I wrote about how I became a life coach, and you asked what it’s like to be coached by me.
This is how I do it…
Once we have finalised our coaching agreement, I do some research into you. I want to know what your personal style is, what your online presence looks like, and whether your energy resonates with the image you have constructed of yourself. Simply said, I do a little digital stalking.
I get a FEEL of who you are, from our first complimentary conversation, and take notes on what intuitively has arisen for me from that first call. I also read through the answers that you send back to me in the questionnaire that every client receives.
Also, I do your astrological chart, to get a good sense of your natural strengths; abilities; areas that you might need the most support with and the approach that you will most thrive from. It gives me a good understanding and base to work from.
Before every call with you, I spend some time meditating, and asking for guidance and help in supporting you to reach your highest good. I know that the wisdom I share with you is your wisdom also, and my job is to reflect back to you your greatness, your infiniteness, your beauty, and all the possibilities that are available to you.
On our call, we spend a few moments connecting, chatting about our days; and then I get straight to point and ask you to open up, get honest, vulnerable and dive into our focus and goals which you will have outlined in the initial questionnaire.
The calls are structured quite freely, and flow intuitively, being guided by what appears to be most important and relevant to you in that moment, to free yourself up and move in the direction that brings you the most happiness inner peace, joy and focus.
Each call is designed to bring you back to yourself; back home; back to your inner wisdom and knowing; back to trusting your divine wisdom and taking action even when the leaps and bounds scare you. It’s about following your heart and the whispers from your soul which allow you to fulfil your highest purpose and desires.
I will pull you up when you err off you path, and reflect back to you when your fears and limited conditioning trespass your highest good. I talk you through the beliefs that hold you back, and work through letting go of those things that no longer serve you, by shining the light of awareness on it. And then I help you let go, make space and replace the thoughts, ideas and beliefs with ones that light you up, lift you and take you to places that you’ve previously only dreamed of.
Coaching with me is a two-way street. It takes both of us.
You need to show up 100% with a fierce desire to change, a willingness to explore the darker corners of your existence, and a curiosity and drive that will take you to your edge. You will need to be prepared to ask questions, to show yourself with authenticity and vulnerability, so that we can get straight to the core and get you moving swiftly down your own unique path of connection with the sacred, guided by your intuition, held in place with practical action and engagement.
I show up 100% with every single part of me. Over 10 years of experience discovering what makes human beings tick, and applying the knowledge: how we are empowered to create our worlds and what mindset needs to be developed in order to take on the our creative natures and help them flourish.
The most important element is the mindset. The mindset required to live a life of freedom, curiosity, connection, in the flow, with ease and joy, and fulfilment in all the we experience and do.
We create our worlds with how we FEEL, the beliefs we have and the thoughts that we think which create our emotions. Our emotions are a reflection of where we at within ourselves and guide us exactly to where we are being triggered and what needs to change.
I always ask you to pay close attention to how you FEEL, in the present moment, so that we can clear the space for what you actually want in your life.
Sometimes I will bring up intuitive messages that I have received in the time prior to our call, or even during our call. I often am told insights about my clients during my every-day life, little snippets of gold that I hold dear to my heart and write down to use in my emails and coaching calls with you. They help me guide you into the spaces that you are blinded by, they help you grow and move through your blockages and limitations. It’s about expanding your vision and belief of what is possible for you.
I close our call with a quick roundup of the most poignant points from our conversation, highlighting any action or homework I have given you, and confirm the date and time for next session.
I then follow-up with an email. Sometimes that email comes to you on the same day of our call. Sometime I have to wait a while until it feels right, until the words that are required flow through, so your heart and soul are ignited and fuelled to take the risks required as you break free; and are compelled to trust in the power of your path.
You also have unlimited email access to me, for any of those eeek! moments. Remember, I am here to fully support you, so always be willing to reach out and accept and receive the support I want to give.
Have you thought about coaching with me? I only have 3 places left on my Gypset Mindset coaching program. Email me here to schedule your complimentary ‘get to know each other’ call, and find out if this is right for you.
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