, a musician, a 9 x karate world champion, plus many more, to learn exactly what they did differently to create a life on their own terms. I spent 3 months creating the new content, 2 weeks recording meditations, 4 days filming 18 lessons on how to manifest more, and my team helped me put together a brand new version of the course.
Today, right now I am sitting in a cafe called ‘Nourish’ in Victoria on Vancouver Island. I’ve just finalized the final touches on the brand new sparkling version of Manifest More and am bursting at the seams with excitement to share it with you.
Behold: doors to Manifest More are open as of right now: http://bit.ly/MM-2

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