Being authentic requires that you know who you are. This is, of course, easier said than done. All too often our self-image is hopelessly idealized. At other times it can be punishingly severe. And decisions that are driven by aspirations + insecurities inevitably lead to inconsistent + inauthentic behavior, reflecting the divide between reality and self-image.
This week we are exploring our authenticity.
Self acceptance + self love are paramount in order to be authentic. Being authentic, real + true to yourself is the ultimate freedom. With nothing to hide + nothing to defend, spontaneity + integrity have space to flourish. Imagine a world where each person is encouraged to be themselves, speak their truth, honor their uniqueness, + follow their dreams. Would competition turn into collaboration, judgment into appreciation, + scorn into love? Are you ready to embark on a journey of authenticity and find out?
Being unique is recognizing + honoring one’s values, gifts + skills. If each person has a unique finger print, iris + voice pattern, then why not have a distinct personality with behaviors + opinions? Instead of trying to fit in, be nice, + agree with everyone, how about taking a risk to be yourself, stand out from others, and have a few great friends that value your idiosyncrasies rather than a mass of acquaintances who don’t know your depth.
In order to be real + true to yourself, it’s important to let go of fears about what others think. If a person is constantly concerned about how others view them, if they said the right thing, or behaved appropriately, they’ll forget who they truly are + what matters most in their life. They’ll twist themselves into a configuration that doesn’t resemble their uniqueness at all. Self-acceptance is key.
I can’t wait to see what you come up with for homework from this weeks Empowerment Project topic on being authentic!

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