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HER WAY — 7-Month Women’s Business Cocoon

HER WAY — 7-Month Women’s Business Cocoon

HER WAY — 7-Month Women's Business Cocoon 🦋 — 2021

It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the support of others on the same journey for a woman to rise to her fullest potential.



Something really powerful shifts within when you decide to go for it. That inner voice gets louder and stronger and there’s no escaping the path that was paved for you. For me, it took letting go of trying to figure every single thing out in my life and giving over to a power greater than me. The more still I am, the clearer it all becomes.

Our strength lies in the surrender. In believing so deeply that there is more out there for you. Because I promise there is, for each and every one of us. When you work smarter and keep creating the space for the most important work in your life — your praxis — you will be lead.
It’s your job to listen. 


1. practice, as distinguished from theory.



HER WAY — 7-Month Women’s Business Cocoon

The HER WAY — 7-Month Women’s Business Cocoon is a praxis for women who are disillusioned by the old paradigm, structures, stories and narratives and willingly offer themselves over to something greater to unfold through their work. For ourselves and others.
Unravelling. Deconstructing. Remembering. Unfolding.


This cocoon is an anthropological experiment.

Can we trustingly walk the tightrope between structure and flow?
Can our artistry lie in breaking the rules of how business ‘should’ look?
Can our success come from our imperfections and following a non-linear path?
Can we fully surrender to the feminine way of running our businesses?

My answer to this is an emphatic ‘YES’.


Nothing feels better than that feeling when you let the flow of life live through you with zero force attached. Everything gets really good when you fully surrender to what’s right directly in front of you.


I’ve been devoted to this praxis for years.
Here is an invitation to do it together in the safe space of this cocoon. Feeling held and supported. The HER WAY cocoon as a praxis.


The space I offer is about allowing the emergence, creativity and artistry of the gifts you have to give to the world to come through you within the cocoon. This is about leadership, about being the change, about offering ourselves over to something greater to unfold through our work. For ourselves and others. Unravelling. Deconstructing. Remembering. Unfolding.


I am here to facilitate this cocoon as a safe space that focuses on sustainable mutually inclusive growth in life and business in a gentle, nurturing, non-linear, creative, innovative and intuitive way. A space to explore yourself and the work you are here to do — all reflecting a high level of integrity, devotion to personal expression and freedom — invoking attributes of femininity, spirit, and creativity. A space to take action from the intuitively guided space of not-knowing, surrendering to the bigger plan while looking at where we each contribute to keeping the old paradigms in place. Where our language and ways of being — in business and life — create more oppression. An intimate cocoon to evolve and flourish in with 20 women who are ready to devote themselves to the messages they carry within them and their businesses as a vehicle for their gifts, talents and meaning in the world.


It’s non-linear. Its fluid. It’s imperfect, messy and meandering all at once. It’s deep and meaningful. It’s an invitation to play outside the known systems and lines. To create a thriving business that you love. Her Way. Your way.


What’s included:

☽ Monthly themes
☽ Weekly live & recorded calls
☽ 1:1 time with Vienda within-group calls
☽ 1:1 partnerships & collaborations
☽ Monthly guest teachers
 Online community

AFFLUENT — Money mindset, management and manifestation for women. Value: £100
SOVEREIGN — Clear your patterns, limiting beliefs and emotional blocks in minutes. Value: £50


  • The evolution of the 7-month program will be guided by the group, where we will choose monthly topics together based on current needs, challenges and circumstances. This is an intuitively led, heart-focused, trust-guided, intentional and feminine approach to a long-term women’s business cocoon to support you in growing, evolving and thriving into your fullest potential.
  • Previously in HER WAY calls were held every Wednesday at 5 pm UK time, but in this instance, we will choose a day and time that works best for everyone in the group.
  • The cocoon will run for 7 months with 3-months on, across May, June and July; one month off for integration in August; and 3 months back on across September, October, November.
  • Any questions, please email me:


