It’s been a TREMENDOUS 24 months here on my blog and coaching business, and to celebrate and give YOU my infinite thanks and gratitude, in partnership with some of my most favourite people and brands, I am giving away a treasure trove of amazing gifts to one lucky winner!
To eliminate the need for crazy competition permits, I’m running these contests as a game of skill.

Given I’m madly inspired by my gypset life – always, but especially at the moment – to get your fine self in the running for this prize, all you need to do is leave a comment below telling me what inspires YOU about the Gypset life, and what would be the most valuable thing you could learn, to live it.
You have two weeks from today to enter, as the competition will close on Monday 5th of May.
The most creative answer (judged independently) will be deemed the lucky winner and I’ll be making the announcement in my newsletter on Friday 9th May, so be sure you’re in the know by signing up RIGHT HERE.
And for extra gypset-karma points (they’re very useful, I promise!) make sure you share the giveaway with your friends across the hemisphere on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook + Twitter.

BEHOLD THE Dazzling Vienda M. Gypset Giveaway {Worth Over $800} TREASURE CHEST:

TO INSPIRE ~ valued at $200

▲ A $150 voucher to spend in the MojoMade online store, valid for all pieces of the MojoMade Elemental Collection.
▲ A 3-in-1 MojoMade tank top with original artworks designed by Morgan Joanel.
▲ Morgan’s 2013 music release Borrowed & Blue in exclusive artwork packaging.
Morgan Joanel is an Aussie songstress and creative soul, weaving her passions for music, fashion and art into a colourful, gypset life. With her guitar in hand, and a suitcase full of loop pedals, tambourines and gypsy rock’n’roll tunes, she’s often touring with local and international musicians. With a new music release coming in 2014, she also has an intriguing side-project in the way of her own jewellery line.
The MojoMade Elemental Collection is centered around quartz crystals and elements of the Zodiac, with each piece designed and handmade by Morgan herself. She has previously designed collections for Australian fashion labels and appeared on tank tops in Zara stores worldwide, and as an internationally recognized style blogger [MTV Style New York dubbed her ‘Genius’] you can catch all her wild and wanderlust adventures on her blog, MojoMade.


TO GYPSET ~ valued at $47

{Triple the LOVE with ALL 3 of my eBooks!}
▲I wrote the Build Your Own Business Blog for absolute beginners like you, with no previous experience or understanding of computer-geek-jargon (like me) who just want creative control and to get their site up and running and start promoting their art. It’s a fun and simple to follow guide, without all the jargon and tells you only what you really need to know right now.
The Gypset Recipe Book is 75 pages of homemade goodness, complete with 33 easy, step-by-step recipes in under 10 ingredients. Because when you’re on the road, you normally don’t have capacity for much more. With over 13,000 words, carefully curated to inform and entertain, I’ve only included dishes that I make myself on a regular basis, and that everyone I serve them to, oohs and aahs about.
The Gypset Guide To Releasing Rituals is 7 day program is here to help you to let go of the past and make space for miracles in your life, in a sweet, conscious, healing and nurturing way, that you can apply time and time again, in many different circumstances.
I (Vienda Maria) am a lifestyle coach who guides smart, creative professionals and entrepreneurs to embrace a semi-nomadic lifestyle known as Gypset, by strategically using their intuition and inner guidance to make real and lasting changes in their lives, for more freedom, more fun, more ease, more fulfillment and more happiness.
MY published works include co-authoring Love & Oneness from the Adventures in Manifesting series, and the eBooks; The Gypset Guide To Releasing Rituals; The Gypset Recipe Book; and Build Your Own Business Blog.

TO DÉCOR ~ valued at $105
▲ The Rainbow Sunrise Metallic Art Piece by Sol & Co {10cm x 15cm size – 3cm deep} brings the magic of sunrises into your home and instills a calm sense of peace into your life.
Sol & Co, by creatrix and photographer Lauren Emily is ‘a collection of inspiration that ignites a spark.’
A rainbow sunrise is the gift you receive when you decide to spend some quality time with yourself. It’s amazing what the world has out there to offer us. So many golden moment that are waiting to be seen. Let this image be your motivator. Go out there and create the life you love!

