You beautiful creatures absolutely blew me away with your enthusiasm, wisdom and heart-swelling immersion into the #10DaysofFree, that began, well, 10 days ago! To celebrate and commemorate I wanted to share with you, some of the highlights.
Here is The Best of the Best: #10DaysofFree Instagram Challenge:
DAY 1.

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@stephaniecarlton Freedom is being liberated from the egoic mind. Not being bound by the tempting, addictive dangers of fearful thinking. A large part of the population is a danger to themselves and others. You are stuck in dysfunction, avoiding your own presence and never feeling liberated. We cannot go back to animalistic consciousness, we have to go forward if we want to survive. Forward to consciousness, enlightenment and truth.
DAY 2.

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@carleemodra Where do I feel most free? When I am at beach, wind blowing through me, listening to the waves crashing, feet in the sand and the smell of the salt air. This is what fills me up + brings me back into my body.
DAY 3.

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@feedmeblog Find freedom in the present moment… Right now I am finding freedom in the fact how feel, behave react and proceed, is my choice. We all have the freedom to choose how we want to feel at any given time, regardless of what hand might be dealt to us. And right now, I’m choosing to feel grateful. Grateful for love, family and all the freedom that swirls through my life.
DAY 4.

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@pocketyogini Day 4 of @viendam’s #10DaysofFree has us contemplating what are 3 words of freedom. On day one I described it as SPACE {in time, in mind, around you, simply to be}. On further reflection it’s also about PRESENCE. Being in the moment which space allows. And a big part of this is FORGIVENESS, being able to release the past and the future inch may prevent us from being totally present right now. That is freedom to me. What is freedom to you?
DAY 5.

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@shokuiku Break free! I Break free when I look within. We tend to look for gratification from external sources. Approval and love from others, more money, more things. There is nothing wrong with that. But I break free when I look within and discover what I truly desire. Are you free?
DAY 6.

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@_clairebaker_ LET GO. I am letting go of the belief that I need to work 5 days a week in order to have a successful business. My body is telling me I need (way) more rest, so for the remainder of 2014 I’m experimenting with a 4-day working week. Something I believe in (and have done for a while actually) and now I have the freedom to play with that. Woweeee.
DAY 7.

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@paperplanesconnect Music for freedom. When I think of music that makes me feel free, I think of Jeff Buckley. His voice, the way he strums a guitar, his lyrics, which wrap you in a dreamy state…
DAY 8.

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@viendam #10DaysofFree Day 8: Embrace What You Can’t Control.
In life, we often find ourselves struggling with the details – things may not always end up the way we expect. Accepting those changes will help you live a life of greater freedom. You may not always have control, the details may not play out as you imagined them in your head. That’s OK! By embracing what we can’t control, we are led one step closer to a life of deeper freedom. #10DaysofFree
I have always had a really challenging relationship with my family. For years I struggled under the weight of having such a broken, dispersed family, add it really tore me apart.
Until one day, I decided to let it go and embrace what I can’t control. They are who they are, & I am who I am, & that’s ok.
Since then, I’ve discovered my tribe, my soul brothers and sisters, the family of my heart! And now, I always feel like I belong. That I am held, supported, cherished, & that I have family.
Embracing what I couldn’t control actually freed me up to experience something so much better and more fulfilling.
DAY 9.

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@courageandkale Try something new. I have been brainstorming ways to let more positivity into my life, and my mind kept coming back to keeping a gratitude journal. I just ordered this pretty on in Amazon that has cool, prompts and practices to practise living with gratitude. Although I won’t receive my beautiful new book until Monday, I am going to start practicing tonight. Actually – how about now!?
DAY 10.

 New moon august 2014

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@viendam Something that I really love about myself, is my tenacious optimism that very thing will work out just perfectly, no matter what. I know that every ending is followed by a beginning. That all doors that close for me actually mean there’s new doors and windows opening elsewhere.
This past year there have been so many endings. But as each door shuts, it is followed by something more spectacular, more enlivening, more fulfilling than I could ever hope for. I love that I stick things out long enough, and am willing to get uncomfortable enough to see the miracles unfold.
It’s been soooooo much fun sharing this journey of freedom with you. Thank you for participating, for sharing it with your friends and making it one of the most exciting and fun projects I’ve created to date. Now, as promised, I have a little surprise for you. If you’re signed up to my newsletter, you’ll be getting it in a few minutes. If not, you will have to wait until tomorrow… It’s a limited spaces kind of deal and I’ve poured all my heart and soul into it, not to mention years of psychology and human behaviour studies and observation. Woah! This baby is really something.

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