Registration opens: Saturday, April 10
Registration closes: Friday, April 30
We begin:
Monday, May 3

7-month cocoon for
women-run businesses
~ limited to 20 spaces ~

Cost: £700 // £100 per month



Kind words from HER WAY women:

Before taking HER WAY I felt as if I was swimming in air. I had a bucket full of dreams, ideas, and hopes, and it felt all too good and crazy to come true. After HER WAY, I feel like my aspirations and ideas are very much possible and needed in this world. I feel self-confident about my ideas and ready to take action. My favourite part was the weekly Live calls. The energy and learnings each week were huge. My biggest takeaway was that each person’s expression of their uniqueness is worthwhile and valuable for our world. Related to that, I took away that people are merely the channels of the bigger messages of the universe, which makes business ideas so much more meaningful to me now.
I loved learning that it is ok to not follow strategies and to go with what my inner voice or intuition tells me, even if I don’t see the whole plan and the process throughout the end until the outcome. And also, the idea of handing things over to God/ the Universe, etc. It was really great to have this different perspective, and I loved being a part of this program.
The moment you said that you do not think we always need degrees for a certain type of work (a few exceptions of course) and that self-study combined with talent can be enough to create amazing outcomes for clients. I needed to hear that so badly, as I was a full-time doubter – always telling myself I cannot do this or that before I studied it. I loved the listening partnerships! It was so amazing to connect with a person I barely knew on a deep level right away. But my most favourite part was INSTINCT, as this course opened my eyes!!! I found my true strengths and for the first time ever, I have been honest with myself. I know now what I really enjoy doing and can finally build a business around it. I already received two inquiries in the last week since setting up a new IG account – and I take it as a sign that I am in my element now.
I was so impressed at what a rich resource was created here. The summary notes from the calls are absolutely packed with such clear wisdom and insight and it’s all incredibly useful and applicable. My biggest takeaway or ‘aha’ moment was that it can be easy, and feel good, and it can look different for everyone, and I can trust that I know what’s best for my business at every level. Following the course was easy and simple. The content shared will add value to my life and business for years to come. The impact is enormous!
Before HER WAY I felt as if I needed to have certain goals completed to a very high standard before I could launch my business model. Now, I have a better understanding that entrepreneurship is a process and that my product will develop as I grow. I pivoted to focus on the essentials so that I can launch sooner. The 80/20 rule was revelatory and I already see it taking shape in my work. I manage staff and sometimes things don’t go as planned and I don’t want individuals to be hurt. If I conceptualize the universe as being in charge, I can see past the immediate situation. I can think in terms of the universe having a greater plan for all of us.
Thank you for creating HER WAY. It has been an incredible month for me and the people you attracted are wonderful, loving, warm-hearted, kind, inspirational, powerful women. All a reflection of you. I talked with other women of the group that we never have experienced such an uplifting and supportive group of women before. I am so so grateful to myself that I followed my intuitive feeling to take this course even if it felt silly at that moment – I don’t even have a business but still investe in bthis usiness training. Lol. It gave me so much value and I feel once I figure out my message I know how to proceed from there.
Honestly, this course has taken me to some unexpected places. I signed up for it because I wanted to find some flow and ease in my work and to find “my way” of integrating all my interests and careers somehow. But some questions triggered me to go much deeper into myself and led to quite a deep, heavy inner work. Frankly, I found this quite exhausting, which was one of the reasons why I stayed mostly on the sidelines. But I also found it very exciting to see what came through from all the deep stuff! (More on that maybe someday 😉) Now I feel I have released so much burden and I can finally start to feel the flow and momentum of life. I also start to get a glimpse of what the integration in “my way” might look like. And above all, I feel I now have the necessary tools to navigate the changes that are coming into my business. So thank you 🙏
I’ve never been in a group before where I’ve felt this kind of energy from the group. I’ve been in other group programs and they have been nothing in comparison to this energy that I felt from HER WAY. I felt it was a reflection of your energy Vienda, that natural, beautiful energy that you have. What I loved about the calls was that they didn’t feel scripted or rigid. They felt like you were just sharing your stories and it felt amazing to be a part of and witness that energy. I’m so so happy that I was part of this group and was able to dip into this energy and also contribute to it. It was really an amazing experience and I just wanted to tell you thank you for offering this opportunity to connect to so many incredible women that you have attracted into your own field. Just: thank you.
Trust-led, heart-led, intuitive, present, intentional…

