Do you sometimes notice when resistance arises in you around something?
You need to do some inner work,
you want to work on your creative project,
you have unfinished business with something …. or someone,
but something inside you is resisting.
Resistance is a clear and dedicated signpost that THIS THING THAT YOU ARE RESISTING requires some further attention.
You need to have a conversation with your Resistance.
Go to your cozy corner. Get real comfy. Take your crystals, you favourite cup of tea, your cushions, your teddy bear or your goldfish with you. They will help.
Now go and acknowledge your Resistance. Introduce yourself. Be nice.
Ask him…”excuse me Sir, what exactly are you doing here, getting in the way of my flow?”
He will tell you. He will give you one of two clues:
He will teach something about yourself that previously you did not know. He will tell you tales, of ancient times, when you took upon yourself a belief that, at that time served you, but that is now limiting you. He will ingratiate you with the details of a moment in your life, when you weren’t as conscious as you are now, when you didn’t have the practice or presence in your life, which at times still burdens your subconscious and creates resistance in you. He will also tell you that, as soon as you let go of that expired belief, the resistance will leave you. And that you may carry on in your flow, freely swooping down your river of life.
He will say, stop! This direction you are moving in. It is not for you. You are moving against your current. That is why you feel resistance. Be still. Come back to presence. You have moved slightly out of your alignment and are fighting an uphill battle with your inner knowing, with your peace. Stop. Take a moment. Give yourself an afternoon off to recalibrate, to reassess. Nurture yourself and regain your clarity. Don’t make any new decisions until you are ready. The world will wait for you. He will tell you that he is here to warn you, to protect you and care for you.
Resistance is your Angel, guiding you and showing you the way to your best self and life. Allow him to take your hand and bring you back into the natural, easy flow of your life. Easy does it, grasshopper!
Vienda x
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Photo taken in an art gallery in Amsterdam.

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