It’s finally here! The Build Your Own Business Blog guide for your dream-building pleasure.
I started writing this sweet little guide about 6 months ago, upon many questions and requests from friends, family and readers wanting to know “how did you do it?”
The Build Your Own Business Blog guide is list based, step by step implementation on how I built my site using Bluehost as my hosting platform, WordPress to manage the back end of the website and Headway Themes for the “skin” and visual design and feel of the site. I then also include all my tips for writing compelling content, design tips and how to increase your popularity and readership.
I then attempted to get you all excited (because I was) with a series of blog posts preparing for the roll-out and launch of the guide which you can find here:
How I Started My Business Blog Website + How You Can Too
9 Daily Marketing Actions For Your Blog + Business
And some sneak peaks on some of the contents the digital guide would contain:
Made You Look! An SEO Reminder for Bloggettes + Bloggers
10 Magical Plugins For Your WordPress Site
But I wasn’t ready. For whatever reason, life asked me to place that project on hold. Until now! And I am ever so pleased to finally be able to share with you the fruits if my labour, mistakes, lessons and experience of building my own blog from scratch to what it is today.
The Build Your Own Business Blog is a simple and easy to follow digital guide in PDF format which takes you through building your own business blog from the grand ideas in our head to a tangible home amongst the shiny stars on the world wide web.
In a fun + fast moving, step by step format, learn how to choose your business + domain name, download WordPress, use Headway Themes to build your own site + develop a successful blogging strategy.
It’s a fun, easy to follow guide with simple, to the point instructions on how to build your own business blog that is usable by ANYONE and applicable to all types of blogs and businesses.
The guide includes 35 pages, 15 chapters + 6,000 words full of tips, tools + tricks to build your business blog from nothing into a successful enterprise that you love.
Get instant access to all the experience I’ve garnered from building my own successful business blog + I also include how to write compelling content, top design tips and how to increase your popularity and readership.
This guide is specifically designed for creative entrepreneurs + non-geeks like you, who are looking for an easy, cost effective way to develop your own website, and have complete creative control over all it’s elements.
The 15 topics covered as outlined in the Contents page include:

  • Start Here
  • Why A Business Blog Website

  • 7 Steps to Get Started

  • Get Your Domain and WordPress Set Up

  • Why Headway Themes

  • Need More Persuasion?

  • 7 Steps to Your Own Website
  • Design Your Site with Headway Themes

  • 6 Web Design Tips + Tricks

  • The 6 Step SEO List: Search Engine Optimisation 

  • Learn to Love Plugins

  • 10 Things to Do to Get to Top 10 Status
  • That’s All Folks

  • About the Author

  • Glossary of Terms

Your ability to create a sustainable business as a passion-driven entrepreneur (yes, I mean you!) is directly related to our (yes, I mean us!) ability to create what we need in our business in a cost effective and time efficient way. This guide on building your own business blog site shows you how effortlessly and inexpensively you can get professional looking results that will blow you (and your readers and prospective customers and clients) away.
The Build Your Own Business Blog has been designed for absolute beginners with no previous experience or understanding of computer-geek-jargon (like me) who just want to get their site up and running and start promoting their art (aka business). It is a simple to follow guide, without all the computer-geek jargon and tells you only what you really need to know right now.
At the very low price of $8, it is an enjoyable read and affordable for every budget.
Grab your copy now and build an impressive website that you have full creative control over, that supports your business and will ultimately build your wealth.



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