Trust-led, heart-led, intuitive, present, intentional…

Trust-led, heart-led, intuitive, present, intentional...

We are sitting on my sofa in Brighton. It’s autumn, the leaves are turning crispier and we are playing @werenotreallystrangers when I pick the card that reads “What about me intrigues you?” I turn to her, curious about what she will say. She thinks for a moment and replied “How you run a business and stay so gentle and feminine. How do you do it?” “I have no idea…” I respond… “I’m not sure what you mean?” 

Anna is a past client turned-friend and also my trusted business advisor. “The way that you run your business is not taught… Trust-led, heart-led, intuitive, present, intentional.” She answers thoughtfully. “How do you do it?” I have to think about it. I don’t have a roadmap or a blueprint or a concise linear answer. It’s more of a feeling that runs through my body that I allow to guide me.

Slowly I reply.

“It’s kind of simple, really. I have five specific guiding points that drive my business. They are:

  1. Creativity. My work has to be a creative outlet for me. I need to let the energy flow through me for my work to feel meaningful and worthwhile to me.
  2. Expressive. My work has to act as an extension of who I am. It is through the integrity of authentic self-expression that I connect to my potential clients and audience.
  3. Channel. I view my work to be a channel for the messages that run through me. I am ever-evolving, learning, growing and so my work is a platform for me to share that journey with my community.
  4. Value and money. The money I make is an indicator of the value I give. It’s not about trading time and energy for money but rather value. When something provides high value I am highly renumerated for it.
  5. Ease. I know I’m going in the right direction when there are grace and ease. The moment I feel pushed, contracted or constricted, or tense in some way, I pull back. I’m always following this sense of fluidity and ease and guidance on what my strategy and path are.

And to make those five guiding points work I have two commitments:

  1. Show up to my work every day. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be as mundane as replying to emails or as exciting as working on a new project. The point is that I show up every single day and meet my work right where it is. I am devoted to the act of being here and offering myself to be the vehicle through which the work comes.
  2. Tune in and listen. Everything I do is somehow guided by something bigger and wiser than me. Whenever I am unsure of what my next step is, I stop, tune in, and listen. This means large parts of my work actually looks like me sitting quietly, or walking, or dancing, or focusing on something else until I moved forward into inspired action.

Does that make sense?”

“It does…” she replied, “but no-on teaches exactly how this works. Maybe you should create a course on it.” We laugh and carry on with our game.

Several months later, Anna calls me from France. “I would really like it if you taught how you run your business.” I smile. “I’ll do it. But you have to tell me exactly what you want me to teach.”

Within a few weeks, I received more signs. Messages that read things like…

Witnessing how you lead your life and business is always a great reminder that things can be done differently. Thanks for sharing so much with us!

I love how you use your intuition to guide your days. That you work with the energy of the seasons, days of the week, what your spirit calls you to do on each day.  You are able to live with authenticity and be your true self. I’m sure there are days you have tasks you must do and perhaps don’t look forward to, or don’t have the energy for and have to power through. But overall it just seems like you’ve found a rhythm and a flow to your days that keeps you grounded, happy, and true to yourself. That’s what I’m seeking.

We want to learn how to build a business model similar to yours, energetically. Also, how do you discover your passion or your unique gifts in the world?

HER WAY — The Women’s Business Training, was born.

