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🌛 50% OFF all courses BIRTHDAY SALE 🌜

🌛 50% OFF all courses BIRTHDAY SALE
Guess what?!
It’s that time again! I celebrate 39 years of dancing around our sun tomorrow which also means it’s time for my annual 50% OFF ALL MY COURSES birthday sale. The S A L E  is starting right now as I pressed send so if you want to scroll right down to what’s available, go ahead.
Growing older is such a luxury and honour. Every year I become more myself, stronger, softer, wiser, kinder, happier, I let go of and move with things easier. There’s a really powerful shift that happens when you embrace exactly where you are. No chasing other things/places/people. Not wishing things were different. Fully allowing yourself to be exactly where you are and celebrating the eternal motion of change and growth. I’ll write more on this soon but for now: I’m taking the weekend off.
I spent the first couple of months while the UK was in lockdown updating and moving all of my courses onto a fancy new digital platform that makes them 1000 x more fun and easier to access. All of these are self-study courses that begin the moment you sign up for them, that you can do in your own way and time. I notice that some like to gobble them all up like hungry little munchkins and others taste them, little by little over several weeks. You do you!

Please enjoy the S A L E by using the code ‘BIRTHDAY’ at the checkout.

INSTINCT: The practical guide to your intuition + the universe. A 15-day interactive video course with a simple method for accessing, trusting and acting on your intuition while addressing the key obstacle that stops you from following your souls’ path. £20 GBP now: £10 GBP. Learn more and register here.
AFFLUENT: Money mindset, management and manifestation for women. Affluent is a 22-part digital media course (think audio lessons, meditations and a very comprehensive workbook filled with practical exercises and tools) where smart women with big dreams go to rise up, get educated, make boss moves, and build wealth. £100 GBP now: £50. Enrol here.
SOVEREIGN: If you want to be liberated in your life, this class is for you. A 6-part video-based online class, teaching you how to recognise your limiting beliefs, blocks and patterns, and clear them using 4 simple steps.  £50 GBP now: £25 GBP. Sign up here.
MANIFEST MORE: The 6-step formula that works every time. An 8-week step-by-step roadmap for deliberately co-creating your life with your dreams and desires as your compass, and the universe supporting you, every part of the way. £70 GBP now: £35 GBP. Start here today.
THE HEARTFUL BIZ: Build a heart-led online business that really works. A 2-day digital video workshop — outlining exactly what I do, and how we run our intuitive, cyclical, heart-led businesses — created with my incredible friend Claire. Access is instant. $177 USD now: $88.50 USD. Join here.

Love, love, so much love. I wish I could squeeze you so tight right now.
Vienda xo
P.S. The S A L E ends at midnight on my actual birthday on August 8 GMT, soooooooo that’s 48 hours from right now.

10 free resources to keep you busy in isolation.

9 free resources keep you busy in isolation.
Yesterday as I was recording a voice note to one of my besties, I sat down on the toilet, pulled down my pants and peed. Halfway through my stream, I realised that someone on the other side would be hearing this, and I unashamedly confessed how natural it felt to be taking her to the bathroom with me. Later I listed every single thing I ate during the day next to the exact times in a message to someone.
This morning I proudly entertained another friend with my multitasking: wearing a facemask while running a bath and cooking mushrooms for lunch. That conversation ended with me telling her I was going to put makeup on and maybe kiss some trees on my daily walk.
Based on the high levels of comedic entertainment I am receiving over text and voice and video calls these past few days we are all getting sillier, more creative and funnier. To avoid going entirely stir-crazy, I’ve listed the 10 best resources I’ve come across to stay busy in isolation.
When I decided to start running last year, I had no idea what I was doing. Then I found this app and quietly fell in love with the running coach’s voice ever stopped. Running has since become one of my favourite things to do. I love the sweat, I love the high at the end, I love playing music really f’ing loud and pretending I’m at a rave (except that I’m running forward in a straight line with a few occasional fist-pumps along the way. It doesn’t cost anything except some of your time.
If you identify as a sole-trader/self-employed/entrepreneur this is the perfect time to get your accounts and bookkeeping in order. Wave is free and does all the hard work for you (entering the data). All you need to do is go in and organise it so it makes sense to you and your accountant.
If there’s ever a time to get your most organised inner nerd out it is now. After spending years looking for an easy-to-use tool to organize my ideas and projects into visual boards, I’ve finally come across the holy grail of digital planning that makes sense to my brain (and is free).
An evident one but if you’re not having mini dance parties in your kitchen right now what are you even doing with your life? Plus, I’m very pleased with the playlists I’ve curated and proudly will share them with you.
I’m hesitant to list this one because it feels too obvious but just in case you’re trying to find a place to leave a 30-minute blow-by-blow observation of what your neighbour is doing on his balcony to one of your best friends then this is the place. You can even use it directly from your desktop.
YouTube Yoga & Workouts
I’ve been using these for years… way before we had any kind of isolation and quarantine but now I am so grateful to have this list at hand so I don’t have to spend all of eternity figuring out which yoga or workout to choose.
Create a capsule wardrobe
Now you have all the time in the world to cull the excess in your life, and one of my favourite places to begin is with clothing. For a long time, I’ve been a proponent of having a style guide, figuring out what your uniform is, and building a small, long-lasting, wardrobe around it filled with pieces that you truly love.
Watch some really good films
Art will save us. So will hope, humility, connection and compassion. And while we are huddled into our little homes one of the best ways to feel connected to humanity to experience through the magic of film. I’m naughty and stream many films (when I can’t find anything on Netflix) for free from
Do some personal growth work
It might not be the new calendar year but it is certainly the start of a new way of life so here are some things you can do:

Delete Facebook and Instagram off your phone
It might feel weird because those two platforms are the best way to stay connected to others at the moment, but it might be worth deleting them, just for a day or two, and noticing how much more connected and at peace you feel with your immediate environment. All of a sudden you will find so much motivation and free up your creative energy to do things you love like drawing, playing music, learning a new song or dance, writing poetry etc.

Not ready.

Not ready.
When I was 15 I went on a long overseas trip for the first time entirely on my own. I had signed up to be a foreign exchange student in the States for one year. I boarded the plane snotty-nosed and big, red eyes rimmed with tears and a knot in my stomach.
I was not ready.
That year ended up being the happiest time of life so far and formed my independence and sense of self in a way that is immeasurable.
When I was 23 I attended my first-ever electronic music festival. I was resistant and didn’t want to go and thought it would be full of weirdos and absolutely, definitely not for me. My boyfriend at the time promised me we would leave after 1 day if I truly hated it.
I was not ready.
At that music festival, I got to know the producers of the festival and other producers of other music festivals and all sorts of fascinating, inspiring, incredible people that I admired who hired me based on my personality and skills and ended up making music festivals my career for 5 years.
When I was 28 I wrote my first few blog posts. One day I decided to share one on Facebook. I was shaking and started to get all hot and prickly inside as my finger hovered over the ‘post’ button. I took a deep breath, clicked the button and then quickly closed the computer, terrified of what people would say and walked away.
I was not ready.
After that, it became easier and easier to share and to post and to write and after 2 years of writing and sharing I had a popular blog with over 10,000 readers every month.
When I was 30 I desperately wanted to turn my blog into a business. I came across a course called BSchool which promised me all the answers and thought about whether to take it or not for an entire month until 10 minutes before enrolment closed for the year. Sweating with fear I assembled all my resources and courage and paid the $2,000 even though it made me feel nauseous.
I was not ready.
That investment lead me to creating an online business that has allowed me to give my gifts to the world on my terms and has supported me on every level, especially financially across the past (almost) 7 years.
When I was 33 I bought a van to travel along the East Coast of Australia. I didn’t know anything about cars (I still don’t) or how to make my #vanlife fantasy reality but I pooled all my resources together and followed my heart, even though…
I was not ready.
Two weeks later my van blew up, but I fell in love and my entire life trajectory changed in the most wonderful and unexpected ways, that I am so grateful for today.
When I was 36, heart-broken, sick, confused and torn apart, I booked a flight to a town in Mexico that I had never heard of, knew no-one in and arrived there the next day with a suitcase filled with hope.
I was not ready.
That town became my home for two years where I tended to my heart, healed and grew. It was a safe container that held me in tender ways nowhere else had before and gave me everything I didn’t even know I needed.
I’ve noticed something interesting…
The very best things that have happened to me were the things I did when I wasn’t ready. The things that shook me and tore at me and made me feel the biggest feelings and pushed me and stretched me and scared me and lit a flame of hope in my heart and big dreams in my imagination…
Those things gave me the most, beyond my wildest dreams, even though…
I was not ready.
Don’t hold back, waiting to be ready. It will never arrive.
Even if you’re not ready.