TO SOUL-PRISE ~ valued at $125

{A quadruple eBook bombshell!}

▲ Conscious Creative Mind Cleanse: 5 Simple Steps to Identify Where You’re Feeling Stuck, How-to Reconnect with Ease, and Experience Radical Results by Kelly Bennett.
▲ Create a Manifest Journal Workshop: Create a Manifest Journal to ignite your journey to start having the life & business you envision. By Kelly Bennett.
▲ Step-by-Step Guide to Shift Part-time to Full-Time Living Your Passion: Feeling the intuitive pull to start making the shift to making your passion a full-time career but don’t know where to start? This is your roadmap to guide you, step-by-step to make the shift with greater ease, lower stress, and more fun! Also by Kelly Bennett.
▲ The Spirit Sessions: A beautiful 6 week journey through the key themes around the Chakras ~ Release Your Fears, Self Acceptance & Sexuality, Self Empowerment, Self Love, Self Expression, Intuition. By Nadine Ominski.

TO EVOKE ~ valued at $60
▲ The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck. 78 cards filled with magical and mysterious imagery. Intricately illustrated by Kim Krans. Great for seasoned readers or those totally new to the Tarot. The cards come in a beautiful box with a black lifting ribbon and fold-out guide to get you familiar with the cards. Open your mind, draw a card, and have fun on your journey…
The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook. A sweet and helpful guide to all your tarot needs. 200 pages of info and drawings, handwritten by Kim Krans. This book is especially great for those new to the tarot… it leads you through shuffling, cutting the deck, spreads, the meaning of all 78 cards, suits, and more. Even seasoned readers will appreciate the glimpse into where the concepts of the illustrations came from. A real gem! Paperback, black and white, 200 pages.

TO ALLURE ~ valued at $21
▲ The Lotus Root Sample Pack to massage, moisturise and protect your skin made with truly natural and pure ingredients includes:
—-◦» 1 Amethyst Body Balm in a 1/2 oz, reusable tin
—-◦» 1 Topaz Cocoa Body Bar in a 1 oz reusable tin
—-◦» 1 Red Ruby Lip Tint in a clear, .15 oz recyclable tube
—-◦» 1 Crystalline Lip Balm, in a classic white .15 oz recyclable tube
The Lotus Root is an eco-conscious lifestyle brand by Liz Davison, who creates natural skin care products with the highest quality ingredients she can get her hands on: organic & fair trade whenever possible, always non-gmo, and never tested on animals.
(Liz also hand screen prints artwork created by her boyfriend and herself onto eco-friendly t-shirts, and printed with non-toxic, water based ink. Aren’t they just the perfect gypset pair!!)

TO NOURISH ~ valued at $25
▲ The Grow Abundant Herbs & Greens… In Pots! eBook by Nicola Newman. Imagine what it feels like to:
—-◦» Wake up in the morning & pick peppermint leaves for your fresh herbal tea
—-◦» Know the kale & spinach in your green juice are full of nutrients & minerals because you picked them minutes before, instead of days or weeks ago when they were packed, transported & sat wilting on a grocery store shelf.
—-◦» Walk onto your balcony or lean over your windowsill to harvest sweet basil for your lunch.
If you follow the steps in this eBook you’ll be successfully harvesting your own herbs from pots in less than 14 days.
Nicola is an artist, author, speaker, entrepreneur, business developer, gardening teacher and creativity advocate. She is the perfect example of living a successful, beautiful and well-balanced as well as healthy, semi-nomadic, creative gypset life. Need some inspiration for your own journey? This beautiful lady has so much goodness to share!