We begin: Monday 1st March

4 live calls held every Wednesday at 5 pm GMT

Delivery: 4-week training

☽ Weekly live & recorded calls
☽ Worksheets, templates & examples
☽ Online community

Training cost: £150

25 spaces left


For more information, and register for the live training, click here.


HER WAY — The Women’s Business Training — March 2021

HER WAY — The Women’s Business Training — March 2021

HER WAY — The Women’s Business Training — March 2021 with Vienda Maria

Designed for the woman who wants to share her message and change the world.

Since the beginning of time, women have come together and redefined the landscape of life through their inner feminine wisdom like a force of nature. They did it through storytelling, collaboration and community, with grace and ease.
Today, we return to this purpose, again. We create businesses as a vehicle for our message… in a new way.
I spent years — 7 years to be precise — unlearning the rigid ways I’d been told would be the only way I could be successful. Being a woman, with a fluid, soft and cyclical way, bringing forth a way of business that is feminine, graceful and true to my nature, means that I am often faced with a battle of old paradigms. 
I had to risk the unknown and experiment with new ways of holding and running a business. I had to define my own meaning of success. I had to walk between fear of desolation and faith in my beliefs that business could be done differently. I am still learning, and I have come so far, designing this business as an extension of myself a new way. Her way.
I know this is an enormous challenge for so many women.
We are in a time of great change and innovation. The old ways of running a business are disintegrating and we have a chance to replace them with something much more honouring of our cyclical, human, gentle natures and far more sophisticated.
You have to unlearn the strategies, and the linear, systematic approach to working, to surrender to the feminine trust-led, heart-led, intuitive, present, intentional way of creating and running your business.
The Women’s Business Training is a 4-week deep-dive into building a business model that is gentle, intuitive and impactful. Across the month I will guide you through the exact steps, processes, systems and strategies I use to share my visions, my message, and my heart with the world. And make good money from it, too.


Registration opens: Monday 1st February
We begin: Monday 1st March


4 live calls held every Wednesday at 5 pm GMT


Delivery: 4-week training

☽ Weekly live & recorded calls
 Worksheets, templates & examples
 Online community

Training cost: £150

limited spaces


Week 1. Principle foundations

  • Why women should be running businesses (and the world).
  • The secret of women thriving in business that most don’t know.
  • Choosing the message you want to share with the world.
  • The divine force that will move your business forward.
  • Setting the tone of your business.

Week 2. Energetic systems

  • How to set your workday schedule.
  • How to stay motivated and disciplined with ease.
  • Handling the tasks that you’d rather avoid with joy.
  • Exactly what you need to do each day to create the impact you want.
  • How to set business aims and measure the results to guide you.

Week 3. Pragmatic service

  • Developing your offerings, services and products with love.
  • Understanding your value, setting your prices and managing your money.
  • How to invite and share instead of to manipulate and hustle to make sales.
  • Managing the highs and lows of inspiration and income.
  • How to deal with times of doubt.

Week 4. Intuitive expansion

  • Expanding and growing your business and message.
  • Staying aligned with your integrity and inner wisdom.
  • Knowing what the next steps are as your business evolves.
  • Staying grounded, committed and true to yourself (in your own lane).
  • Finding a rhythm and flow that allows your message and business to be an extension of your life and you.

This training is a chance to build a business model that is aligned with your own nature. I aim to show you how you can run your business with more ease, in a more gentle way, giving more space to health, kindness, taking care of yourself and others. I will show you how to address and transcend underlying fears and guilt. 
I want to show you that things can be done differently. In a new way. Her way.


Earlybird registration ~ ends Sunday 14th February: £100
Full price: £150

limited spaces



Brighton + London — half-day in-person mentoring — this December + January.

Brighton + London — half-day in-person mentoring — this December + January.