My 3 best tips for starting a business when you have no idea where to start.

My 5 best tips for starting a business when you have no idea where to start.
If I had known how much chutzpah it would take to build and create the momentum for my business, I might never have started. I think that’s true for so many worthwhile quests. Like having children. The most challenging, difficult, bring-you-to-your-knees endeavour, and also the most fulfilling and meaningful. It is in the innocent not-knowing that our greatest courage lies.
There are so many things I wish I had known, that I have learned through the process. It’s my personal quest in life, to learn through active participation, and then to share what I learn. So I thought I’d share with you my 3 best tips for starting a business when you have no idea where to start.
ONE | Begin with what’s in front of you.
So many people are looking for their passions and purpose in some distant, faraway concept. I know because I did it too. My “work” couldn’t possibly be an extension of me, could it? Yes. Yes, that’s exactly what it should be. Something that flows out of you so naturally that it doesn’t feel like work. Your work doesn’t necessarily have to be something you feel incredibly passionate about or give you a sense of purpose, in my opinion. What it does have to do is meet you at the intersection between all your skills, your personality traits, and what the world really needs right now.
Still unsure? Answer these 3 questions in your journal:
— How do I want my work to feel?
— What do I want the world to know?
— What do I love to do?

Get really clear about your intentions for your work and life. Get really clear about the legacy you want to leave behind and impact that you’re hoping to have on in the world. Figure that out first. Then think about all the things you love doing. A friend of mine loves plants. So she became a teacher at a college teaching teenagers about ecological agriculture. Another friend of mine loves food and photography. So she started a guided food photography tour business. You get to take pictures of food, learn how to take better pictures of food, eat food and tour around a city you’ve never been to before. Genius! If you do this, then you’ll have a roadmap. You’ll know the point you’re trying to make. You’ll know what your destination is supposed to be.

Now, you can reverse engineer it.

TWO | Learn the skills, then do it your way.
Before I began my business, I was devastatingly and hopelessly convinced that I was no good at business. I just didn’t believe that my brain functions in a business-y way. Looking back, I wonder why I even started, until I remember that I had determinedly decided that this was the only way for me and that there was no plan B. I am so grateful for past me for feeling the fear and diving in anyway. I digress… I was right, in a way. My brain does not function in the linear, sharp, inflexible, patriarchial way that I thought business had to be. I am more creative and intuitive and feminine in my approach. And, as it turns out, I am actually really quite good at business!
Yet, I still needed to learn systems and processes, like what to actually include on my website and what marketing means and how to use it and Woah! all the business things that felt so huge and scary and overwhelming. I took $2,000 and invested in myself and my big, beautiful dream to work for myself, doing things I love. You could begin with my course The Heartful Biz to get started.
I learned all the foundational tools and skills that allowed me to build the structure of my business and then tweaked them to suit me and my style of working.
THREE | It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.
The single, number one thing, that has given my business momentum is the relationships I have cultivated. Relationships are everything. Not just in business, but in life. And especially in business. You might want to have an online business, but you still have relationships to build, and a bond of trust to nurture with people who are going to invest in you and your products or services.
This means putting yourself out there: starting conversations with people on social media posts and stories, writing emails to strangers, doing workshops, speaking at events, talking to random people in public places about the work you do, offering free webinars, doing free calls, starting a podcast or putting yourself forward for podcast interviews, nurturing the community you already have while also putting yourself in front of new people. Anyone could be a lead to generate more income or grow your audience.
The other relationships you want to acquire are a community of your own: people who can support you, cheer you on, bounce ideas off, share the highs and lows of your journey, and encourage you to keep reaching and growing. The first two years of my business were so lonely because I just did it all by myself. As soon as I gathered a small community of women who were doing similar work I felt inspired and so supported, I wish I had reached for my “people” sooner.
If I had known those 3 things right from the start, it would have been so much easier to get started. Instead, it took me a few years of experimenting to get there. Hopefully, they will help you.
Also, some extra rapid-fire tips:

  • be patient
  • be you and keep showing up with integrity and authenticity through all the ups and downs of life and business
  • be realistic with your time, it’s an ongoing learning curve and process that never ends, you never really arrive
  • remember to forecast your income and projects so that the money and the work keeps coming in


this is no ordinary planner + journaling method

this is no ordinary planner + journaling method — the beginnings of plannher + my hopes for her future
It began on a humid morning in Bali 6 years ago. I had committed to my nomadic lifestyle — living out of a suitcase while running my business from wherever I found myself — but hadn’t figured out my organisation system. Travelling with 7 different notebooks to manage various areas of my life… wasn’t working.
That’s when I invested in a planner/Filofax that revolutionised my life.
I experimented and tested many different approaches to journaling and planning including working with the energy of the days of the week, new moon manifesting, full moon releasing, money magic formulas and vision mapping.  I wanted to find a way to marry energetic and physical practices that are effective and do-able in our modern world. Over the years I developed a formula that aligned with my belief that the cycles of nature can to looked to, to guide us on how to best live life.
I want to share it.
In my first explorations into getting a planner/Filofax made, all roads led to and China. I felt put off by the whole thing. I wasn’t strong enough in myself yet, to move forward with the concept. Making a physical product felt beyond me.
Several years passed, occasionally revisiting the idea but not finding any solutions. In the meantime, I kept tweaking my journaling processes and planning formulas. The whole concept was becoming such a foundational part of how I create and navigate my life, I knew I had to find a way to share it eventually.
Halfway through 2019, I received a strong and final intuitive nudge that it is time to move forward with this. No more letting excuses get in the way. It is my job to let go of control around “how” it comes to be and rather focus on doing the work necessary to allow it to arrive land-side.
It’s been a journey. Physical products are no joke to produce compared to digital products. I have a  whole new level of respect for all the incredible women that I know who create beautiful, sustainable things in the world. Trying to find the right format, the printers, the designer to bring it to life hasn’t been the fluid, easy process that I wish it would have been. But I also recognise that every shift, misstep, change, and lesson has been the project taking shape and form in its own way to be what it is meant to be. I need to keep my hands off the steering wheel, keep showing up to the work and trust the process.
Here’s where I am at so far.
Plannher is a planner and journaling method to inspire clarity, trust, harmony, creativity, self-love and care, mental health, wellness and spiritual connection to self and the universe, while setting meaningful and realistic goals, into mapping out your months, weeks, and days, while feeling organised and like you have a sense of direction.
Plannher is split into two parts: The Map and The Journey, to help you identify your authentic map to develop your unique journey to creating a life that is truly your own. Plannher teaches you self-reflection tools, practices and approaches to bring your internal compass to the surface to guide your life. This is no ordinary journaling method and planner.
Plannher shows you how to use journaling, intuition, structure and organising your life to manifest, clear behaviour patterns and become the fullest expression and allow your actions in the work to be an extension of your soul. It’s one that is focused on expansion, growth and human potential. You learn how to journal. You learn how to use visioning, dreaming and creative inspiration to create your life. You get a physical touch-point that you can return home to day-by-day to actively be a conscious participant in your own becoming.
Plannher is timeless. It doesn’t start the year on January 1st. It starts when you want it to. Does your personal year start on your birthday? On the astrological new year with Aries? When you go back to school or start a new job? You get to decide and make the world work for you, on your personal timeline,  finally. I’ll show you how.
Because all the planner/Filofax style options all contain way too much plastic, it has become a linen-covered hardcover book filled with magic. You have the option to get the digital course to accompany it with videos and audios on how to do all the planning and journaling explained in detail with supporting templates.
• 8.5” x 11”
• Ethically produced
• Linen-Bound Book
• Gold foil logo
• White paper
• A simple introduction to the Plannher method
• A non-negotiables list
• A World map
• Horizontal weekly spread
• Weekly ‘Love To Do’ section
• Moon phases + energy of the days of the week included
• 2020 and 2021-at-a-glance calendar
• Plannher soul map vision quest
• A seasonal style guide
• Monthly money tracking
• New moon intentions lists
• Full moon reflections lists
• Map out your creative ideas
• Monthly planning calendars for each month
• Weekly planning calendars for each week
• Half the book unlined / dot grid pages for journalling
• Inspiring quotes on intermittent pages
Currently, the book design is in development with the designer, I’m in conversations with 4 printing companies, and I’m moving back to the UK so I can actually send and receive mail without the local Cartel stealing it. At this point, it looks like plannher will be in stock and available online in March 2020. Until then, I’d love you to join along and follow the journey here.
I’m dreaming big with this baby. My Papa told me to go for it.

