To arrive at what already is here, we need intention and commitment and a practice to enable the heart to be quiet and the eye to be clear. Intention is developed in radically honest self-reflection, piercing to the deepest of our hearts’ longings. Intention arises from our hunger and opens to our fulfilment. 

At the start of every new year, and then every few months throughout the year, I perform a combination of planning, visioning and manifesting practices to align my life, intentions and actions to my unique, aspirational path.
Something that started as a fun way to share my practices has become a yearly ritual where I create an updated workshop to show you exactly what I do (right now) to create my life and align myself so that my visions, lofty dreams and fiercest hopes come true. My life is an actual testament to this work, and it’s with such gratitude that I can pass it on to you.
We are creating our reality in every moment. Every thought you think, every intention you set, and every plan you put in motion is a powerful conduit for what you create in this world, placing you on the leading edge of your life.
With encouragement to reflect on the recent past and the lessons learned, as the contrast of this takes us towards what it is that we actually want, I guide to where we discover for what we hunger.
A secret about knowing what you want: It doesn’t have to be logical or make sense. All it has to do is feel good (to you).
And then I show you how to align yourself to the fulfilment of the things that you want without having to understand or know how they’ll come about or how you get there. Because the ‘how’ is not your job. Your job is simply knowing what you want and paving the way for those things to arrive.
Once you get that all you need to do is set the intention and clear the way, that’s when the journey begins.
Are you ready?

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Don’t worry — it’s a do-it-in-your-own-time workshop — so even if you’re busy right now, you can sign up and do it when you have time.
You don’t need anything except an open heart and mind, big dreams, pen and paper and a willing imagination.


Kind words from workshop students:
Loved your workshop soooo much Vienda!!! It has helped me immensely in gaining clarity over what I want to focus on and achieve this year, as well as allowing me space to dream that everything I desire CAN happen! Thanks so much for putting so much of your time and love into it. You looked absolutely gorgeous too! — Kate, Australia
Just watched your workshop video (finally!) – LOVED it! Just what I needed to get my butt in gear. I keep saying I’m going to do all these things but haven’t gotten around to writing them down because I was trying to create my own template. The planner fills just saved me hours and now I can spend those hours filling them out! — Teresa, Canada
I absolutely LOVED your planning workshop. I’ve been sharing your concepts with friends and my own clients (of course quoting you!) and it has made such a difference to me. You make me feel as though freedom of time and an abundant business can coexist and is possible. I wanted to let you know how impactful that one workshop was and not just what you said or taught but all of the inspiration that sparked through me because of it. — Mish, Australia
I loved your 1-hour workshop, beauty! Thank you! I really loved your money manifesting/abundance tip! I create capsule wardrobes too… and our non-negotiable are the same! It was just such a joy to listen to. xoxox — Katie, UK
So ahh, I just went and ordered a planner! Totally looking forward to the focus and clarity I want it to bring. Thanks for your always beautiful and (what I love most) simple and easy way of doing things. x — Ainslie, Australia
Wow Vienda! This is so amazing and I am so grateful! I know I will work with this a lot. You are truly an angel!!! — Anna, Germany 
I just got a chance to watch your video workshop (it had been queuing for a few weeks), OMG so good, and so relevant to me right now as I am totally obsessed with my planner/journal. I took a whole heap of ideas from what you said and showed throughout the video and have now incorporated them into my daily/weekly/monthly processes. Thank You!! — Ame, Australia
Thank you so much for your free workshop! (And also for your new moon & full moon journaling guides). So many great things have happened since I started journaling properly and everything just seems to fall into place, for example I worked in a really shit job (my boss was the worst) and when I felt like something needed to change and I set the intention to be more confident in my work and believe in myself and just quit I got called into HR literally like 2 days afterwards and they offered me a cancellation agreement (I can now stay at home for 4 months but still get paid!). Thank you for making me more aware of my own power and of my own self. Even now that I know I don’t have a new job yet I don’t panic because I know the Universe will guide me to a better job, maybe also in a different place, who knows?! Anyways, thanks again for all of your hard work, it is really appreciated. — Jessica, Germany
I watched it this morning, taking notes throughout and I feel so energized and inspired!! So helpful. Thank you. — Melissa, USA
VIENDA! I began my day with my supercharged rituals and felt called to sit and watch your new workshop – make 2017 the best imaginable – and I am SO GRATEFUL for you beautiful guidance, your positive, strong, trusting energy that you share and the truth and clarity you offer us that read/watch/listen to your content. SO much appreciation. I feel really clear about what I will create this year and also reminded how I naturally contribute and show up for myself and others. Thank you thank you thank you!  — Emily, Australia
Another miracle to add to my day! — Stacey, UK

Darling, you are a pure delight to watch! Magical – yes! You’ve inspired me no end with this ever-so-generous workshop. We share so many values and ideas. I’m currently working on my 33 capsule too. Big shift for me, but I’m excited! Thank you again. — Catherine, Australia

I watched the workshop today, I really liked it, especially the part about the days of the week according to astrology! I always felt that Monday was my quiet day! — Alessia, Italy
Thank you for your gorgeous workshop.  I’ve gone through it and I intend to go through it again!  And I’ll be off to find me a planner this weekend. :) — Amy, Australia

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