Hello love birds,
It’s week 1 of The Empowerment Project and we are starting with loving and nurturing our bodies. Here’s the video:
As we move through the homework and processes be aware that lots of internal turmoil and rubbish might come up for you. Remain kind, gentle and sweet with yourself as you work through it. This is completely normal and everyone will go through it at different stages. Don’t over-think what it is you’re feeling or try to understand it. Rather, just remain open and hold space for those feelings. Your inner guide and wisdom will reveal exactly what you need to know at just the right time.
For those of you who want to work with me on an individual one to one basis click on the link here to find out more. You can either do singular sessions or take the specially curated Empowerment Project package.
Until next week, I wish you much self-love, expansion and self expression!
Love always,
Vienda xx

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