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Client Love

I love working with Vienda as she is an expert in balancing the feminine, heart-led and creative aspects with the practical – masculine. When starting with Vienda, I struggled with feeling lost and overwhelmed in my own business. I had so many ideas but no idea how to run a business. It was clear to me that I wanted to work with her because I didn’t want some masculine approach to be forced upon me. I have gained massive value through her clear guidance, always helping me turn my feminine creative chaos into something tangible. I now know how to plan my business and what actual steps to take. After having a session on creating good content, I signed up 2 clients within the next few days! I feel much safer in the expression and creativity of my work as I now have clear structures and tangible action plans to hold space for my feminine flow.


Working 1:1 with Vienda was nothing short of life-changing for me. Last year in December, I knew I needed support to find more clarity within my coaching business and the courage to spread my message. Vienda has unique energy & presence and the gift to make you feel good about yourself, your goals & your business. I worked with other coaches before as well, and although I learned from all of them, the biggest transformation I ever experienced happened with Vienda. Within just 3 months, I learned to create more intuitively and also to let go of self-doubts & insecurity around my offerings. And thanks to her business genius, I was able to create a passive income product within one week & made a sale after one day of promoting it! Thank you, Vienda!


I knew that as soon as I read her writings, seeing and feeling how she led with her heart, I couldn’t help but reach out. Now, and looking back, I can see just how doubt-filled my days were. How impossibly hopeless I felt when approaching building a business. During our sessions, she encouraged me to see possibilities and opportunities I had previously shut out. She lifted me up and reminded me why I choose to show up for myself & the community I have built; there isn’t possibly enough room to share with you all that Vienda brought into my life, I just know that she has and will continue to bring that sense of belonging into everything, everyone, and everywhere she goes.


Working with Vienda was a fantastic experience. From our initial call through to the end of the 3-month coaching program, she clearly understood me and the life I was hoping to step into. During the coaching process, I had the support I needed to reframe and let go of limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Speaking with Vienda allowed my heart and mind to expand through a process of calm introspection and purposeful action. I feel back in the flow of life with a renewed sense of self.


Thank you Thank you Thank you! What a light you are. I look forward to every call to just learn from you, to share and open up. It feels like home, you have created such a safe space its incredible! You’re such a light I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with you. Thank you for bringing me back to my intuition — to what feels right. I remember the day I first contacted you.. l was stuck. But you knew exactly what it was that needed to be unstuck and how this journey would unravel. You are such an incredible mentor and have strongly supported me and provided tools for me to follow and use in all areas of my life.


What I love about Vienda is that every time I listen to her, I feel like she is my best friend. She gets me. She gets us. She talks openly and honestly about things we all go through, whether it’s self-love, relationship, freedom or money-related… But what I also love about her way of guiding and helping is that she never says “this is the right way and the only right way and you should do it”. She guides you but gives you “only” the little pushes, the rest she lets you do, she makes you do. She helps you feel like a person totally capable of handling everything that comes your way through the tools inside of you that she helps you discover.


Working with Vienda for 3 months enhanced my trust in my own intuition and ability to manifest that led me to get work through manifestation which totally surprised me. A major insight I had is that instead of constantly freaking out about money, I need to build my brand and trust there will always be a supply for my needs.


Vienda supported me in uncovering my dreams and bringing them to life. Before we began our journey I felt such a block; a block in trusting and believing in myself. She held space for me as I stepped through my fears and reclaimed the power I had within to manifest my visions. Her constant support, creativity, wisdom, and ideas were the catalyst for me to step fully into my role with true authenticity and alignment to who I am and what I can offer. Now, I feel so alive, excited, and passionate about what’s to come.


Vienda has a true ability to vision greatly, like most creatives — but her tangible superpower — unlike many is the ability to softly see the chapters of the vision with the clearest of clarity. Vienda’s guidance is both gentle and functional, for the first time in a long time I felt the true potential of my business and all of a sudden it felt EASY. In-person, I admired how humble and approachable she was, although it made perfect sense as she inspires through her authentic self.


Recognising that I have been bracing myself for all the impacts life sent me for so many years, and I’m so glad to have spent time with you to uncover this and to see clearly where to look to undo this. Honestly, talking and sharing with you was just so needed and so healing.  I had so much weight and twistedness in myself over the past coaching fuckery, and I just needed to speak it out and remove it from my being- and it was gone and cleared. And all of the other (surprising, but not really) things that came up as well.  Thank you for just being with me.


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