Behold: your graceful daily routine. An 8-part video course, as a gift from me to you.
We are observing a quantum leap in our evolutionary development, a change that is accompanied by a shift in world view. The nature of our world view seeks to answer two fundamental questions “Who are we?” and “What is the purpose of the life we are here to live?” 
Our answers dictate our lives and define our societies. Within that shift is a sense of turmoil. Nothing is as it once was. Life is uncertain. The veil has been lifted. We are not sure what we are meant to “do”, how we are meant to move forward from here.
As we embody the changes the most important day-to-day shifts occur out of how we spend our time. Seeing that many of us have been on autopilot for so long navigating our lives based on the recipe for success developed by generations before us never before being given the luxury of space and time to decide how we want life to unfurl for ourselves this time may feel like a shock. A collision of foundations falling apart with nothing but the unknown ahead.
I wanted to, for a long time, create a way to navigate this sort of test in our timeline with a process that has allowed me to anchor myself into something deeper having spent most of my life in the dark abyss of uncertainty. I am at home here. And I hope you can be too.
Behold: Your graceful daily routine. An 8-part video course, as a gift from me to you. Click here to join.
Vienda Maria FREE Course workbooks

Plus get access to tools & resources to start redefining your life including PDF and audio guides for:
  • Work with the energy of each day of the week.
  • Intention setting New Moon🌛 journaling ritual.
  • Releasing Full Moon 🌝 journaling ritual.
  • 6-minute intention setting meditation.
  • 19-minute guided self-love meditation.
  • 26-minute guided self-hypnosis.
  • 7-Step Manifesting course.
  • My ‘gypset’ recipe book.

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