TO NURTURE ~ valued at $166
Flight Skin Sheer Luxury Milk Cleanser ~ Awaken your mind, body and spirit with a morning ritual. Wash away impurities and toxins with a gentle blend of goats milk and organic nourishing oils. Healing Quandong seed oil repairs and soothes the skin while camellia oil moisturises and nourishes with omega-3, 6 and 9, plus vitamin E and poly-phenols. Pure drops of essential Ylang Ylang improves blood circulation, resulting in a radiant healthy glow.
Flight Skin Silk Protein Hydrating Day Cream ~ Enlighten your morning and recharge with this protein, energized hydrating day cream. Radiant raspberry seed and coconut oils to nourish and protect the skin while energized Siberian ginseng and sandalwood boost and stimulate the skins energy to keep it looking fresh, healthy and glowing.
▲ Eternal Anti-Ageing Serum ~ A Powerful Anti-ageing formula to shield against the environment and the negative effects of age-ing. With a potent blend of Antioxidants – Siberian Ginseng, Rooibos Tea and Pomegranate Seed to help tighten and lift the skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance.
Flight Skincare  is inspired by nature and earth – with the intention to strengthen the connection between us and the environment.
With an ever-so-low carbon footprint through efficient use of packaging, as well as sourcing the highest quality organic and natural ingredients from around the world, Flight Skincare are committed to keeping everything in the in their beautiful range focused on the quality of the product itself.
“Each bottle is lovingly handcrafted and filled with organic botanicals, healing oils and plant extracts to love and nurture your skin”

TO ADORNE ~ valued at $53
▲ Stunning gold & turquoise headpiece, perfect for the Gypset goddess, from the Southset Accessories shop.
▲ Mesmerising Mexican hand painted scull, to bring that mystic flair to any abode, from the Southset Home shop.

Southset offers lifestyle items that evoke a sense of adventure and free spiritedness, with their collection of one-off handmade crafts, vintage pieces, and globally-sourced treasures to stoke your wanderlust.
Southset also stock jewellery and apparel by independent designers and brands from Australia and the States, who share our passion for products made with love and care, and quality ethical standards.
Their recently opened warehouse showroom in Melbourne is a diverse space offering not only Southset retail, but also home to creative workshops, art exhibitions, social gatherings and skateboarding practise.
Follow owner Beth on instagram at @southset, keep updated via Facebook, or join their newsletter at to receive special offers and discounts.


TO SOOTHE ~ valued at $35
▲ ‘Soul Soothe‘ soy candle handmade from Scent By Me, with a blend of lavender and bergamot, which promotes opening of the solar plexus and heart chakras. One of my favourite essential oils!

—-◦» Lavender – Calming and balancing, providing greater spiritual intuition and clarity. Promotes opening of the heart and crown chakra.
—-◦» Bergamot – Uplifting and relaxing, helps release the need to be in complete control so that we can flow with life more easily.

Scent by Me is a range of all-natural hand-poured candles using essential oils, designed to help you or a loved one feel in tune with your emotions. Select candles by occasion or emotion – whether you’re looking to soothe stress or grief in times of trouble or to celebrate love and success in times of joy – or choose your own blend of essential oils to create the perfect gift, a scent by you.

 Scent by Me uses the finest grade soy wax, all-cotton wicks and carefully selected essential oils to create enduring and long-lasting candles that help soothe and relax. Whether it’s letting someone special know you’re thinking of them or even just a simple pleasure of serenity in your own home – Scent by Me is the perfect gift of love, support and celebration.


TO LOVE ~ valued at $25
The Adventures In Manifesting: Love & Oneness. A real book. With pages, paper and all!
This amazing book peels back the layers of the human spirit to uncover your own exquisite beauty and unlimited potential. With contributions from over 30 authors, including ME (yep, that’s right: Vienda Maria) and thought leaders such as Lisa McCourt and Danielle Laporte, each story will take you into a world of inspiration for your soul to resonate with.

After scrolling down through all these incredible prizes, I bet you want a little reminder on how to enter, am I right!?
So here we go:
All you need to do is leave a comment below telling me what inspires YOU about the Gypset life, and what would be the most valuable thing you could learn, to live it.
And make sure you’re signed up to my mailing list to be in the know, when the winner is drawn.

You have two weeks from today to enter, as the competition will close on Monday 5th of May.
And for extra gypset-karma points (they’re very useful, I promise!) make sure you share the giveaway with your friends across the hemisphere on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook + Twitter.
Good luck, love birds!

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