Brighton + London — half-day in-person mentoring — this December + January. Vienda Maria.
I used to run these half-day in-person mentoring every time I would come back to London from my travels but now that I live here permanently (and I couldn’t be happier) they seem to have fallen by the wayside. The other day I wondered why I hadn’t opened up spaces to run them again and then I remembered what year we are living right now.
After 8 months of being locked close to home and working online, I thought it would be so wonderful and really fun to work with some of you (maybe you?) in a face-to-face setting.
If you’re in Brighton or London, and you’d like to hire me, here’s what I’m proposing:
— 1/2 day face-to-face mentoring session in Brighton or London @ my/your home, a cool cafe or co-working space, whatever location is most convenient for you.
During this session, we can:

☾ map out a creative plan/biz project/online course for something BIG you believe in;
☾ acquire practical, tangible skills on how to embody feminine leadership in your life and work;
☾ uncover key areas you want to transform, clear the blocks standing in your way and outline an inspired action plan;
☾ learn how to tap into your intuition and inner wisdom to make the decisions necessary to take the next right steps;
☾ get clarity around your life circumstances and what you really want in order to make the changes needed to be free

What you’ll get:
We’ll spend about 4-5 hours together, I’ll gift you a Plannher and treat you to lunch, and we’ll have a wonderful, productive time! I’ll help you create actional measures and a plan, plus you get email access to me for a month after, in case any thoughts or questions come up as you navigate the homework and next steps.
Cost and time:
— £500 GBP for this 1/2 in-person mentoring session
— sessions start at 12 noon and run to 5 pm
— there are 6 spots available:
December 2020: Tuesday 8th, Friday 18th and Tuesday 22nd
January 2021: Tuesday 12th, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 27th
If this sounds exciting to you… email me at and please tell me:
— Which date you potentially want.
— Your preferred meeting location if you have one—otherwise, I’ll propose some.
— The top 3 things/projects that you’d like to focus on while we’re working together.
N.B. If you can only do weekends but definitely want to book an in-person mentoring session please contact me and I’ll see what I can arrange. And if you need a payment plan we can work something out there too.

🌛 50% OFF all courses BIRTHDAY SALE 🌜

🌛 50% OFF all courses BIRTHDAY SALE
Guess what?!
It’s that time again! I celebrate 39 years of dancing around our sun tomorrow which also means it’s time for my annual 50% OFF ALL MY COURSES birthday sale. The S A L E  is starting right now as I pressed send so if you want to scroll right down to what’s available, go ahead.
Growing older is such a luxury and honour. Every year I become more myself, stronger, softer, wiser, kinder, happier, I let go of and move with things easier. There’s a really powerful shift that happens when you embrace exactly where you are. No chasing other things/places/people. Not wishing things were different. Fully allowing yourself to be exactly where you are and celebrating the eternal motion of change and growth. I’ll write more on this soon but for now: I’m taking the weekend off.
I spent the first couple of months while the UK was in lockdown updating and moving all of my courses onto a fancy new digital platform that makes them 1000 x more fun and easier to access. All of these are self-study courses that begin the moment you sign up for them, that you can do in your own way and time. I notice that some like to gobble them all up like hungry little munchkins and others taste them, little by little over several weeks. You do you!

Please enjoy the S A L E by using the code ‘BIRTHDAY’ at the checkout.

INSTINCT: The practical guide to your intuition + the universe. A 15-day interactive video course with a simple method for accessing, trusting and acting on your intuition while addressing the key obstacle that stops you from following your souls’ path. £20 GBP now: £10 GBP. Learn more and register here.
AFFLUENT: Money mindset, management and manifestation for women. Affluent is a 22-part digital media course (think audio lessons, meditations and a very comprehensive workbook filled with practical exercises and tools) where smart women with big dreams go to rise up, get educated, make boss moves, and build wealth. £100 GBP now: £50. Enrol here.
SOVEREIGN: If you want to be liberated in your life, this class is for you. A 6-part video-based online class, teaching you how to recognise your limiting beliefs, blocks and patterns, and clear them using 4 simple steps.  £50 GBP now: £25 GBP. Sign up here.
MANIFEST MORE: The 6-step formula that works every time. An 8-week step-by-step roadmap for deliberately co-creating your life with your dreams and desires as your compass, and the universe supporting you, every part of the way. £70 GBP now: £35 GBP. Start here today.
THE HEARTFUL BIZ: Build a heart-led online business that really works. A 2-day digital video workshop — outlining exactly what I do, and how we run our intuitive, cyclical, heart-led businesses — created with my incredible friend Claire. Access is instant. $177 USD now: $88.50 USD. Join here.

