BOUNDARIED: Mapping Your Best Work Week — 2-hour Workshop

Take your life back by taking your time back. Take your life back by taking your days back.  Take your life back by taking your energy back. Take your life back by defining your work schedule. Creating your own timeline. On your terms. 


Our, (Claire & Vienda), first conversation this year began with a mutual desire to redefine how we spend our time. Exclaiming in unison on a WhatsApp call words tumbled out of our mouths — yearning to create more space, more time, more joy, more play, more living — forming a new and boundaried approach to work.


In a world that celebrates overwork and overwhelm, where everyone is so exhausted but addicted to the cycle of depletion, we want to map out a framework to step out of this paradigm. 


We know that, as sovereign women, we have to own and honour the most precious thing we have: TIME.


The pragmatic practice of mapping out your week in such a way that actually serves you is a portal into strengthening self-trust and CEO Sovereignty. While this is such a simple process, it requires awareness of one’s unique energetic waves throughout the day and commitment to staying curious and attuned to what actually best serves you, your creativity and your business. 


We invite you to join us for a 2-hour Zoom workshop to have the audacity to map out your own hours and the self-authority to do something different to the cultural norm.


We will take you on a journey that includes a mix of video, audio, music, journaling, movement, breaks, the practice of mapping work week, and sharing:

  • Why we live in a world that is focused on and rewards all work & little play.
  • A journaling practice to uncover the ways we pay tribute to and enable these systems of overwork and overwhelm that we don’t actually want to be a part of and how we change that.
  • An embodied movement break, to drop out of our minds and into the wisdom of our hearts.
  • Stories on how we map out our working weeks focusing on rest, creativity, joy and play and how we aspire to work 15-16 hours per week.
  • A practical system to map out your own working week in a way that honours you where you are at and nudges you closer to the freedom you desire.
  • Opportunities to share and ask questions as we move through each part of the practices.



Monday, February 21st
9am LA / 12pm NYC / 5pm London / 6pm Barcelona / 4am Sydney
2-hour Zoom Workshop


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The recording will be sent out to you via email after the event for replay.

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