Hello my sparkle-hearts,
Can you believe we are in Week 3 of The Empowerment Project already?!! Over the past few days we’ve had more people sign up and join our group, making it 85 gorgeous souls learning to empower their lives, so make sure to welcome them in the E. P. Facebook group page!
I’m feeling much better, having been able to take some time out for myself to just rest, and am definitely on the road to recovery this week so I am happy to share a video with you again.
Today we are talking about one of my favourite topics in the universe: the soul. And importantly, how to connect with it.
The soul has many different names including goddess, spirit, inner child and I see it as each individuals metaphysical expression of Source energy, just like the body is the physical expression of Source energy.
To me, it’s not really important what name you choose to give it. What is really important is how you connect with it, FEEL it and communicate with that part of your self. This is where your inner guide, wisdom and intuition lies.
For everyone it feels a little different, so there are many variations of how you experience your connection with your soul, and today I am going to share with you what it feels like for me.
How I Connect With My Soul
When I connect with my soul, the first thing I do is move my attention away from my mind and into my my body. It’s like moving from thinking to feeling or from my head towards my heart, allowing my attention to gently drift down into my body.
Where I Feel the Connection
As I move my attention down, I tend to feel a soft, warm, vibrating sensation that rises up from my solar plexus and into my sternum until I am embraced by a sweet, warm, enticing feeling which signals to me that I am connecting with my soul. I like to call this area in the middle of my chest the sweet spot because it feels so beautiful, like an infinite vortex of love energy spiralling in and out of me simultaneously, and connecting to a force that is beyond human understanding and explanation.
What Happens When I Connect With My Soul
As I sit with this feeling, I keep my mind clear without attachment to any thoughts that might be floating past, and remain focused on the sensation of the energy vibration in my sweet spot. Within moments I feel and incredible sense of peace and acceptance engulf my entire being, and in this is where I ask for wisdom and guidance from my intuition and connection with Source.
Why Connect With Soul
As you get better and better at connecting with your soul, your truth, your wisdom and your desires will become more clear and apparent to you, dissolving any kind of confusion and delusions that you may have had about your life. Your intuition loves to be heard by you, and will guide you to live a life full of joy, happiness and fulfilment. It is in the connecting with your soul that you will discover the answers, the peace and the inner calm and stillness that you seek.
A fantastic way to practise connecting with your soul, is to tune into your sweet spot at various times throughout the day, for example when you’re waiting in line or in an office, or when you’re on the telephone, in a lecture or in a meeting, listening. The more you strengthen your connection with your soul, the more powerful and clear the lines of communication become and increasingly your life flow becomes harmonious and graceful.

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