Love, love, so much love. I wish I could squeeze you so tight right now.
Vienda xo
P.S. The S A L E ends at midnight on my actual birthday on August 8 GMT, soooooooo that’s 48 hours from right now.

10 free resources to keep you busy in isolation.

9 free resources keep you busy in isolation.
Yesterday as I was recording a voice note to one of my besties, I sat down on the toilet, pulled down my pants and peed. Halfway through my stream, I realised that someone on the other side would be hearing this, and I unashamedly confessed how natural it felt to be taking her to the bathroom with me. Later I listed every single thing I ate during the day next to the exact times in a message to someone.
This morning I proudly entertained another friend with my multitasking: wearing a facemask while running a bath and cooking mushrooms for lunch. That conversation ended with me telling her I was going to put makeup on and maybe kiss some trees on my daily walk.
Based on the high levels of comedic entertainment I am receiving over text and voice and video calls these past few days we are all getting sillier, more creative and funnier. To avoid going entirely stir-crazy, I’ve listed the 10 best resources I’ve come across to stay busy in isolation.
When I decided to start running last year, I had no idea what I was doing. Then I found this app and quietly fell in love with the running coach’s voice ever stopped. Running has since become one of my favourite things to do. I love the sweat, I love the high at the end, I love playing music really f’ing loud and pretending I’m at a rave (except that I’m running forward in a straight line with a few occasional fist-pumps along the way. It doesn’t cost anything except some of your time.
If you identify as a sole-trader/self-employed/entrepreneur this is the perfect time to get your accounts and bookkeeping in order. Wave is free and does all the hard work for you (entering the data). All you need to do is go in and organise it so it makes sense to you and your accountant.
If there’s ever a time to get your most organised inner nerd out it is now. After spending years looking for an easy-to-use tool to organize my ideas and projects into visual boards, I’ve finally come across the holy grail of digital planning that makes sense to my brain (and is free).
An evident one but if you’re not having mini dance parties in your kitchen right now what are you even doing with your life? Plus, I’m very pleased with the playlists I’ve curated and proudly will share them with you.
I’m hesitant to list this one because it feels too obvious but just in case you’re trying to find a place to leave a 30-minute blow-by-blow observation of what your neighbour is doing on his balcony to one of your best friends then this is the place. You can even use it directly from your desktop.
YouTube Yoga & Workouts
I’ve been using these for years… way before we had any kind of isolation and quarantine but now I am so grateful to have this list at hand so I don’t have to spend all of eternity figuring out which yoga or workout to choose.
Create a capsule wardrobe
Now you have all the time in the world to cull the excess in your life, and one of my favourite places to begin is with clothing. For a long time, I’ve been a proponent of having a style guide, figuring out what your uniform is, and building a small, long-lasting, wardrobe around it filled with pieces that you truly love.
Watch some really good films
Art will save us. So will hope, humility, connection and compassion. And while we are huddled into our little homes one of the best ways to feel connected to humanity to experience through the magic of film. I’m naughty and stream many films (when I can’t find anything on Netflix) for free from
Do some personal growth work
It might not be the new calendar year but it is certainly the start of a new way of life so here are some things you can do:

Delete Facebook and Instagram off your phone
It might feel weird because those two platforms are the best way to stay connected to others at the moment, but it might be worth deleting them, just for a day or two, and noticing how much more connected and at peace you feel with your immediate environment. All of a sudden you will find so much motivation and free up your creative energy to do things you love like drawing, playing music, learning a new song or dance, writing poetry etc.

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