Happiness is a choice. Not something that happens to you in exchange for effort.
People spend hundreds of thousands of wasted hours, dollars and tears in the pursuit of happiness. As if it is something that you have to seek, rather than something that is already within you.
Happiness, joy and love ~ these are your birthright.
Not something you must work for, strive for, buy, beg for or steal.
Life is actually very simple.
If you want to be happy, try something new.
It may be a little scary. It may feel kinda weird but really, what do you have to lose?
In every single moment, choose happiness.
That’s it.
Ask yourself, in this very moment, what makes me feel the better feeling? What feels good? What feels exciting?
Choose to do what feels good. This is the very simple way of becoming happier and happier.
Choose happiness.
It is when we fully realise and embrace that our happiness is a choice made in the present moment, that our lives completely transform.
Image: fit to be thin

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