As I scrounge the web for information and tips for creating and developing a business, marketing and brands I often come across articles + support programs for time management, scheduling, to do list and so on.
What would happen if you stopped pushing your way through your to do list every day? What would happen if you trusted yourself enough not to forcefully keep to deadlines? Would your productivity drop? Would you never ever get anything done?
There is a fine line between definitively compartmentalising your life and keeping appointments.
Creative impulses work the best when we allow them to flow from us in their own time. The most delicious, juicy and inspirational stuff comes from us when we least expect it. How often do you come up with that next fabulous great idea when you have written in your calendar: Tuesday 27th of September, 9.45am: Come up with new inspired fabulous idea. Does it not make you want to cringe in a way? Since when and how is creativity schedue-able?
All activities in which you create something, be it writing a project report, a meeting, an email, a conversation with a client, friend or family, a piece of art, jewellery or getting dressed up for a night out are creative impulses. Scheduling them into small timelines and compartmentalised blocks renders them without the natural attribution of flow.
Some people may argue that this is the most effective way for them to flourish + support their productivity however it can also argued that this doesn’t allow for an inspired distribution of creative impulses. The creative process is akin to an external byproduct of your existence. What you create is something that flows through you not something that you can contain, claim as purely your own, since all great ideas a built on other great ideas, nor structure into a timetable.
You are a human being, not a robot, how can you truly cut your day, times and life into many different compartments each holding within it a specific and essential part of yourself?
Therefore it is important to create the space and time with your daily life where you don’t have to schedule in specific things at certain times. There are just areas in each day where you are free to allow the creative process to come through you.
Without devaluing the ability to maintain appointments and get things finished, when you are passionate and deeply entrenched in your creative process then no deadline will speed up your productivity. You will find that the created will turn up on its own accord without you trying or forcing or pushing for it at just the right time.
The author of Eat, Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert shares a wonderful TED talk on creativity here.
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