The Mentor Training by Vienda Maria


THE MENTOR TRAINING — An 8-month live and online comprehensive training to prepare you to self-mentor and mentor others. This training can be used to expand your own personal skills for self-exploration and healing as well as to build your career as a mentor. £2,000 — Starts September 2023.


RENEW — We don’t live life in a straight line. Life is a spiral: a series of cycles through which we are moving and, hopefully, growing. There are 5 phases to the renewal cycle. 1. FLOW 2. SPACE 3. EDIT 4. AWAKEN 5. EXPAND. It is a process of teasing out what is most important for you. RENEW is going to take you through these 5 phases in this order. In your own time, on your own timeline. £150


AFFLUENT — Money mindset, management and manifestation for women is a 22-part digital media course (think audio lessons, meditations and a very comprehensive workbook filled with practical exercises and tools) where smart women with big dreams go to rise up, get educated, make big moves, and build wealth. £100


MANIFEST MORE — The 6-step formula that works every time, is an 8-week step-by-step roadmap for deliberately co-creating your life with your dreams and desires as your compass, and the universe supporting you, every part of the way. £70


SOVEREIGN — Know how to clear your patterns, limiting beliefs and emotional blocks in minutes. A 6-part video sequence outlining every step of the ‘Sovereign’ process. £50


INSTINCT — The practical guide to your intuition + the universe. 15 interactive video lessons with a simple method for accessing, trusting and acting on your intuition while addressing the key obstacle that stops you from following your souls’ path. £20


PAUSE & PIVOT — Your graceful daily routine, is an 8-part digital mini-course that will teach you how to redefine your life by developing your own graceful daily routine. Free, for you. x


ON PURPOSE — Still asking “What’s my purpose”? In this free masterclass, I take you through the 4 step process that will help you finally answer this continuous and timeless question. Bets part, is it’s fun, fast and easy with 5 x 3-minute videos and a few exercises. Learn more here.



BOUNDARIED — A 2-hour audio experience to ignite the inspiration to map out your own hours and have the self-authority to do something different to the cultural norm. We take you on a journey that includes a mix of stories, a visualisation meditation, music, journaling, movement, the practice of mapping work week, and sharing. £35


THE HEARTFUL BIZ — A step-by-step roadmap for deliberately creating your business with your natural cycles and talents as your compass, and the universe supporting you, every step of the way. A collaboration between Claire Baker and myself, this interactive digital 2-day workshop is for you if you have a burning desire to do your unique work in the world. You will learn how to run a business that’s both meaningful and profitable. £250


YOUR OWN ONLINE COURSE — Across the past 6 years we have successfully created & sold over 12 digital courses between us. These online courses have become our main sources of income. And we just love creating them. Now we show you how we do it. £200


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