You can start changing your relationship to money and have more of it right now. If you’re ready.

You can start changing your relationship to money and have more of it right now. If you're ready.
Sitting on the edge of the ocean in the sand on the weekend I watch a little hermit crab scurry past on it’s 10 little legs moving sideways over tiny sand dunes. He stops. Hesitating many times. Circling around me. Searching.
I see him find a shell. A tusk shaped spiral a little bigger than his own. He turns it around. Waddles past several times. Looks inside. Stops, again.

A few moments later that little crab crawls out of his shell, naked and alone, without protection or a home. So vulnerable. Anything could happen.
He circles his old shell a few times. Stops. Then scurries to the new one and hides inside. Slowly, slowly those 10 little legs reappear. Sideways, he’s off again.
I’ve never seen a hermit crab change shells before. It reminds me of my own growth. The outgrowing my own skin or shell. The discomfort of no longer fitting in combined with the paradoxical comfort of the space I know so well. And then those terrifying moments of complete vulnerability, unprotected and alone as I prepare myself for my next expansion, another space to call home that I am to grow into.

I find myself in that strangely vulnerable place again.  The past few weeks an old anxiety has been revisiting. I have caught myself falling back into the old web of fear-based thinking. I have observed, many times, when I about to leap in the direction of my lofty dreams, and take a risk on the unknown, old habitual thought patterns tend to return. As if this newest level of life experience requires a new layer to be cleared.
Being self-employed and responsible for 100%  of my income I started thinking things like “omg, where’s the next few months money going to come from?” and “I should hustle to make more of it” and “if I was smarter/had a bigger following/worked harder I wouldn’t have to think about this!”
All those thoughts are lies. I have more than enough money to see me through for the next few months. And while I would like to income to continue growing there is absolutely no reason for me to feel lack, or fear. I know lots of ppl with a larger following than me that make less money than me, so that’s entirely false. And while it’s part of my work to keep reaching a wider audience what I’m ultimately interested in is quality over quantity. Hustle is in no way shape or form part of my business strategy. It’s a fear response that I will not buy into. I know my best work comes from a place of rest, play and inspired action.
Creating and reacting from a place of fear instead of a place of trust and inspiration is out of alignment with my core beliefs and values. And so instead, I make use of the resources I already have.
This is an old conditioned pattern taking over. I find myself in this place, every time take a leap and grow. First comes the inner struggle. Then comes the discomfort. Then the awareness and the willingness to change. Followed by results. Doing the inner work = more money, more alignment, more creativity, more inspiration.
The past week I’ve gone back and peeled away the latest layer of narratives and misbeliefs. I’ve been doing this process every year or so since 2014. I’d like to invite you to join me.
It will only take a few hours. A few hours that take you through a 4-part process:
1. Embrace your money monsters — You always start here: deal with your money stuff by recognizing what social conditioning and limiting beliefs are holding you back and release them by deprogramming with the RRRRI clearing formula.
2. 180° your focus — What you focus on expands: you have to change your focus and perspective first in order to have more of what you want. Learn to cultivate gratitude by tracking and acknowledging every single bit of money that comes into your life with gratitude and be in the space of abundance. Your vibe acts as your magnet.
3. Know how much you need  — Write down everything you need. Own it. Place a figure next to each item and then add it all up. Because clarity is magic, baby! Expand your vision of what is possible by seeking out examples of what you are wanting and allow them to expand you. Rewrite your narrative based on your newly expanded vision.
4. Have more money now — Take responsibility by taking action. Learn what you can do right now to have more money. Try new things. Save your money. Have a ‘Fuck Off’ fund. Pay off your debt. Love yourself.
I teach this process in my course: Affluent. I thought perhaps you’d want to join me. So I’ve opened it up enrolments one final time. Click here to learn more about Affluent and enrol. Access is instant.
You can start changing your relationship to money and have more of it right now. If you’re ready. If you really want to. It works. I’ve used and tested this process many times. And I only teach things that work.
Want to learn a bit more about my approach? Read these articles, too:





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