On a whim, less than 6 months ago, my sister and I decided we were going to go to California for Coachella this year. The line up was so awesome last year, we couldn’t bare the thought of missing out. We booked our tickets before the line-up was even out, trusting that whatever happens, it was definitely going to be magnificent.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am!
And today is the day of departure.
I fly out this afternoon and will be arriving in LAX on Thursday morning (time difference joy) where I will meet up with my sister and we will be parading around Santa Monica and Venice Beach for the day, before heading to the festival early Friday morning. We have rented a people mover / 4WD / van type thing which we will rig out as much as us unpractical type girls can, with fluffy pillows and blankets, glitter, dozens of cans of dry shampoo, baby wipes and ridiculous outfit combinations, to make our little sanctuary, our home away from home, for the 3 day weekend madness to ensue.
Who knows what state we will find ourselves on Monday however by evening we have to be back at the airport for the next part of our adventure: San Francisco. We are staying in SOMA (South of Market Street) which is supposed to be the hippest, trendiest and silliest part of town where we will don our sparkly outfits, fur coats and ridiculous high heels and try to blend into the eccentricities of this fair city while exploring every nook and cranny!

I am not going to be adding any new posts during this time, and, since I will miss you all so dearly, I am making a little request from you, my darling friends and readers. I would really treasure your thoughts ideas and feedback. Below are a list of questions which may inspire you, otherwise any comments, ideas, thoughts, concerns or questions are more than welcome.
1. What would you like to read more / see more of?
2. Are you interested in reading about how other people have achieved success / happiness etc in their lives? (Would you be interested in reading interviews?)
3. What have you found beneficial / useful on this site?
4. What would you like to read / see less of?
5. Would you be interested in contributing to this site?
6. What would you do to improve the layout?
7. Do feel like you can relate to some of the posts and does that inspire you to be yourself more fully?
8. If you could add, change, improve 3 things what would they be?
That’s all I can think of right now, but sincerely, any feedback is more than welcome. There are several ways to reach me:
Leave a comment below!!! EMAIL: studio@viendamaria.comĀ FACEBOOK, TWITTER & SNAIL MAIL: Vienda Maria, 231, 122 Lang Road, Moore Park NSW 2021, Australia.
Much love, happiness, peace and joy until soon! xx (I will be back before the end of April to update you with all the photos, fun and discoveries of my little California jaunt).
Her is something inspirational from the Wayseers in the meantime:
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