Brighton + London — half-day in-person mentoring — this Summer.


Blooming and flourishing — as an internal experience rather than a performative act — is something that has captivated me in particular across the past year. I had so many opportunities to look at the choices I make over and over again with curious inquisition to check in with myself whether they actually breathe the goodness of life into my bones, or if they are things I do because I presume that there is no other way. I face in myself a desire for life to feel good beyond what it looks like on the outside and the more that I lean into this I find so much of my external life is falling apart.


Which means change and disruption and movement and softening evermore into the unknown. And it means I’m leaving the UK, for a little while at least. This also means that this is the last time I’m offering in-person mentoring on this luscious slip of land.


If you’re in Brighton or London, and you’d like to hire me, here’s what I’m proposing:


— 1/2 day face-to-face mentoring session in Brighton or London at my/your home, a cool cafe or co-working space, whatever location is most convenient for you.

During this session, we can:

  • map out a creative plan/biz project/online course for something BIG you believe in;
  • acquire practical, tangible skills on how to embody feminine leadership in your life and work;
  • uncover key areas you want to transform, clear the blocks standing in your way and outline an inspired action plan;
  • learn how to tap into your intuition and inner wisdom to make the decisions necessary to take the next right steps;
  • get clarity around your life circumstances and what you really want in order to make the changes needed to be free


What you’ll get:

We’ll spend about 4-5 hours together, I’ll treat you to lunch, and we’ll have a wonderful, productive time! I’ll help you create actional measures and a plan, plus you get email access to me for a month after, in case any thoughts or questions come up as you navigate the homework and next steps.


Cost and time:

£500 GBP for this 1/2 in-person mentoring session
— sessions start at 12 noon and run to 5 pm
— there are 10 spots available across July, August & September
— Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays work best for me


If this sounds exciting to you…
email me at and please tell me:

— Which date you potentially want
— Your preferred meeting location if you have one—otherwise, I’ll propose some
— The top 3 things/projects that you’d like to focus on while we’re working together


N.B. If you can only do a specific day but definitely want to book an in-person mentoring session please contact me and I’ll see what I can arrange. And if you need a payment plan we can work something out there too.


On a Friday in December, I travelled to Brighton and met Vienda at the most lovely independent cafe and we got straight down to business. Vienda’s approach was nurturing and honest. I left the session feeling empowered and excited – I wanted to cry with happiness. Since the half-day session, my Instagram following and engagement has grown substantially, I have had one-to-one clients book in with me, I have had many more sign-ups to my mailing lists and, perhaps most importantly, my vision and values are aligned. I have a clear picture of where I am at and where I am going. I feel hopeful, optimistic and focused whereas before I felt somewhat lost and confused. I have told many people about the session and they reply “I need a Vienda in my life”. I am so grateful I have Vienda in my life. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with her. If you are feeling drawn to it, trust your intuition. It will change your life.


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