You can start changing your relationship to money and have more of it right now. If you're ready.
Sitting on the edge of the ocean in the sand on the weekend I watch a little hermit crab scurry past on it’s 10 little legs moving sideways over tiny sand dunes. He stops. Hesitating many times. Circling around me. Searching.
I see him find a shell. A tusk shaped spiral a little bigger than his own. He turns it around. Waddles past several times. Looks inside. Stops, again.

A few moments later that little crab crawls out of his shell, naked and alone, without protection or a home. So vulnerable. Anything could happen.
He circles his old shell a few times. Stops. Then scurries to the new one and hides inside. Slowly, slowly those 10 little legs reappear. Sideways, he’s off again.
I’ve never seen a hermit crab change shells before. It reminds me of my own growth. The outgrowing my own skin or shell. The discomfort of no longer fitting in combined with the paradoxical comfort of the space I know so well. And then those terrifying moments of complete vulnerability, unprotected and alone as I prepare myself for my next expansion, another space to call home that I am to grow into.

I find myself in that strangely vulnerable place again.  The past few weeks an old anxiety has been revisiting. I have caught myself falling back into the old web of fear-based thinking. I have observed, many times, when I about to leap in the direction of my lofty dreams, and take a risk on the unknown, old habitual thought patterns tend to return. As if this newest level of life experience requires a new layer to be cleared.
Being self-employed and responsible for 100%  of my income I started thinking things like “omg, where’s the next few months money going to come from?” and “I should hustle to make more of it” and “if I was smarter/had a bigger following/worked harder I wouldn’t have to think about this!”
All those thoughts are lies. I have more than enough money to see me through for the next few months. And while I would like to income to continue growing there is absolutely no reason for me to feel lack, or fear. I know lots of ppl with a larger following than me that make less money than me, so that’s entirely false. And while it’s part of my work to keep reaching a wider audience what I’m ultimately interested in is quality over quantity. Hustle is in no way shape or form part of my business strategy. It’s a fear response that I will not buy into. I know my best work comes from a place of rest, play and inspired action.
Creating and reacting from a place of fear instead of a place of trust and inspiration is out of alignment with my core beliefs and values. And so instead, I make use of the resources I already have.
This is an old conditioned pattern taking over. I find myself in this place, every time take a leap and grow. First comes the inner struggle. Then comes the discomfort. Then the awareness and the willingness to change. Followed by results. Doing the inner work = more money, more alignment, more creativity, more inspiration.
The past week I’ve gone back and peeled away the latest layer of narratives and misbeliefs. I’ve been doing this process every year or so since 2014. I’d like to invite you to join me.
It will only take a few hours. A few hours that take you through a 4-part process:
1. Embrace your money monsters — You always start here: deal with your money stuff by recognizing what social conditioning and limiting beliefs are holding you back and release them by deprogramming with the RRRRI clearing formula.
2. 180° your focus — What you focus on expands: you have to change your focus and perspective first in order to have more of what you want. Learn to cultivate gratitude by tracking and acknowledging every single bit of money that comes into your life with gratitude and be in the space of abundance. Your vibe acts as your magnet.
3. Know how much you need  — Write down everything you need. Own it. Place a figure next to each item and then add it all up. Because clarity is magic, baby! Expand your vision of what is possible by seeking out examples of what you are wanting and allow them to expand you. Rewrite your narrative based on your newly expanded vision.
4. Have more money now — Take responsibility by taking action. Learn what you can do right now to have more money. Try new things. Save your money. Have a ‘Fuck Off’ fund. Pay off your debt. Love yourself.
I teach this process in my course: Affluent. I thought perhaps you’d want to join me. So I’ve opened it up enrolments one final time. Click here to learn more about Affluent and enrol. Access is instant.
You can start changing your relationship to money and have more of it right now. If you’re ready. If you really want to. It works. I’ve used and tested this process many times. And I only teach things that work.
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